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“Fantastic lookalike - highly recommended”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Other Event Type in London on 26th June 2019

Captain Jack Sparrow is a pleasure to work with, a true professional and he put everything into making the evening a success. And he really does look just like Johnny Depp! Thank from all the team at Silver Travel Advisor.

“Captain Jack Sparrow - WOW what an amazing performance!”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Corporate Event in West Midlands on 2nd April 2019

Captain Jack Sparrow spent a few hours with us at our launch event and exhibition and he did such an amazing job of engaging with our visitors, welcoming photos with them and also being the best of the best Jack Sparrow. You couldn't tell the difference, he was outstanding! He put on an amazing performance for us. We will definitely use him again. Well done and thank you so much for an amzing time! until next time...

“Can't thank him enough.”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Wedding in Kent on 19th May 2018

Simon was absolutely amazing. My son had built a bar in the shape of a pirate ship, Simon helped to serve the rum. He remained in character the whole evening and stayed over his time. Everybody loved him he was such a nice guy. I would definitely recommend him for any party.

“Exceeded our expectations”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Private Party in Cheshire on 6th January 2018

Everything went really well thank you and the show exceeded our expectations. Did a fantastic job working with our other team of entertainers too. A pleasure to work with.

“Absolutely brilliant. Went down a treat!”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Wedding on 22nd July 2017

We had Jack at our wedding at Abbeywood Estate on Saturday 22 July. Absolutely brilliant, went down a treat with the guests, especially the girls... And the new wife. Even stayed a little longer for us to get some extra shots.

“Simon was worth every penny!”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Private Party on 14th July 2017

Simon is amazing totally keeps in character we have booked him twice now - worth every penny!


booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Private Party in Lincolnshire on 24th March 2017

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Simon turned up and was in character even before he surprised Lisa. I saw him in the general bar sitting quietly with his feet up on a bay window seat just waiting. Lisa was in shock with the surprise party seeing all her friends and when I said ' babe you look as if you need a drink' (after the meal and luckily her drink is Rum and coke) she said yes please. The hotel manager brought in a coke for her and I said 'where's the Rum?' - Enter Jack Sparrow running through the dining room swigging on a bottle of rum, drunk of course and totally in character. He then identified Lisa and poured her rum. She was absolutley gob smacked and in real shock, I have never seen her lost for words and all her friends and family remarked the same. We all moved into the bar at this time and Jack Sparrow continued to talk and entertain everyone making Lisa feel more at ease but she was still totally gobsmacked as he carried on making a fuss of her. Simon was an exact copy of Jack Sparrow and he never got out of character, even when he was talking to me to the point that I actually questioned myself was he really drunk. He was incredibly professional and made the whole surprise party well worth it for me. As if that shock wasn’t enough for Lisa, he then assessed the situation to find the right way and time to give her her surprise tickets to the Carribean (love the way he got in that his ship would take weeks for her to get there and does she know of an air ship that would get her there faster) I can not thank Simon enough for making my Lisa feel like the most loved woman in the world and many thanks for a smooth no effort contract from Alive Networks providing the best in look alikes. Lisa's son is a professional photographer and was there to capture every moment. Once he has edited all the photo's, I will make sure you all get a copy and to all your prospective clients:- ' DON’T EVEN THINK OF GOING ANYWHERE ELSE, THIS COMPANY WILL MAKE YOU FEEL AS SPECIAL AS THEY DID ME' Thanks again team and of course CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

“From the moment I met Simon he filled me with the utmost confidence... He was fantasic”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Other Event Type in North Yorkshire on 26th August 2016

from the moment I met Simon he filled me with the utmost confidence he would be a brilliant Jack Sparrow. He was fantasic. We even had racegoers who attended last year, asking for him so clearly a positive, lasting impression.

“Tremendous and a big hit with the guests.”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Fund Raising Party on 26th March 2016

Thank you so much for entertaining at our Disney Charity Event. You were tremendous and a big hit with the guests. We are all still talking about you now. From the moment you entered the building to the moment you left you never strayed from character. Without doubt I will be recommending you to other people and I will certainly book you again.

“Absolutely brilliant!”

booked Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike for their Charity Event on 31st October 2015

He hosted an event for me in Sunderland for The Psych Twins and stayed in character all night, greeted people, talked to everyone, had a laugh and joked around with people. Couldn't recommend him enough. Got some great photos, in fact when I went to Disney World and saw Jack Sparrow there I thought Simon could have done a better job! Hope to have him back in the North East again soon.