Top 10 Party Entertainers For Hire #CURRENT_YEAR#

Top 10 Party Entertainers For Hire 2024

Our staff pick the hottest party entertainers to hire this year!

Check out this list of our top ten hot entertainment picks for this year's birthday, anniversary, engagement, or retirement parties! Chosen by Alive Network's staff based on their wow factor!

If we were to give you one piece of advice for your party, it would be: don't host a boring party! We've picked these ten awesome entertainers who'll 'wow' you and your guests, keeping you fabulously entertained all day/night. forming memories that'll last a lifetime!

  • Mathew Knight Magician Nottinghamshire

    Mathew Knight

    5 stars - Mathew Knight are Highly Recommended 210 Magicians Nottinghamshire

    With a warm approach & the talent to amaze & astound, it's no wonder Mathew is such a popular magician! His prowess comes from years as a full time pro, performing at numerous events from small parties to big celebrity weddings. Mathew's unique style of modern magic builds moments of wonder that are talked about & remembered.
    Price from £429

  • Gordon Ramsay Lookalike Lookalike Kent

    Gordon Ramsay Lookalike

    5 stars - Gordon Ramsay Lookalike are Highly Recommended 18 Look-a-likes & Impersonators Kent

    Martin is a lookalike and impersonator, as seen on Channel 4's Lookalikes show and Britian's Got Talent, plus he has body doubled for Gordon Ramsay in TV adverts! Martin works any amount of hours, whether it be a large scale event or simply serving Canapés. 
    Price from £621

  • Francesco Caricatures Caricaturist London

    Francesco Caricatures

    5 stars - Francesco Caricatures are Highly Recommended 51 Caricaturists London

    Francesco is an Italian Caricaturist and Graphic Recording Artist available UK wide for hire for weddings, private parties, corporate events, product launches, trade exhibition stands and much more. Francesco is trained to draw an outstanding caricature in about 5 minutes providing you and your guests with a fun and unique memento of the event! Francesco worked with renown brand such as Unilever, HSBC, Gett Uk, Cambridge University among many others.
    Price from £327

  • Tightwire Dancer Hannah Circus Performer South Yorkshire

    Tightwire Dancer Hannah

    5 stars - Tightwire Dancer Hannah are Highly Recommended 1 Circus Performers South Yorkshire

    Having trained at the National Centre for Circus Arts, Hannah performs a dance on the tightwire which explores elegance and fluidity to playful music. These tricks and amazing balancing skills, will create an excitable experience for everyone to see and enjoy.
    Price from £653

  • Living Statues and Tables Living Statue Leicestershire

    Living Statues and Tables

    5 stars - Living Statues and Tables are Highly Recommended 10 Leicestershire

    Our Still Living Statues and Tables add a touch of class and the unexpected to any event! Perfect for livening up a large room or providing an air of excitement to your events entrance!
    Price from £392

  • Contortionist Hannah Circus Performer Bristol

    Contortionist Hannah

    5 stars - Contortionist Hannah are Highly Recommended 2 Circus Performers Bristol

    Performing incredible feats of flexibility, and jaw-dropping high-level skills; Hannah is known for her death-defying skills, fluid movement style, and for being one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK!
    Price from £720

  • Comedy News Crew Street Performer East Sussex

    Comedy News Crew

    5 stars - Comedy News Crew are Highly Recommended 5 Street Entertainers East Sussex

    Give your guests the full celebrity treatment with red carpet interviews from our Comedy News Crew! A great fun and totally unique way to kick start any party!
    Price from £706

  • Mandy Muden Magician London

    Mandy Muden

    5 stars - Mandy Muden are Highly Recommended 5 Magicians London

    *Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finalist* Mandy is unique; the only woman ever to combine comedy and magic on the UK Comedy and Corporate Circuits. She can adapt her show to any type of event and audience and offers a great line in audience participation.
    Price from £389

  • Brazilian Carnival Dancers Dancer London

    Brazilian Carnival Dancers

    5 stars - Brazilian Carnival Dancers are Highly Recommended 10 Dancers London

    With spectacular costumes & choreographed routines, our Multi Award Winning Brazilian Carnival Dancers will create an authentic Brazilian dance experience which will dazzle your guests!
    Price from £601