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music management and development programme for function bands and musicians

Artist Management & Development Programme Exclusive Agency Representation For The UK's Best Bands & Musicians

Alive Network offers an industry leading management and development programme for our best function bands and musicians, providing world class recording, video production, photography and marketing services to ensure you achieve your full potential in the private events market. Get an investment of around £7000 upfront into your promo materials when you're accepted on an exclusive agency deal basis, and secure between 60-100 bookings a year. Sound good? Read on ...

Our exclusive artist management and development program is your fast-track to success in the private events market. It's the closest thing to a record deal that a function band can get! We pay to produce all your promotion and marketing materials and work with you to grow your band / act into a successful long term business, securing regular well paid work at weddings, corporate events and private parties and as well as through our network of gig venues.

A typical function band on our development program might secure between 60-100 private event bookings a year, for between £950-£1600 net (in your pocket) per event.

Members get on average 50-70% more bookings from Alive Network than standard members of our agency and 10-20% more money net per event. This is because we help you look and sound better than the competition, and provide you with the best advice on how to develop your act for the current market.

You'll produce your promotional materials in our world class recording studios The Silk Mill. You get priority rank on our website, and you'll be first in line for all the opportunities that arise as we source new business. We provide professional business advice and support, helping you to harness your potential and map out a path to achieve your goals. You are 100% in control of your own direction and your gigs belong to you.

In return for the above, you agree to become an exclusive Alive Network artist - with all your private events work booked through us. You say where you want to perform and what you want your fees to be, but we'll manage your booking diary and secure work to your best advantage. We'll also charge a slightly higher commission on your bookings to help cover the extra costs of providing the program. We do this at our risk, so if you decide to leave Alive, you won't owe us anything.

There's no contract with us, you're not tied to anything other than the bookings you secure, and you are free persue other opportunities with your original music career.

Sound good? It really is!

Get in touch and fast-track your music career now.

PS: You can still apply to join Alive Network on a standard membership here

Our development program is open to artists of all styles who best represent 'what our current client base is looking for'. In most cases this is younger musicians (aged 21-38) who perform popular music for private events.

You must be an act who wants (and for whom we can realistically secure) a minimum of 50 bookings a year - so that we can recoup our investment into you, and you must be willing to work with Alive Network as your exclusive agent.

We are actively looking for the following artist types:

  • 3/4/5 piece rock and pop bands
  • Solo acoustic singer guitarists
  • Solo singer pianists
  • Mumford & Sons style acoustic folk bands
  • Singer / Live Musician & DJ combos
  • Jazz bands who play covers of rock and pop songs (with or without a singer)
  • Instrumental pop / jazz / classical pianists
  • Harpists
  • String Quartets & Trios
  • Classical Guitarists

If you are not an act listed above, or if you're above the suggested age range, you're still welcome to get in touch as every request is considered on its individual merits.

* Regarding age range - this is based on market demand and not Alive Network's personal preference. We work very succesfully with many older artists, but demand is significantly higher for younger acts. With the large sums of money invested in each act on this development program, we need to be sure they'll sell more than the normal acts on the agency, and this is why we suggest an age range.

Anyone can apply for normal agency membership here.

New artists
If you're a new artist to Alive Network and you're interested in joining on our exclusive management & development program, please complete the 'register your interest form' on this page, or call Laura on 01782 383 552.

If you want to join as a regular member of the agency, please go to the join page and complete an online application.

Existing Alive Network Artists
If you already work with Alive Network and you're interested in upgrading your membership into our exclusive development program, please call Laura, Jim or Emily on 01782 383 552 to discuss your eligibility.

A typical 4-piece function band on our development program might secure between 60-100 private event bookings a year, for between £950-£1600 net (in your pocket) per event. That's around £200 - £350 per member AFTER travel costs.

Our most successful long-term bands earn well over £100,000 a year.

In your first year or two, you might need to budget more of your fee to cover initial set up costs like hiring or purchasing your own PA, lighting and transport.

