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25 Sizzling Ideas for Summer Wedding Entertainment

25 Sizzling Ideas for Summer Wedding Entertainment

Summer Wedding Entertainment Ideas.

Make the most of the sunshine and delight your guests with the best in British summertime entertainment for your wedding day and evening party. Let the fun begin!

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1. It's fete

Turn your wedding into a traditional fete on the lawn, with lots of activities for all ages, and a slap-up tea on vintage china in the marquee instead of a formal sit-down meal.

2. Test your skills

Everyone loves those retro fete games and side stalls, such as a coconut shy, tin can bash, skittles, hoopla, giant table football and two childhood favourites made large, a giant Operation game and giant Scalextric!

  • Giant Scalextric Giant and Outdoor Games Lincolnshire

    Giant Scalextric

    5 stars - Giant Scalextric are Highly Recommended 2 Lincolnshire

    Our Giant Scalextric circuits can accommodate any number of people and provide a highly visual, interactive and enjoyable activity.
    Price from £1,299

3. Magic moments

Give your fete a contemporary twist with a roving street magician, ready to thrill anyone with card tricks and logic-defying illusions anytime, any place, no table required.

  • Mathew Knight Magician Nottinghamshire

    Mathew Knight

    5 stars - Mathew Knight are Highly Recommended 197 Magicians Nottinghamshire

    With a warm approach & the talent to amaze & astound, it's no wonder Mathew is such a popular magician! His prowess comes from years as a full time pro, performing at numerous events from small parties to big celebrity weddings. Mathew's unique style of modern magic builds moments of wonder that are talked about & remembered.
    Price from £400

  • Jake Monroe Magician Essex

    Jake Monroe

    5 stars - Jake Monroe are Highly Recommended 115 Magicians Essex

    Jake Monroe is a cool, stylish magician with talent, charisma & quick wit! Combining sleight of hand, charm & humour, Jake provides truly unique & fun entertainment for any occasion.
    Price from £451

  • Keven Starl Magician Surrey

    Keven Starl

    5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended 66 Magicians Surrey

    Keven will make your event Incredible! He is one of the busiest and best magicians in the country. His previous and current client lists are David Beckham, Gary Lineker, Jason Statham, Warner Bros studios, Hugo Boss, BMW, Disney and Lucas Film.
    Price from £449

  • Adam Keisner Magician London

    Adam Keisner

    5 stars - Adam Keisner are Highly Recommended 39 Magicians London

    Adam Keisner is an award winning close up magician and sleight of hand artist who captures and directs his audience’s attention leaving them surprised and baffled but always entertained. Specialising in close-up, sleight of hand magic.
    Price from £527

  • Martin Reed Magician London

    Martin Reed

    5 stars - Martin Reed are Highly Recommended 62 Magicians London

    *London Magician of the Year Award 2023* – As seen on BBC 1, LIVE on Channel 4 and at over two thousand events worldwide! 20 Years Professional - Martin Reed will make your event truly unforgettable with incredible Close-up Magic and/or a Stage Show.
    Price from £532

4. Juggling for joy

Fantastic feats of dexterity that seem to defy gravity, from traditional club jugglers to comedy jugglers who'll play around with everything from eggs to bowling balls!

  • Jugglers Juggler Leicestershire


    5 stars - Jugglers are Highly Recommended 10 Leicestershire

    Adding energy and excitement to any event, our highly skilled Jugglers can juggle balls, clubs, knives, and even vegetables and fruit!
    Price from £387

  • Jugglers In Jester Costume Circus Performer Leicestershire

    Jugglers In Jester Costume

    5 stars - Jugglers In Jester Costume are Highly Recommended 4 Circus Performers Leicestershire

    A highly skilled team of dedicated performers that can provide entertainment for any function. Whatever the occasion, our Jugglers in Jester costume are guaranteed to turn heads and add that special spark to your event!
    Price from £323

  • Comedy Juggler Street Performer Bristol

    Comedy Juggler

    5 stars - Comedy Juggler are Highly Recommended 1 Street Entertainers Bristol

    Charming, funny, engaging, and frank, The Comedy Juggler's own unique fusion of juggling and stand up comedy will have you on the edge of your seats and rolling into the aisles. The winning combination won him the award for “British Young Juggler of the Year”, and has led to appearances on radio and television, as well as appearing all over the world to international acclaim.
    Price from £513

5. Drawing a crowd

Our skilled caricaturists can create hand-drawn, unique portraits of you or your guest in under five minutes, one-of-a-kind souvenirs of a very special day.

