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Top 10 Reasons To Book A String Quartet For Your Wedding

Top 10 Reasons To Book A String Quartet For Your Wedding

A string quartet at your wedding can provide so much more than just background music! So, here's our ten top reasons to book a string quartet for your special day. If you like this you might also like to look at all our classical musicians or wedding ceremony musicians.

1. They Add Classical Sophistication To Your Wedding

String quartets can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any part of your wedding day. The combination of four highly trained and experienced string players creating gorgeous music together live in front of you is pretty much unbeatable for charm and class.

2. You Only Need One String Quartet For Your Whole Day

Your wedding string quartet players are never happier than when they are creating great music for you and your guests. So, most quartets are delighted to play at various stages of your wedding day, including the service, drinks reception and wedding meal, and even as a cabaret spot during or after dinner.

3. Versatility: Get More Musical Styles For Your Money

Today's talented string quartets don't just play classical music; they can turn their strings to any music you like, including rock, pop, musicals, jazz, easy listening, swing, movie music and more! So, instead of booking two or three different musicians during your wedding celebrations, you can ask your string quartet to play two or three times, knowing they will delight with different music each time.

4. They Provide A Romantic Setting For Your Wedding Service

Set the mood for your wedding service with the romantic sound of strings. Your quartet can play as your guests assemble before your wedding or civil partnership service, whether in a church, registry office or licensed premises. They can serenade you down the aisle, and provide the soundtrack for you to parade out as newly-weds too. And when you and your new spouse sign the register, it’s the perfect moment for your string quartet to play beautiful music to make your Mum cry (if she isn't already!)

5. They Supply Subtle Accompaniment For Your Drinks Party

While you and your nearest and dearest head off for your photographs, your guests are probably heading for the drinks reception! Make them feel welcome and special with gentle background music played by your string quartet, to create a relaxed, happy atmosphere where people can chat without needing to raise their voices.

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6. They Make Super Accompaniment For Your Meal

The gentle sound of strings is the perfect accompaniment to a delightful meal, but only if people can hear it! So, why not make your hard-working quartet the star turn during the meal, with a dedicated cabaret spot in between main and pudding or just before the speeches, where they can really show off what they can do!

7. They’re Compact & Portable

Compared to many musical acts, string quartets are remarkably self-contained. Most quartets only need a venue to provide four armless chairs, so they can fit into a small parish church or registry office, the corner of an intimate dining room or the hallway of a home for a drinks reception. Some will also play outside - see below for more details!

8. They’re Able To Play Indoors & Outside

Nothing sounds so gorgeous at a summer wedding as the sound of your string quartet playing on a terrace or grassy lawn. However, traditional violins, violas and cellos do not respond well to changes in humidity, heat or cold, (i.e. the British weather), so playing outside is much harder for them than inside. Moreover, most quartets are happy to play outside if you give them a waterproof gazebo or similar to keep off rain and/or strong sun.

9. You Get A Choice Whether They Play Acoustic Or Electric - Or Both!

Love the sound of traditional strings for your ceremony, but want something a little more modern for your reception? No problem! Many young string quartets now offer an electric option, playing bright-coloured 'skinny' instruments that are amplified, for a more edgy, contemporary sound. So, your debonaire, elegant quartet can transform into a sassy, glitzy group, playing hits accompanied by studio-quality recorded backing tracks, to really rock your wedding party!

10. They Generate Endless Fascination For ALL Generations

In this world of recorded music, very few people get to be up close with real musicians playing - and so when they do, they are gripped! Kids find it fascinating to watch, adults appreciate the sheer skill involved, and (it has to be said) the single chaps love the glamorous looks and outfits of our all-lady quartets!

10 + 1. Easy One-Click Booking

(OK, we know this makes 11 reasons, but hey it’s our blog!) At Alive Network, you can find and book the perfect string quartet for your wedding day with just a PC, laptop or tablet, and a glass of wine! Click on a string quartet's name to see their Profile, listen to some demo tracks, admire their outfits and maybe view them in action on video. With just a click, you can also check their availability on your special day, and get an instant online quote including travel to your venue.

So, pour that sauvignon, settle on the sofa, and click here to see the Profiles of over 40 of the UK's best string quartets here at Alive Network. Enjoy!

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