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Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike

Look Alike London
5 stars - Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike are Highly Recommended (3)

Charles Haslett as Manuel

Look Alike Dorset

Patricia Ford as HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Look Alike Staffordshire
5 stars - HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Patricia Ford) are Highly Recommended (4)

Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike

Look Alike West Sussex
5 stars - Captain Jack Sparrow Lookalike are Highly Recommended (6)

Charles Haslett as Inspector Clouseau

Look Alike Dorset
5 stars - Inspector Clouseau (Charles Haslett) are Highly Recommended (1)
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David Beckham Lookalike

Look Alike East Sussex
5 stars - David Beckham Lookalike are Highly Recommended (1)

Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe

Look Alike London
5 stars - Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy) are Highly Recommended (10)

The Untamed Edna Experience

Look Alike London
5 stars - The Untamed Edna Experience are Highly Recommended (2)

Kate Middleton Lookalike

Look Alike Northamptonshire
5 stars - Kate Middleton Lookalike are Highly Recommended (1)

Mr T Lookalike

Look Alike Northamptonshire

How to make an enquiry

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With Alive Network it couldn’t be easier to hire a Look-alike. We’ve designed our web site so that you can research and review available look-alikes at your leisure. Simply enter a search using the form above and we’ll show you which look-alikes are available on your event date and what they’ll cost to perform at your event location. Click an artist’s 'View Full Profile' button to review their detailed profile page where you can watch videos, review photos, read previous customer reviews and find out everything you’ll need to know about the look-alike. Once you’ve found an artist you like, click the 'Add To Basket' button and follow the steps to enter some basic timing information and select any customisation options. Once you’ve added the look-alike to your basket you can review and add more artists to your basket or else you can submit an enquiry for the one look-alike to Alive Network.

Once your enquiry has been submitted an Alive Network coordinator will get in touch with you directly to discuss your event further and provide a confirmed quote from the artist.

Making an enquiry over the phone or by email
If you would like assistance in finding the perfect look-alikes for your event we are happy to make recommendations based on the brief that you give us. Simply give us a call on 0845 108 5500 and tell us about what you’re looking for, or submit a quick enquiry using the form below. One of our expert entertainment coordinators will be happy to send you suggestions and help walk you through the choices available, answer any questions, and help you to hire a look-alike that’s perfect for your event.

Need help to hire a look-alike?

Call 0845 108 5500 (+44 (0) 1782 740 839) to speak to one of our talented entertainment coordinators.

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How to hire a look-alike – making a booking

Once you’ve settled on the artist that you would like to book, simply let your Alive Network coordinator know that you’d like to confirm the booking and they’ll secure the booking with the look-alike. They will issue you and the artist with legally binding booking contracts which ensure all the details of your booking are correct, everyone understands what they’ve agreed to, and that the artist can’t pull out of the booking or mess you around. You will need to pay a booking deposit to Alive Network upon confirmation (roughly 25% of the total fee) and the remaining balance is usually payable directly to the artist on the night of the event. Your deposit can be paid by card, bank transfer or cheque.

If you need to discuss any aspect of your booking, or if you need to make any changes, your dedicated Alive Network coordinator will be on hand to support you as much as you need.

You will be put in touch with the look-alike 3-4 weeks before your event to run over the arrangements, fine tune the details and make any changes necessary.

For a more comprehensive look-alikes booking guide please read ‘Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About Booking A Look-alike’.

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