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7 Great Reasons To Book Ballet Dancers For Your Awards Ceremony

7 Great Reasons To Book Ballet Dancers For Your Awards Ceremony

Looking for something special for your corporate awards ceremony? Ballet dancers could be your entertainment solution! For more corporate entertainment ideas articles, go here or to start searching, visit our corporate entertainment homepage! You'll also find a complete guide to booking dancers here and our Top Dancers of 2017 here.

If you're looking for something truly special for your corporate awards ceremony, ballet and business may not seem obvious partners. However, ballet can bring something very special to your awards night in terms of parallels between this most elegant of dance forms and the qualities you're probably celebrating in your awards! So, we asked Sophie Adams from the Surrey based dance company Ballet Dancers and Sophie Wright from the Bespoke Ballet Company for their top reasons for booking ballet dancers for your next awards night.

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1. Add A Touch Of Class

Ballet brings a sense of occasion and sophistication to any event, blurring the fine line between exclusive and elitist. As Sophie Wright from the Bespoke Ballet Company explains:

Ballet is an exclusive art form which requires many years of training to perfect, and the ballet dancer exudes an air of strict discipline and professionalism, which lends majesty to an occasion. Ballet adds a high profile ambiance to an award ceremony not obtained in other forms of dance, where guests can be entertained and engaged with a flavour of cultural hospitality.

2. Celebrate Excellence & Achievement

Your awards ceremony will be celebrating all that's great about your company, your sector or your industry. Those receiving awards will be there because their skills and achievements have been recognised by their peers and leaders. So, Sophie Adams from Ballet Dancers suggests,

Ballet is an elegant and highly respected art form, epitomizing grace, strength and beauty. Award ceremonies celebrate excellence and ballet is the perfect way to showcase this.

3. Live & Kicking, Up Close

Few of us are lucky enough to see ballet performed live, and it is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring to see the unique combination of grace and strength required in a live performance. As Sophie W has discovered with her company first hand performing at all kinds of corporate event ceremonies,

Ballet dancers add a finesse and beauty to these awards in a skillful and engaging performance which enthralls your audience from start to finish.

And anyone who has watched a ballerina on pointe for even a few seconds and seen how their feet bend and muscles strain, will realise that in ballet as in business, it's often a case of 'no pain, no gain'!

4. Bespoke Theming

For an art form that many consider wedded to the past, ballet performances can be tailored to fit your exact requirements, as ballet dancer Sophie A explains.

All our performances are highly bespoke and individual to every client. We create our bespoke ballet performance to fit perfectly with the theme of the ceremony. We can do anything from matching our costumes to the colour scheme of the event to tailor-making our whole performance to the event theme, or the event sponsors’ brand.

Sophie W from the Bespoke Ballet Co is constantly creating unique shows for clients.

We offer a bespoke service to suit the occasion, and all of our engagements are conceived, rehearsed, musically prepared, and adapted for each client. For example, we provided a soloist for a show with Basement Jaxx at Somerset House and the O2, and also for a King (which one is confidential!) at a major 5 star hotel in London.

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5. Ballet Anywhere

One of the reasons that most award ceremony organisers might steer clear of ballet is that they think ballet dancers won't agree to dance anywhere except in a theatre. However this couldn't be further from the truth for the Bespoke Ballet Company.

People always consider ballet as elitist, and certainly, there are not many professional ballet companies that will consider dancing anywhere - we will!

The company is also flexible in the number of performers they can provide, whether a solo prima ballerina, a duo, trio or entire troupe, to suit the occasion and your venue's space

6. Not Just Ballet - The World Of Dance Is Your Oyster!

Ballet dancers are highly trained in both classical and modern ballet, and often many other dance disciplines as well. Dancers with the Bespoke Ballet Co. for example, are trained in all types of dance including Contemporary, Spanish, Russian, Commercial, Neo-Classical and Jazz. Sophie W says the company works hard to match the style with the event.

Whilst Swan Lake may be appropriate for the opening of an art gallery, a James Bond theme may be more appropriate for a corporate awards evening.

With such diverse talent and experience to draw on, the Ballet Dancers Company even recreated a TV advert for one client!

When we performed for a radio awards evening sponsored by Lexus, we re-enacted the entire Lexus advert, matching costume, music and choreography.

7. Easy Booking With Alive Network

At Alive Network, we make booking ballet dancers for your corporate event or awards evening easy and straightforward - just click to view Profiles of Bespoke Ballet Company and Ballet Dancers. You can request a quote and check availability online, or call the team here at Alive Network on 0845 108 5500 to discuss your particular requirements. When you book, you'll be allocated a dedicated account manager and sent a comprehensive contract signed by the artists. We offer a fully professional service so you can relax and start practicing your acceptance speech!