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booking a swing band

Booking A Swing Band

If you're thinking of hiring a Swing, Jive or Rock n Roll bands for your event, this guide explains everything you'll ever need to know. Find out what a Swing band will do at your event, how various types of Swing bands differ from each other, what type of music they'll play, how much space they will require, how to ensure quality, how much it costs to hire a Swing band and much more.

What are Swing bands and what do they do?

On the Alive Network web site a wide range of artists may describe themselves as swing artists.  There is a specific help guide which talks about Rat Pack swing singers and you might like to read that if it’s more appropriate.  This guide will focus mainly on swing, jive & rock n roll bands.

Swing bands cover an extremely diverse range of sounds and moods, mixing jazz, rhythm n blues, lindy hop, jump jive and rock n roll.  Bands vary in size but the instruments which are typical to a swing band are double bass, piano, brass section, harmony vocals and electric guitar.
Swing bands generally have a sharp image and pride themselves on their appearance and stage presence.  Image is usually retro, i.e. 1940s, 1950s and 1960s style.

Swing bands will transport you back to an era of glamour and style, with music ranging from the early 1920’s, Fats Waller, Glenn Miller, Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, jazz, 1950s rock n roll, Rockabilly and modern swing artists like Michael Buble.

When swing music is played live it becomes infectious, and appeals to all age groups from young to old.  There will be music to appeal to everyone, from guests who want to dance to children who want to jump up and down, and those who just want to sit, watch and tap their feet.

Examples of a Swing Band

Examples of a Jive band

Examples of a Rock n Roll Band

Swing, Jive & Rock n Roll Band - King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
Swing band live at an event
Swing band stage space
Swing band performance
Swing bands available options
Swing band hire prices
Different priced swing bands
Alive Network Entertainment Agency Staff
Alive Network Entertainment Agency Staff
What to provide to your swing band
Swing band - Need to know
how to book a band
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