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Interactive Entertainment for Corporate Events

Get interactive & Insta-worthy entertainment inspiration that makes your guests the stars!

Get interactive & Insta-worthy entertainment inspiration that makes your guests the stars!.

With immersive experiences a key part of your product launches, conferences, and other brand events, it’s no wonder that more of you are looking for epic live experiences when it comes to updating your party entertainment.

Here’s our edit of top immersive and Insta-worthy ideas to really engage and wow your guests. But proceed with caution: Your biggest challenge may well be getting them to leave the entertainment alone and go home.

Plus, check out these top ideas for getting your guests involved in the food & drink, as well as ideas for gaming-fuelled guest participation in a full-blown Geek Party!

Photo Booths

Need entertainment that will break the ice and keep everyone snap happy all night long? Choose from interactive selfie mirrors to cool and quirky vintage vehicles for memorable fun and share-worthy pics!

Andrew Billington Photography

Party-goers grab some props and strike a pose for their party photo booth album. Image by Andrew Billington Photography

Vintage – Splendid Photobooths

Gorgeous backdrops. Handcrafted vintage booth. Dapper assistant.

Campervan Photobooth

With music inside the bud. Perfect for parties with outdoor space.

Selfie Mirror

Contemporary and quirky – includes an online photo album to tag and share.

All Rounder – Perfect Photo Booths

Unlimited prints, with customised labels, Facebook uploads and upgrade option.

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Turn your party into a mega musical event, where everyone can belt out those festive blockbusters. Pick the best guest performers to join your ‘Bandeoke’ band on stage – cue the wannabe Biebs. Maybe even live stream the shenanigans on Facebook? Then, dance the night away as the band play as many party tunes as your feet can take.

The Modern Way are a cool five piece covering classic indie-rock for parties UK-wide

Bandeoke with The Modern Way

Add a 10 song set where guests can strut their stuff on stage with the live band!

Rockeoke with The Dukes

Rock out on stage with a set dedicated to your guests and their inner Dave Grohl.

Vinyl Beats + Bandeoke

Tag on a 20-minute set and sing along to your choice of tracks from their repertoire. Fame at last!

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Mix & Mingle

Whether you want to start a buzz, get people laughing together, or even go viral…mix and mingle artists are super interactive and extremely effective. These artists not only get your guests in the party mood but create a heap of social media content – keep your smartphone handy to shoot all those WOW moments and capture guests’ reactions. Pics & vids with lookalikes are especially useful as guests will want to share with friends!

Ricky Gervais David Brent Lookalike performs his own style of Christmas message

Lookalike – Ricky Gervais David Brent Lookalike

Jaw-dropping ice-breaker that’ll have everyone in stitches. Mr Gervais himself said, “He’s fantastic as me!”

Mind Reader – Mr Mind Play

Psychological mind reading, à la Derren Brown. “The man’s a genius!” – Alive client review.

Caricaturist – Spot On Caricatures

As seen in GQ Magazine, George’s clients include Brad Pitt and Amanda Holden.

Magician – Jake Monroe

Warm, interactive and wow factor close-up magic, Jake is highly rated by clients.

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Magic Circle member, magician Jake Monroe amazes guests at a private party


Get your guests Involved! Ask guests to nominate their favourite song when they RSVP and ask your DJ if they can create a bespoke party hour that features the best suggestions. If your guests are particular fans of one genre, see if your DJ can oblige. Requests for Noughties or Old Skool Garage sets are particularly popular this year! Want more interactivity? Book a DJ with an instrumentalist who can mix and mingle with guests on the dancefloor.

DJ Markus takes to the decks, performing a bespoke party set to a packed dancefloor

DJ Markus

A former Ibiza resident, Formula One favourite and Alive’s answer to Pete Tong, with a killer record bag full of pop classics and dance-til-dawn tunes.

Deejay Sparksy

With a saxophonist that roams among your guests on the dancefloor.

Mark Allen

Dancefloor filler from start to finish, Mark counts celebs Ant & Dec among his happy party-goers.

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Silent Discos

For the ultimate in personalise-able and interactive partying, Silent Discos are becoming a big feature of cool events wanting to cater for a wide range of ages and musical tastes. Dance to music played through personal headphones rather than speakers, and choose between different channels of music. Cue the amazing dancefloor spectacle that is guests fully rocking out, or bobbing to club classics, alongside those partying to chart pop.

Silent Discos - party-goers party hard into the night, without volume restrictions

Silent Discos

Party in style with LED light up headphones and three channels packed full of music, so guests can choose what they want to dance to – there’s something for everyone!

Charisma Silent Disco

Control your own party playlist, choosing your fave channel...the fun is when you realise who else is listening to the same channel as you, so you can all get down together!

Silent Disco UK

Wireless light-up headphones are a brilliant option for venues with volume restrictions or neighbours to consider. Includes a 50" LED TV to display messages on.

