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Music Video Production Services

Alive Network employs a dedicated full time video producer/editor to make artist promo videos and to organise our team of freelance camera men filming gigs across the UK. A great video can be an unbelievable marketing tool, to the extent that we've seen bands achieve a staggering 100%+ increase in bookings after launching our showreel videos!

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Promo videos have become a vital, indispensable necessity when it comes to showcasing your act to potential customers. As with audio recordings – your videos need to be very high quality and regularly updated. Our video production team have extensive experience in filming and editing band promo videos, which is especially important when you need to be sure the end product is fit for purpose. Our team know how to direct a video so that your target audience see your band in a way that is most likely to sell you, drawing real time feedback from staff within the agency as to what clients want to see and hear, and what’s working well for other acts right now.

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Live In Session Promo Videos

Let potential customers hear what you actually sound like live!

A few years back we produced a series of live videos titled ‘Live In Session With Alive Network’. These were loosely based on the ‘Live at Abbey Road’ TV series, with bands performing 100% live in a top recording studio.

After we finished building The Silk Mill, our own in-house recording studio, we were able to film these kinds of videos extremely cost effectively - having our own video production team onsite already. We now produce 3-4 of these videos a week.

This kind of video has the distinct advantage that your band can record the audio for your video in a controlled studio environment, at the highest quality – as well as allowing very good access to the film crew. This kind of quality isn't possible in a gig environment. You can also perform multiple takes of each song to ensure a flawless performance is captured for the final edit.

Approx cost per ‘live in session’ video: 
Special Alive members price £750+vat


Presenting the big picture!

A band showreel video tries to present a wide overview of what your band offers, mixing video footage shot from multiple gigs edited over your pre-recorded studio audio recordings.

Where as a single song promo video focuses on one performance in one space and time, a showreel allows you to paint a much bigger picture of what your band's about, giving customers the confidence of seeing you in action at other events with guests having a great time. You can include multiple audio clips and also add more personality by including interview footage and commentary, helping potential clients to feel like they know who you are.

Showreel videos can be inexpensive to produce if you already have a lot of high quality video footage from previous events. However, they can become expensive and time consuming if you pay to film an event where the crowd turns out to be a bit flat & the footage doesn't represent the excitement of a typical event! 

Approximate cost for an Alive showreel video:
Special Alive members price £600 +vat

Concert Filming

Filming a full length video of your band in concert, complete with live audio, is another great way to showcase what you do, especially if you have a big or prestigious gig that you want to make a feature of in your marketing. The down side is that it takes way more time and costs significantly more money, due to the fact that you need 3-4 camera men, hire of a mobile Pro Tools system to multitrack record the live audio, recording studio time to mix & master the live audio, and an awful lot more editing time for the video.

Our suggestion with concert filming is to consider this AFTER you already have a showreel video, and even then, to edit the convert down to just the best 5 tracks. It’s unlikely a customer will sit through an hour long concert, so showcasing your best tracks will serves the desired purpose cost effectively.

Approx cost of a 5 song concert video, inc mobile pro tools system hire, audio mixing and mastering:
Special Alive members price: £3250+ vat
(£2250 +vat without pro tools system*)

* You may not require the mobile Pro Tools audio recording system if your live desk is capable of recording multi channel audio to a laptop.

MTV Style Video Production

The final promo video you could consider is a full on MTV style video for one song. These kinds of video can be quite cool if you’re trying to make a specific point, or you’re producing a piece of marketing promo to tie in with a specific theme – Christmas for example. They don’t really show your average customer what you’ll be like at their event, so generally we don’t find them very useful, but if you already have a show-reel, you already have a concert video – and you’re looking to get some extra publicity, then done well - they can give your band an extra weapon in your marketing tool kit.

We recently hired an independent film producer to work with us and one of our best-selling party bands on a video concept “The Uncoverable Song”. The idea was that we’d record the band performing a song that’s very difficult to pull off, then take off the original video – and use the track to demonstrate how cover bands can be a lot more talented than people give them credit for! Although the video would act as a promo for the band, it’s purpose was intended more as a singular PR and marketing exercise. We asked the band to record and film Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – which they did an amazing job of, and the video, which took only a day to film, also turned out great. The band and Alive Network pushed the video with a reasonable promotion budget on our respective Facebook pages, generating substantial interest and likes/comments, far above the norm for their usual posts. Because the video helped to highlight the quirky, humorous side of the band, it has also worked well as a general promo video – and after its launch, the band saw increased customer interest, enquiries, web site hits and bookings– with a 50% increase in sales over the same months of the previous year.

Approx cost of an MTV style promo video:
From £1000 - £5000+ (+vat)

Video Production Tips & Advice

Avoid Faked / Mimed Live Videos
We would generally advise against paying for faked / mimed live videos, you know the ones -  where the band set up to look like they're playing live but mime back to their studio recordings. These seem to be quite common as they're less expensive to produce than a truly live recording, but to our eyes they're uninspiring, dated and a bit pointless. They offer nothing extra to potential clients above and beyond what your photos and audio recordings offer. If you're going to make it look like you're playing live  - then play authentically live! Seriously, who wants to watch a video of a function band miming??

Think about what your video is trying to achieve
As with any piece of promo - it's vital that you consider what you're trying to achieve with it.

Are you trying to showcase the unique personality of your band?
Are you trying to highlight the musical pedigree of your band?
Are you trying to attract more upmarket clientele?
Are you trying to provide reassurance that you're an experienced band?
Are you trying to do something different to stand out from the crowd?

Consider your target audience and what you're trying to say to them. Check out other similar band's videos so you know what you're going to be compared to. Select a song choice that's appropriate, dress appropriately, and perform appropriately.

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