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Rhythm Junction London Swing Festival: Co-organised by Mike Smith of The Swing Smiths

Rhythm Junction London Swing Festival: Co-organised by Mike Smith of The Swing Smiths

The Swing Smith's band leader, Mike-Paul Smith, is the co-organiser of the one-day festival of vintage music and dance happening in London this September! Jump in and jive to find out more!

Rhythm Junction London is a brand new festival of live vintage music and dance, taking place in Hackney on the 13th September 2014. Reviving the glamour of the Swing Era, the festival will feature four of the best swing and jive bands in the country. London’s hep cats are invited to come down for a jam-packed day of swinging rhythms, revelry and jazz spirit.

Created by a team of musicians and dancers with a passion for all things swing, Rhythm Junction London offers a rare opportunity to enjoy performances from four of the country’s hottest swing bands. The venue for the festival is the beautiful Round Chapel, which for one day only will be transformed into a vintage dance hall. The event will feature over eight hours of live music, and festival-goers will also be able to enjoy fantastic street food from pop-up food wagons and delicious craft beers from local Hackney favourite, Crate Brewery.

Live music is at the heart of the festival. The carefully selected line-up of artists covers many eras of vintage dance music – from the hot jazz of the 1920s, to the big band swing of the 1930s and 40s and jump jive of the 1950s. The four bands, including Mike's The Swing Smiths band, have between them performed at the finest jazz clubs and festivals worldwide.

Rhythm Junction London believes that live music is not just part of the show, but that it makes the show, which is why the festival has a strict policy of paying all the musicians a full professional performance fee. Festival organiser Mike Paul-Smith says "it's frustrating that some events don't allocate a proper budget for live music, when it is key to creating an awesome atmosphere - we wanted Rhythm Junction London to be different.” He adds "this festival is all about the bands and by making no compromises on the fee we are paying musicians, we will give festival-goers an unbelievable show.”

Festival organiser Amelia Forster says “the idea for Rhythm Junction London came about when I started swing dancing and going to vintage events. As a musician, I wanted to go to an event where I could get an authentic vintage dance hall experience and enjoy the unique energy created by live music.”

Co-organiser Mike Paul-Smith adds “with Hackney’s Round Chapel we’ve found the perfect venue; dancers will love the huge wooden dancefloor, while festival-goers can also watch performances from the seated viewing balcony. Rhythm Junction London is for anyone who loves to enjoy and support live music.”

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