Of course, your earning potential directly relates to how much effort you're prepared to make, the nature of your act, and how strong your profile is compared to other similar acts. Whilst the development program provides a large investment from Alive Network into your marketing materials, as well as advice and support to develop your act, we can still only sell your act based on what it actually is.

Our most successful acts work very hard to keep themselves fresh and develop, quality controlling their repertoire, performance and equipment to ensure they build a solid reputation and plenty of referral work.

Each booking is confirmed with a legally binding contract between you and your customer but you are NOT contracted to Alive Network as an exclusive artist. We will charge a higher commission rate on your bookings for as long as you're a member of the development program. We might review the need for a formal contract in the future, but so far only two acts have ever left our development program and so we've never needed any formal protection.

Aside from an exclusive agency representation agreement, the only other big condition of membership is that the name of your act and the promotional materials we create for you under the development program, remain exclusive to Alive Network. If you are already an established band with a reputation then you might prefer to join this program under a different name so that should you ever decide to leave and continue on your own, you can re-use the name you'd previously built up.

Because there's no formal management contract you can leave Alive Network at any time (you'd need to honour all your existing bookings) - but if you carried on working as a function artist (even if this was with Alive Network as a regular member), then you'd need to do so under a different name, and re-create your own promotional materials. This is to protect us from acts who might join simply to get the best promo materials and 'insider advice', then try to go back to standard membership on a lower commission rate.

Although you're applying to join our development program, we consider that we work for you! Just like with a traditional artist management deal, you appoint us to help you achieve your commercial potential and if you're not happy with our work, you can walk away (please see previous tab about contract and conditions).

Our relationship will be based on mutually agreed goals and you will have full say into everything you do. We might offer advice and suggest a direction which we feel will help you best achieve your goals, and then help to steer you moving forwards, but ultimately you must by happy with and agree to everything.

Once bookings are confirmed they belong to you, and we can't take them away or replace members of your band. We promise to treat you with care and respect, and in fact this program would not work if we didn't have a good working relationship with our acts, so that's an extremely important goal for us.

There is no cost to join Alive Network or our exclsuive development program. For acts on the development program we charge a slightly higher commisison rate on bookings in order to recoup our investment into promo and costs.

So if I join your development program there's no cost me to me, I get a £7000 investment upfront from Alive into my promo materials, I'll get more gigs for more money than your standard agency members, and there's no management contract to tie me into this for any specific time frame?

Sounds to good to be true! 

There's no catch - it really is a great offer!

This program works for you and us because IT WORKS FOR YOU AND US! The more gigs you get the more commission we earn. The more money you earn per gig, the more commission we earn. There couldn't be a more perfect basis for a partnership!

Our development program is tried and tested, and as long as we mutually agree achievable goals from the start, then everyone wins.

You literally have nothing to loose.

Obviously the agreements over exclusivity and promo materials place conditions on your membership, and if you're a new artist, at some point within your first 12 months you'll probably need to buy your own PA & transport if you don't have them already - but this deal really is risk free.

Register your interest now to get started

Register Your Interest

If you're interested in joining our exclusive management and development program either as an existing Alive artist or as a brand new act, please complete the form below or call Laura on 01782 383 552. Please note that you can also submit a normal application to join Alive Network here.

Record In Our World-Class Studios

Included in your development deal, most bands get an allocation of around 8-10 days each year to record and mix new audio at our world class recording studio The Silk Mill. We'll ensure your promotional recordings sound superb, and always reflect the current quality of your act.

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Video Production

Customers often ask if they can see an artist live before they book, but with most of our events being private, this isn't usualy an option. Included in your development deal, we'll film new Live In Session videos at our studio each year, allowing customers to hear the quality of your live performance, and ensuring your videos are always fresh and up-to-date.

More About Video Production

Artist Photo Shoots

A yearly photo shoot is also included in your development deal, helping to keep your band image current and on-trend. We can provide look-books and assistance with developing your image, as well as recommending several personal shopper services to help coordinate band attire.

More About Photo Shoots

Sound Good? Get In Touch ...

If you're interested in finding out more about joining our exclusive artist develpment program please call Laura on 01782 383 552 or click the button below to complete the registration form.

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