  • Sam The Caricaturist Caricaturist Leicestershire

    Sam The Caricaturist

    5 stars - Sam The Caricaturist are Highly Recommended 107 Caricaturists Leicestershire

    Sam The Caricaturist will mix and mingle with your guests bringing everyone together laughing and smiling over his fantastic caricatures. Sam's drawings are produced at a high speed to a high quality. Your guests will take home many great memories!
    Price from £237

  • Draw A Crowd Caricatures Caricaturist London

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures

    5 stars - Draw A Crowd Caricatures are Highly Recommended 105 Caricaturists London

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures is an award-winning caricaturist & an expert at keeping your guests thoroughly entertained. With a wealth of experience, Draw A Crowd has entertained at events for the Olympic Athlete's Village, Vauxhall, Arcadia Group & more!
    Price from £274

  • Francesco Caricatures Caricaturist London

    Francesco Caricatures

    5 stars - Francesco Caricatures are Highly Recommended 50 Caricaturists London

    Francesco is an Italian Caricaturist and Graphic Recording Artist available UK wide for hire for weddings, private parties, corporate events, product launches, trade exhibition stands and much more. Francesco is trained to draw an outstanding caricature in about 5 minutes providing you and your guests with a fun and unique memento of the event! Francesco worked with renown brand such as Unilever, HSBC, Gett Uk, Cambridge University among many others.
    Price from £364

  • Ivo the Caricaturist Caricaturist London

    Ivo the Caricaturist

    5 stars - Ivo the Caricaturist are Highly Recommended 29 Caricaturists London

    With his charismatic sense of humour and quick drawings, this brilliant artist is the perfect choice to provide a hilarious atmosphere to entertain your guests. Nowadays people prefer to have a digital, iPad caricaturist at the event.
    Price from £297

  • Ivor The Artist Caricaturist West Yorkshire

    Ivor The Artist

    5 stars - Ivor The Artist are Highly Recommended 25 Caricaturists West Yorkshire

    Ivor can bring a smile to the face of any jaded cynic. As a present, he is personal and unique, as entertainment he is fun and will leave lasting memories and as promotional items he will make a big impression.
    Price from £513

6. Celebrity guests

Expand your guest lists with everyone you've ever wanted at your party with our lookalikes, from Daniel Craig and David Beckham to Marilyn Monroe and Capt. Jack Sparrow!

  • Manuel (Charles Haslett) Lookalike Dorset

    Charles Haslett as Manuel

    5 stars - Manuel (Charles Haslett) are Highly Recommended 4 Look-a-likes & Impersonators Dorset

    Acknowledged by Andrew Sachs (the original Manuel) as the best impersonator of the character.
    Price from £763

  • HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Patricia Ford) Lookalike Staffordshire

    Patricia Ford as HRH Queen Elizabeth II

    5 stars - HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Patricia Ford) are Highly Recommended 4 Look-a-likes & Impersonators Staffordshire

    Patricia is a well established and professional Queen lookalike able to travel anywhere in the UK for a very reasonable price. She is available to mix and mingle as well as perform speeches on occasion.
    Price from £1,305

  • Marilyn Monroe  (Suzie Kennedy) Lookalike London

    Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe

    5 stars - Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy) are Highly Recommended 20 Look-a-likes & Impersonators London

    London based Suzie is one of the UK’s top Marilyn Monroe look alikes, travelling all over the world impersonating the Hollywood sex symbol. She never fails to turn heads and attract media attention wherever she goes, making her the perfect choice for PR events, product launches, meet and greet as well as awards presentations and walk about entertainment.
    Price from £517

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7. Something for the kids

Keep the little ones amused for hours with the help of professional children's entertainers. Kids can twist and turn with balloon modellers, fall about laughing with a clown, get artistic withface painters, or give them a fully furry experience with a mobile petting zoo. Warning; adults always want to join in too!

  • Face Painters Face Painter London

    Face Painters

    5 stars - Face Painters are Highly Recommended 1 London

    Facepainting is a great way to ensure your children have a memorable day, whatever the party. They can be transformed into anything from wild animals to kooky clowns; from beautiful butterflies to their favourite superheroes!
    Price from £346

  • Miss Balloonist Childrens Entertainer Hertfordshire

    Miss Balloonist

    5 stars - Miss Balloonist are Highly Recommended 16 Childrens Entertainment Hertfordshire

    Miss Balloonist is an incredible balloon artist who keep everyone entertained and give you something to take home. She can craft anything from monkeys to pirates and jetpacks to jewellery. The limits are endless when Miss Balloonist gets to work!
    Price from £224

  • Mime Artists Inc Street Performer Oxfordshire

    Mime Artists Inc

    5 stars - Mime Artists Inc are Highly Recommended 5 Street Entertainers Oxfordshire

    Animate your event & delight your guests with our hand-picked, company trained, extremely experienced & highly entertaining Mime Artists.
    Price from £388

8. Tasty treats

Enjoying yourself builds an appetite, so why not treat your guests to retro foods from a fun food company including cooling ice creams, sticky candy floss, popcorn, pucker powder or the ultimate treat, a flowing chocolate fountain.

  • Yummy Carts Food & Drink Supplier London

    Yummy Carts

    5 stars - Yummy Carts are Highly Recommended 2 London

    Yummy Carts is a dynamic fun food company providing unique ice cream, popcorn, candyfloss, pucker powder and more! Served in exciting carts, kiosks and freezers, these unique treats are great for parties, weddings and corporate events!
    Price from £319
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