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everything you'll ever need to know about booking a look-alike

Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About Booking A Look-alike Ultimate Entertainment Booking Guide!

Everything you'll ever need to know about booking a look-alike. Find out what a look-alike will do at your event, how various types of look-alike's differ from each other, what look-alike's require, how to ensure quality, how much it costs to hire a look-alike and much more.

Can you really invite David Beckham, James Bond, Kate Middleton and Marilyn Monroe to your party or corporate event? With celebrity lookalikes, you can! Here's the lowdown on how to make your fantasy guest list become reality…

You can find a collection of our best look-alikes for hire throughout this blog! Here are three to get you started:

Gordon Ramsey Lookalike
A character actor. I don't just look like Manuel, I act as Manuel; I move like him, and I speak like him too. My Manuel is created to be entertaining, a genuine comedy act.

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