Keven Starl

Keven will make your event Incredible! He is one of the busiest and best magicians in the country. His previous and current client lists are David Beckham, Gary Lineker, Jason Statham, Warner Bros studios, Hugo Boss, BMW, Disney and Lucas Film.

Price from £457 + travel

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  • Event Keven Starl Cabaret & Close Up Magician Surrey
  • Event Keven Starl Cabaret & Close Up Magician Surrey
  • Event Keven Starl Cabaret & Close Up Magician Surrey
  • Event Keven Starl Cabaret & Close Up Magician Surrey
  • Event Keven Starl Cabaret & Close Up Magician Surrey

Full Biography


With over 15 years in events ranging from the biggest to the smallest. Keven is an expert in his field. Trust the expert.

He's a world class magician, pick pocket and mind reader. Very few acts can keep up. 

Keven is definitley not a paint by numbers magician. He doesn't rely on gimmicks and trick decks to do all the work for him. His skill set makes him unique and versatile. 

You could even challenge him by bringing your own sealed cards, some coins and other bits to do the whole event with.

He's a real pickpocket, not just a magician who can perform a watch steal. He can take any item, any pocket and has even been known to steal neck ties! His act is tastefull and apart from wrist watches he wont pick pocket women.

When a Magician is as sought after as Keven, there is a reason for that. With over 15 years in the business and with an Incredble client list, Keven works incredibly hard at every event he performs at making sure its a huge success. 

He makes sure your wedding is that perfect day with 1000's of weddings under his belt. He does more than break the ice and astound guests with his unique and prestige brand of magic at your next corporate event. He creates the best party atmosphere and will have people talking about the incredible evening and magic they will never forget. He draws huge crowds of footfall into your trade show stall, getting the message across leaving a lasting impression of your brand. 

So why hire Keven?

1.He cares about his brand and reputation, but most of all he cares about your event! No matter how big or small!

2.You get VIP treatment, he's super professional, easy going and has great communications skills prior to the event. You are in safe hands!

3. He is one of the most skilful and innovate magicians out there. With a unique set of magic only he can do. He covers every aspect of magic and psycology of which he is astounding at everything in his repitoire! Cards, coins, pick pocketing, mind reading, metal bending and technology magic. Most of all he makes people laugh!

4. He specialises in getting the most out of events! With his years of experience he knows exactly what to do to get the most out of your event by using his skills to bring people together and raise the level of energy, which has a knock on effect for the rest of the day or evening.

5. He dresses well and adapts to his surroundings fitting into any event! He has a variety of well made tasteful suits and casual outfits, you can practically customise him for the ocassion. 

6. He has over 15 years experience, he knows people and every kind of event like the back of his hand.

7. He has experience working for high profile people, companies and productions, which means he can handle ANY kind of event with ease.

Keven is not an addition to your event, he is an asset that holds unbelievable value.

You can always hire a Magician…or you can invest in Keven.

David Beckham - "Wow! That’s amazing mate!"

Jude Law (Actor - Sherlock Holmes) - ' I wish I could do that!'

Chris Pine (Actor - Star Trek JJ Abrams) - 'WOAH! What the Hell!'

Will Ferrell (Actor - Anchor Man) - 'Your Awesome!'

Robert Downey JR (Actor - Iron Man & Avengers) - 'Watch out David Blaine'

Jack Whitehall (Comedian) - 'How did you get my sisters card in your phone??'

Keven is an elite professional and knows how to make people feel good and at ease! That’s why Sky Television trusted him to work close with David Beckham! That’s why huge companies like Aston Martin, Warner Bros studios, Disney Studios choose him to entertain their VIP clients and consult on big movies like Star Wars The Last Jedi.

He performs at over 200 mixed events a year and his career spans over 12 years as a professional, with TV appearances and hand doubling for famous actors in TV and film.
It’s no wonder big studios and media companies come to him for advise for media productions on magic, card games and conartistry no matter how big or small.

He specializes in bringing the best out in people and raising the bar at any event.