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Themed Bars & Pop Ups

If getting Tweets and Insta posts is important, this one is for you…

So you want a unique experience that will not only keep spirits high (ahem), but also take over your guests’ social feeds? Mixing entertainment and creative beverages is a sure-fire way to give your attendees a unique experience that will have them reaching for their smartphones.

Interactivity is key, and including entertainment where your guests are the star is a brilliant way to have a memorable night and create fantastic user generated content too.

Stunning VW camper-style bars & themed pop ups, mixologists, and a host of visually-appealing cocktail creations provide a social media-friendly recipe that’s perfect for harvesting content and creating branding awareness opportunities.

Think mixologist masterclasses for your guests to try their skills, bespoke cocktails named by you, and Pimp Your Prosecco style options, where guests can create their own masterpiece.

Create your own hashtag for all those amazing car bar / cocktail images. Run a Facebook live stream or create short vids of your guests mixology skills. Or how about a social media poll among guests to come up with the best company cocktail names? You could even run a live Facebook vote on the night with the winner crowned Best Mixologist / Cocktail Creator. The only limit is your imagination!

Great for:

  • Guest Participation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Personalisation
  • Social Media

Mixology Bartenders provide a show as they shake up your cocktails before your eyes!

The Car Bar

This converted classic VW brings a quirky, cool and unforgettable fun feel to all events. Tailor the bar’s stock and let your guests drink from a bespoke menu.

Campervan Cocktail Bar

Packed with exciting drinks and artisan mixologists, this fleet of VW campers bring the party to you, delivering a fun, exciting & totally wacky bar experience!

Cocktails With Personality

Shake up your event with a specially-created menu, unique cocktails and two professional bartenders, who count Harrods, Sony & BA among their happy clients. *clink*

Mixology Bartenders

Charismatic cocktail mixologists and flair bartenders with bottle-juggling wow-factor... not to mention the beautiful & skilfully-crafted cocktails tailored to suit your event.

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The Geek Party

Embrace your inner geek with an interactive gaming-themed party...

No doubt you’ve noticed the trend for gamification in your teambuilding and networking events, and breakout sessions this year.

Using games has been proven a really effective way to engage and connect delegates at 2017 events, so it’s no wonder that retro games are making a huge comeback for festive parties (looking at you, Pokémon Go…).

Gaming-themed parties are a brilliant solution for planners on the lookout for low cost yet fresh party ideas – combining the nostalgic love of gaming with a new edge. Familiar and fun entertainment to connect, engage and create a lasting impression on your guests.

With the emphasis off the catering – simple but cool ‘sofa snacks’ like popcorn are your weapon of choice – you can go to town on your games area. Think shared game experiences that will break the ice, like a Giant Nintendo Wii for lots of players, or for that arcade vibe, go for laser indoor shooting games, or a racing car simulator.

Piing adds some instant WOW to your event with multi-player games the whole party can get involved in


There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get everyone going... Warm up your guests with some mobile-to-big screen multi-player games. Think classic arcade action, racing games, and quizzes that can be tailored just for you.

Popcorn Galore

Unlimited supply of freshly-made popcorn? Yes please! This traditional popcorn cart provides a quirky sweet treat that all your guests can enjoy.

Giant Nintendo Wii

A gaming classic, Wii Sports is an easy-to-play party-starter that gets everyone involved in the fun right from the start.

Laser Indoor Shooting Games

Hone your electronic duck-hunting skills. Perfect for laser amateurs or aficionados. Choose from 30 games, project the fun on a large screen and get competitive! 

Racing Car Simulator

A realistic, state of the art virtual reality experience that you and your guests will love. Link up 2, 3, or 4 simulators for head-to-head races, team building or just for fun.

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Plug n Play are the UK’s best video game covers band, performing nostalgic live gaming medleys and rejoicing in geek culture

If you’re going DIY or low-key with games or catering, a great band is a must to bring the whole idea together

Inviting game-loving colleagues in the office to bring in any retro games and consoles is a big cost saver, with favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong providing inexpensive and easy to set up group entertainment.

However, be mindful that it is your company’s end of year celebrations, not the last day of school! If you’re going DIY or low key with both games and the catering, a great professional band is a must to bring the whole idea together, drawing everyone away from their consoles at the end of the night. The perfect showstopper for your geek gaming party? Plug n Play, the UK’s best video game covers band.

Plug n Play

Their on-stage party celebrates geek culture, letting you and your guests relish in a nostalgia-fest as they bring to life medleys from games such as Pokémon, Sonic, Mario, as well as tunes from your childhood TV past.
A singalong rendition of the Inspector Gadget theme tune is a sure fire way to ensure your party is the talking point of 2018!

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School of Sci Fi

A totally brilliant stage show, combining amazing party music and the Star Wars Saga. I know…this exists! And it’s amazing.

School of Sci Fi - Storm Trooper Guitar

Unlike their shooting, this Stormtrooper’s guitar solo always hits the mark!

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Got any interactive party plans? Tell us all about it in the comment box below.

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