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  • Fee for Northamptonshire £385

    Stilt Walkers Galore

    Stilt Walking Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Stilt Walkers Galore are Highly Recommended 3 Customer Reviews

    Stilt Walkers Galore can create stilt walker clowns, stilt walker mimes, stilt walker statues and stilt walking theatrical characters, creating a unique blend of stilt walking performance possibilities. We have a multitude of themes to entice and delight.

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £385

    Living Human Statues

    Living Statues Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Living Human Statues are Highly Recommended 2 Customer Reviews

    Living Human Statues provide mesmerising stillness which melts into surreal comedy moments and high drama. Perfect for providing entertainment in small areas and adding artistic kudos to your event!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £513

    Kate Middleton Lookalike

    Lookalike Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Kate Middleton Lookalike are Highly Recommended 1 Customer Reviews

    The UK's most realistic Kate Middleton lookalike! Often mistaken for the Duchess of Cambridge, our convincing lookalike brings a regal theme to any event!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £705 +VAT

    David Penn

    Magician Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - David Penn are Highly Recommended 19 Customer Reviews

    David Penn is a Britian's Got Talent Live Finalist & 7 times National award wining magician & Illusionist! Providing the ultimate experience in close up magic, cabaret & illusion stage shows, David will entertain, astound & enhance your event!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £513

    Aerialist Katriana

    Aerial Dancer. Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    With stunning choreography entwined with death defying drops, Aerialist Katriana creates beautiful aerial artistry that will leave your guests in awe!

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  • Fee for Northamptonshire £385

    Fire Performer Katriana

    Fire Performer. Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    With captivating routines, Katriana will enchant all with her beautiful fire dancing. Be amazed as Katriana blows flames that reach 10 feet in the air and leaves trails of fire on her body, an exciting visual act not to be missed!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £320

    Colin Marc

    Magician Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Colin Marc are Highly Recommended 7 Customer Reviews

    Currently the resident magician at Leicester City Football Club & a Member of The Magic Circle, Colin can either amaze guests with his mix & mingle close-up magic or perform a stage show suitable for up to 100 people. From private parties, weddings to corporate events, Colin will be a sure fire hit ... Read more...

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £263

    J Winter

    Close Up Magician Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - J Winter are Highly Recommended 37 Customer Reviews

    Specialising in close up magic, J Winter is an established magician who has wowed audiences across the UK! Heavily inspired by street magic, J is cool, contemporary & an expert at distorting your perception of reality!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £267 +VAT

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures

    Caricaturist Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Draw A Crowd Caricatures are Highly Recommended 40 Customer Reviews

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures is an award-winning caricaturist & an expert at keeping your guests thoroughly entertained. With a wealth of experience, Draw A Crowd has entertained at events for the Olympic Athlete's Village, Vauxhall, Arcadia Group & more!

  • Fee for Northamptonshire £416 +VAT

    Fire and Sparks Show

    Circus Performer Northamptonshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Fire and Sparks Show are Highly Recommended 16 Customer Reviews

    Large and impressive, choreographed fire shows are the perfect addition to any event. Expect fireballs, fast routines and a show to remember!