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booking solo artists, duos and trios

Booking Solo Artists, Duos and Trios

Live entertainment is a must for any good party, but if space is limited or you're on a tight budget, a full band can be a stretch too far. Solo artists, duos and trios are a fantastic alternative, and at Alive Network we have an amazing selection to chose from. This useful guide highlights everything you'll need to know about booking a solo artist, duo or trio, including what they'll do at your event, what type of music they'll perform, how much space they'll need, ensuring quality, costs and the booking process.

What are solo artists, duos and trios and what will they do at my event?

This category includes some of the most talented performers here at Alive Network, able to provide superb quality entertainment in a compact and affordable format.

Solo artists always perform on their own but might sing and play one or more instruments, and/or perform over pre-recorded backing tracks. A solo performer might also be called a soloist, vocalist or instrumentalist. The most popular kinds of solo artists in the rock and pop genre are singer/guitarists, singer/pianists and singers who perform to pre-recorded backing tracks.

Duos consist of two performers who may sing and/or play instruments. A duo may also perform over pre-recorded backing tracks in order to create a bigger, fuller sound.

Trios consist of three performers who may sing and/or play instruments. Many power trios are able to create a sound as big as a 4-5-piece band only with less people! They’re a great choice where you really want a rock and pop band but don’t have enough space (or budget) to have one of our more standard function bands.

Please note: The category of solo artists, duos and trios here on our web site ONLY features artists related to popular music genres and does NOT include classical music artists such as Harpists, Classical Guitarists, Classical Pianists or Classical Singers as they can be found easily in their own categories.

Without fail clients are always surprised by the high energy and full sounding performance they receive from just two guys! We’re a duo with two live acoustic / electric guitarists who both sing, performing over professional backing tracks. We can have the room fist pumping or provide background music at conversation level with ZERO hassle - Sean from duo QTA

Example video of party duo The Medley Boys

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