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Why Dance Shows Are Awesome For Corporate Events

Why Dance Shows Are Awesome For Corporate Events

Looking for an AWESOME entertainment solution for your upcoming corporate event? Alive Network staff and their artists have come up with 7 reasons why dancers and dance shows can really enhance your corporate event.

When you're organising a corporate event, you want to offer your guests something different, something exciting, something they'll remember long after the last drop of champagne has been drunk!

Dancers and dance groups are a corporate event organiser’s dream, able to tailor the energy and visual impact of their shows to your event requirements and venue size.

So, if you're looking for stunning entertainment that complements your corporate message, or highlights the virtues of your brand or product, here are seven more reasons why you should book dancers for your next corporate event, conference or product launch.

1. Get The Party Started!

Start your corporate event the way you mean to go on, with a high energy, high-octane professional performance. As Zoe from the Bespoke Dance Company says,

Dance adds that extra bit of sparkle and magic to any event.

Nicky from Professional Entertainment Company agrees:

Dance shows are great to get the party started, getting people excited and in the mood to have a good time.

2. Keep Your Brand Current With On-Trend Dance Shows

Don't get stuck with yesterday's trendy dance style at your event! Dance styles go in and out of fashion, often according to what's popular on TV shows or in films. Nicky from the Professional Entertainment Company explains further:

We get many varied requests for our bespoke shows, often for whatever is popular in the media at the time. For example, flash mobs are still popular but they're on the way out, but thanks to the recent film the Gatsby style is very much in.

3. Experience International Dance Styles With A Twist

With the multicultural nature of Britain today, your guests can enjoy a wide variety of dance styles, from Brazilian Carnival to American Jazz and beyond, performed by dancers based or born in the UK. The choreographers for dance troupe Bollywood Live, for example, lived in the Punjab for nearly 10 years, and say that years of professional dance training in the UK, India and Pakistan also means they are highly accomplished and authentic.

While we are British by nationality we are Punjabi by heart!

4. Give ‘Em The Old Razzle-Dazzle

Dance shows don't have to be high octane, they can be glamorous, elegant and even a little cheeky. The Belle Beauties offer a showgirl event with a burlesque twist.

With balloons, fans, lollipops, pointe work and a hint of cheekiness, our show’s a lively romp. It’s a whole lot of fun, making it a perfect choice for almost any type of corporate event.

5. Dancers Can Work Any Stage (Or Lack Of) At Any Time

Dance groups offer incredible flexibility to suit any type of corporate event. Whether you have a full stage or just a stand at an exhibition, dancers can attract and entertain your guests in almost any setting. The Professional Entertainment Company has years of experience in tailor-made performances:

We can perform in between courses of dinner or around awards, but we prefer to keep our dance in one slot at the beginning of your event. This gives the audience a chance to get the feel of the show but also includes the practical consideration of keeping the dance floor safe and clear of stuff for the dancers!

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Bollywood Live design all their shows to be flexible.

Our fully-rehearsed choreography can fill time slots chosen by the client. Often we are asked to entertain in between the main course and desserts being served, or just before the dance floor opens to get guests in the party mood.

6. Get Your Guests Up And Moving

Corporate entertainment at corporate events such as conferences and presentations can become very sedate if your guests are seated throughout. So, get them up and involved with a dance troupe that loves nothing more than their audience joining in!

We can host part of your event if you wish, and mix and mingle amongst your guests, even getting them up onto the dance floor and teaching them a few special moves! Our boys add a touch of glamour, fun and camp to any event, and your guests may recognise this from our appearance on Britain's Got Talent in 2013.

7. Give Your Staff A Laugh

Nothing delights a roomful of company employees more than seeing the top brass making a fool of themselves! The Fly High Girls specialise in a whirlwind global dance tour that can include dance styles from your corporate locations around the world, but there's a twist at the end.

Our new offering for is ‘Spot Ya Boss’, a specially choreographed dance show which incorporates a surprise appearance from your company's boss!

So, if you're looking for something different for your next corporate event, take a look at the dancers and dance groups on offer here at Alive Network >>>

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