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what to look for when you hire a magician for your wedding or event

What To Look For When You Hire A Magician For Your Wedding Or Event Magicians For Hire

Magic has been performed to the public for centuries. As with any other type of artist, it takes years of practice and experience to deliver an entertaining magic show. London magician, Darryl Rose, has put together his top 5 tips for what to look for when hiring a magician for your wedding or event.

Magic has been performed to the public for centuries. In fact the first known magicians were recorded in ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago. It is a highly interactive art form requiring the skills and experience of a qualified performer in order to achieve the best effect.

As with any other type of artist, it takes years of practice and experience to deliver an entertaining magic show. Assuming you want to find the very best magician - I have put together my list of top 5 tips for what to look for when you hire a magician to provide your event or wedding entertainment.

Written by Darryl Rose

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1. Membership of respected Magic Societies

A professional magician will be a member of a society like the world famous 'Magic Circle' or 'The International Brotherhood of Magicians'. These are two of the most respected magical societies in the world. Professional magicians might also be members of 'Equity' - the acting and entertainment union.

Membership of respected Magic Societies

2. Awards & Innovations

Many experienced and entertaining magicians may have won an award at some point so ask to find out a little more about it. Local 'best wedding supplier' awards are often pretty flakey - but a nationally recognised magic award should be taken seriously as a sign of achievement and quality. Also have a look into whether your chosen magician has invented or published any magical principles, routines or tricks. The more experienced and talented magicians may have, and had their ideas shared with thousands of other magicians around the world!

3. Level of experience and customer testimonials

Ask for a list of clients that have already used their services and check to see if any are recognised names. Have they performed at respectable venues and theatres? Do they perform only locally or nationwide and internationally? Make sure to ask for testimonials from previous customers. Happy clients normally write to thank you!

Recent client testimonials for Alive Network magicians

4. Type of magic and style of show

What style of magic do they specialise in and are they going to service your needs? There are many types of magic: Close up, Mix and Mingle, Cabaret/Stage Show, Mind Readers and Illusionists. Some magicians specialise only in children’s entertainment and are not suitable for adults - and vice versa. Most magicians booked for weddings and corporate events will perform close up magic - but be specific about what you want - and make sure the magician you're looking at specialises in that type of magic.

Examples of Close-Up Magicians

Examples of Cabaret/Stage Show Magicians

Examples of Mind Readers and Illusionists

5. Insurance

Very importantly check to see if they have Public Liability Insurance. If they are a member of Equity then they will automatically be insured.

Magic is one of the best performance arts you can book for your event. It’s an amazing art which travels across language and cultural boundaries, and gives laughter, amusement, wonderment, amazement and joy to those that see it performed well.

I wish you well in your search and hope you'll take a few minutes to look at my profile.

Magically yours,

Darryl Rose

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Member of The British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
Member of Equity

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