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Band Photo Shoots & Live Music Photography

Band Photo Shoots & Live Music Photography

Our experience shows that a great profile photo is one of the biggest contributing factors to selling your band effectively on-line, which is why Alive Network offers regular free photo-shoots for member bands.

Because of the roster based nature of our web site where clients can quickly review a wide selection of available artists, it’s vitally important that your promo photos are high quality and eye catching. If you don’t have great photos customers will skip past your listing and click on a profile that looks more appealing.

Not only that, a band with poor quality DIY promo photos isn’t going to look like they’re worth the money, nor will they give the impression that they’re a professional act who can be trusted with the entertainment at an important event.

In a visually driven market place it is possibly more important to have great photos than it is to have perfect audio recordings (though we strongly suggest you have both!)

Free Photo Shoots For Alive Network Artists

We hold regular photo-shoots which are free of charge for Alive Network artists. These fantastic opportunities are well worth booking onto if you don’t have the budget to book your own shoot. They allow approximately one hour per act (which is more than enough time to get a few decent profile shots down) and THEY COST YOU NOTHING! You get the same professional photographers that you would get at our paid shoots, at the same high quality photography studios, and the same high quality post production editing.

Shoots are usually held in Tamworth, West Midlands. For details please contact Laura on 0845 226 3117 or check the listings in your artist web account area.

Cost: Free Of Charge

Paid Photo Shoots

If you want more photos, a longer session, with more creative input – then you can book a paid session with one of our top music photographers. Paid sessions can last from a few hours to a whole day, with costs dependent on time and the number of edited photos you want back afterwards. Again, paid shoots are usually booked at the studios we use in Tamworth, West Midlands – though we can book custom shoots in any location.

Cost: £300+

Gig / Event Photography

Alive Network employs a full time event photographer as well as managing our own UK wide network of freelance event photographers. It is important that your act gets ‘real life’ event photos as early on in your career as possible, as it helps customers get a better feel for what they’ll actually get – and you can show guests from other events having a great time, which in turn increases customer confidence that you can do a great job! You must always get permission from your client before you book a photographer to shoot you at their event. Please call us to find out more.

Cost: £250+

Photo Editing

Photo editing is included in all of the packages above and includes such wonders as:

* Removing bags under eyes
* Removing lines and wrinkles
* Smoothing skin, improving complexion/skin tone
* Spot removal
* Hair highlighting
* Artificial make up (if req)
* De-aging
* Facial Slimming
* Background cleanup
* Compositing (taking faces from multiple shots to create a perfect ‘group’ shot)
* Background replacement and special effects (the sky is the limit!)

… and all the standard digital photo processing such as:

* Optimisation and enhancement of exposure, brightness, contrast, blacks and shadows, tone etc.
* Cropping and rotation
* Split toning, colour effects
* Adding punch and dynamics
* Sharpening
… this goes on.

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