His client list is vast and expanding more and more each year, including preforming for the British and foreign Royals, A list celebrities and the worlds most prestigious companies.

Using psychology comedy and other techniques he is a master at Magic and audience management! With Stephen you will get all the latest tricks, every style of magic and also many unique effects that only HE can offer.

Top class performances in…
- Card magic
- Coin and money magic
- Pick pocketing
- iPad & technology magic
- Fork & metal bending
- Mind reading and psychology magic
- Custom magic tricks (made on request)

Plus much more!

Keven’s packages he offers:

1-4 Hours Close-up Magic
- Corporate Events
- Weddings
- Private Parties
- Sales Meetings
- Networking events
- Nightclubs and Restaurants


Stage show (For an audience of 20 to 2000)
Keven’s incredible modern (Derren Brown style) comedy mind reading and magic show for audiences from 20 to 2000.
-Private Parties

Parlor Show - please enquire for a quote
1 hour of Close-up stage magic for a small-seated audience of 10 to 50 in a room
- Corporate
- Private Party
- Sales meeting
- Networking

6-8 Hours (Trade shows) - please enquire for a quote
Let Keven draw more people on to your stand than you could possibly imagine!
Increasing footfall, brand awareness, making your company memorable, more leads and promising to increase sales!

(Custom magic tricks available with your company message on it)

Corporate team building days - please enquire for a quote
Keven offers a corporate team-building day, which includes:
- Teaching your colleges to perform magic within a team
- Confidence building
- Networking advice
- Advice on using magic and psychology techniques for business

And much more…

The class is finished off with a 1-2 hour close-up magic session from Keven during drinks, lunch or Dinner.

Time duration for class 1-2 hours

When booked Keven also offers a one to one telephone consultation to guide you into how best to use him and get the most out of his skill set.



Default lineup: 1 performer

New for 2020! Keven's social distanced walk around close-up magic, stage or parlour show now available! Fully interactive no contact experience! Zoom show also available!

Performance Times

Up to two hours of Close-Up Magic

From £457 + travel

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Up to three hours of Close-Up Magic

From £572 + travel

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Price from £457 + travel from Surrey

Based on 1 person performing up to two hours of close up magic

  • South West From £457
  • Wales From £522
  • South East From £555
  • West Midlands From £575
  • East Midlands From £653
  • East of England From £714
  • Republic of Ireland From £729
  • North West From £732
  • Yorkshire and the Humber From £772
  • Northern Ireland From £837
  • North East From £866
  • Scotland From £871

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66 Customer Reviews

Performance quality: 5 stars
Sound quality: 5 stars
Behaviour: 5 stars
Communication: 5 stars
Audience engagement: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars
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Staff loved it! Incredible tricks, we don't understand how he does them!

5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended
booked Keven Starl for their event in East Sussex November 2023

“Kevin was prompt, professional, courteous and our teams loved him! He will be getting more bookings based on last nights fun! thank you Kevin from everyone at Aspects :)”


5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended
booked Keven Starl for their Wedding in Devon November 2023

“Everyone at the wedding was so impressed. He was brilliant. His sleight of hand was incredible.”

Brought Smile & Joy Around The Office!

5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended
booked Keven Starl for their event in London March 2023

“Keven bought fun and joy for our clients and was polite and friendly to work with.”

Kevin interacted and amazed our guests with his stunning performance

5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended
booked Keven Starl for their event in London

“Kevin interacted and amazed our guests with his stunning performance”

The guests (and we) absolutely loved him!

5 stars - Keven Starl are Highly Recommended
booked Keven Starl for their Wedding in Somerset

“Keven Starl was an absolute hit at our wedding. He was fun and cheeky whilst completely blowing peoples minds with his magic! He arrived on time, accommodated himself to our slight delay in the schedule with no fuss and then went on to engage with small groups of guests at a time. Needless to say, people were mesmerised and all had a good laugh. A great addition to a fun filled day. Highly recommended :)”

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