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Soul Band Prices: How Much Do Soul Bands Cost?

Soul Band Prices: How Much Do Soul Bands Cost?

Soul bands provide a wealth of entertainment, with superb musicians, sensational singers, and sassy outfits (you'll never see a scruffy soul band!). So, how much will this ultimate party, wedding, or corporate event entertainment cost you? We delve into how to budget for a soul band, with the help of some of the top soul acts here at Alive Network.

Quality, Not Quantity

First and foremost, don't equate the size of a soul band with the quality of its sound or level of entertainment value. While most soul acts can 'grow' and add extra members if required, their usual line-up is the optimum configuration. This optimum band size ensures each act can produce a superb sound and exciting show regardless of the size of venue, number of guests or the level of your budget. And the optimum size of a soul band depends on… the band, as our artists reveal!

Our most popular line up is our 6-piece band. Prices for this option start at £1300.

- Chris from Informer

Thinking of having live music at your wedding or private party? Our basic 6-piece band would prove perfect for this! Prices start at £1260.

Yorkshire soul band, Funkytown

For a top quality soul band you should be looking at spending £2k minimum for smaller line ups. Depending on the size of the event and the size of band required, this can increase to around the £4/5k+ mark for larger corporate style events.

- Amy from Soul Education

A soul band doesn't have to be expensive. I use the original Motown backing tracks so with just a singer performing with track it's equivalent to the sound to a full band, from as little as £480.

- Shola from Lady Motown

What Your Money Buys, Time-Wise

Again, it's not about the length of the sets, but about how the band's performance will fit into your event. You might want two sets with an 'interval' for everyone to relax and have a drink, or you may prefer a single longer set. You might like one style of set for the first, and then something a little different for the second, or you might only require a short 30 minute set as part of a product launch or similar. Just bear in mind that every act will charge a certain amount regardless of how little they may perform, since they have to travel to your venue, set up, change, wait, perform, then do the whole process in reverse. Think of it like a plumber's callout charge!

As a rule, we play 2 x 1 hours of live music, with a DJ set in between.

-Chris at Informer

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I offer a wide range of options, including a 1 hour Motown party show, or a 2 x 45 minutes Motown show, or even a 30 minute Motown set followed by a 1-hour Motown party show. So, if you'd like a 2-set performance the first set can contain a Diana Ross mini tribute, while the second set will be my trademark “Motown Party” set, put together to get people on the dance floor for a good boogie!

Lady Motown

Our 8 piece band with brass section perform 2 x 1hr high energy live sets including funk, soul, Motown, rock ‘n’ roll, disco, r ‘n’ b and house anthems.

West Midlands soul band, After 8s

Extras & Options

For larger venues, bigger parties and music-lovers just wanting a bit more musical punch for their pounds, most soul bands for hire offer upgrade options to larger formats. This usually involves adding a brass section and extra singers to a standard line-up, and creates both a fuller sound and a more dynamic show, thanks to the extra number of performers on stage.

Other extras include a DJ option, where a member of the band or their own DJ keeps your guests up and dancing while the band have a break, either spinning live tracks or selecting a playlist via an iPad or similar. It's a terrific way to get both a live band and a DJ for your event.

Check too if your band include PA systems and lighting in their prices, as hiring these can be expensive. If you have a larger venue or want the band to perform outside, always check that their system is adequate, or if you need to provide any extra.

OK, so what do our featured artists include in their fees, and what do they offer as extras?

We provide full PA and lighting, and a DJ for between sets, as standard.

- Chris at Informer

We always perform with our own top quality crystal clear PA system and lighting rig. We also offer the add-on options of a cocktail pianist (£162) or acoustic duo (£324) for an early drinks reception, or a DJ for the evening (£210).

After 8s

We provide 2 x 70 minutes sets of the classic Motown hits, starting at £2196. For no extra charge, we can provide a professionally mixed playlist to play during our breaks, or design you an ‘Ultimate Playlist’ of your favourite party tunes (just let us know beforehand and we’ll get it all organised for you). Alternatively you might like to book the Motown Vogue DJ (£300 extra) who will work alongside us and take requests on the night.

Surrey soul band, Motown Vogue

Budget options for soul bands where budgets are tight and space is limited, there are some wonderful soul artists who fit the bill perfectly. Your best option is to choose a professional, experienced soul singer who can perform solo or bring a band, just as these two ladies do.

If space is an issue but you still want live music, a solo singer, or vocal duo/trio performing to a backing track is a great option. I offer a Motown duo, trio and four-piece band option, and a DJ or compère service if required. All options include me performing in beautiful custom-designed evening gowns, beehive hairdo and diamanté jewellery, so you're always guaranteed a sparkling show of Motown hits!

- Shola of Lady Motown

I aim to be extremely versatile and adaptable with line up options to suit all events. I can perform solo with backing tracks (from £480), or with acoustic duo, trio, quartet, or sextet options available. If you're flexible on dates but not on budget, I offer reduced rates Monday-Thursday nights!

- Sophie from Sophie and the Exciters

Bespoke Event, Bespoke Service

Most soul bands will be able to tailor their line-up to your requirements - all you have to do is ask!

It all depends on when, where, and the audience size, so prices often vary radically. When enquiring, as much information as possible from you will result in the most accurate of quotes.

- Amy from Soul Education

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