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Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement Party Ideas

After 40+ years of hard work it's finally time to kick back & focus on you. There has to be a party, and it has to be big! With over 1,750 live party bands and entertainers, Alive Network helps to make planning a great retirement party easy & fun.


Traditionally a gold watch was given to prized employees retiring after 30 years, though long service medals and other gifts were often given depending on the nature of the job or the type of work carried out.

If you're planning a party for a work colleague, a novel idea is to give a countdown clock which runs backwards for 6 months until the last day of work, ideal for someone whose retirement can’t arrive too soon!

These days the whole emphasis of working life is much more temporary than ever before in history, with few people expecting to stay in the same employment for 30 months, let alone 30 years!

If you, or someone you know, has been lucky enough to keep the same job right up to retirement age then they certainly deserve a fun-filled and exciting send off.

Retirement Party Entertainment Ideas >>>

For those of you who love the music you grew up on from the 40s/50s check out:

If you want to relive and party to the tunes of your adulthood era consider:

Does the music of the late 80s or 90s bring you joy?

Or are you still young at heart and want to rock out to the modern sounds of the 00s & 10s?

(Note: many of the bands in these lists perform both classic and contemporary songs. What you're looking at here is lists of bands that can emulate the sound of a particular era of music) 

Retirement Party Themes

To decide on a theme for your party, choose something relevant to the retiree, for example a favourite hobby, a work related topic, their favourite musical era or the place they’re retiring to, especially if this is abroad.

A popular theme is to dress up and hire a live band to suit the era when the retiree started work. For the 50's choose a rock n roll band or Elvis Tribute singer, for the 60's go with a Beatles Tribute band, for the 70's how about a 70's disco funk band? The options are endless.

We also have a great range of look alike artists, so why not suprise the retiree with a visit from their favourite celebrity or sports star?

Decorate To Suit The Theme

You should dress the entire venue with memorabilia, ‘Happy Retirement’ banners and decorations which follow the theme in seamless detail. Lots of companies supply party props and 'scene setters' - see our suppliers box below >

If you choose a golf theme for example, then decorate the room as a golf course, with elaborate sand pits, flags, golf ball name settings and card board cut outs of famous golfers. Everyone should arrive in outrageous golfing trousers and pringle jumpers, and if your venue is a golf club why not include half an hour on the driving range before dinner?

This Is Your Life!

A great idea for a surprise retirement party is to hold your own version of the TV show ‘This is your life’.

Friends, family and colleagues will love collecting stories, photos and tales of long-forgotten, and often best forgotten antics from the workplace or otherwise. Try and get in touch with old colleagues or long lost friends and invite them along in secret, introducing them at the perfect moment for an emotional reunion.

A confident younger relative or the retiree’s manager should compére the event. Buy a 'big red book' as an album for the collection and present it to the retiree at the end of the night.