Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Money Saving Tips

Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Money Saving Tips

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At Alive Network we're keen to provide not just the best entertainment for your wedding, but also the best value wedding entertainment. Follow our 5 money-saving tips for your wedding this year, and you can have more cash to splash on other wedding essentials such as champagne!

At Alive Network we're keen to provide not just the best entertainment for your wedding, but also the best value wedding entertainment available.

Follow our 5 money-saving tips for your wedding, and you can have more cash to splash on other wedding essentials such as champagne!

1. Book Off-Peak

Wedding bands are usually very busy during the summer and over the Christmas period. So, they won't be offering any special deals or discounts, as they can get a full price gig no problem!

So, if you plan your wedding for the quieter months of the year, namely January-March and October-November, your chosen wedding or function band are more likely to be available. What's more, bands are much more likely to want a gig in the quiet months so if your budget is £100 or £200 under the band's usual asking price, it’s well worth making an offer.

You could also try requesting additional options that are usually charged extra, such as an acoustic duo during a drinks reception, to see if you can get more ‘band’ for your buck!

Holding your wedding out of the busy seasons has other advantages too; your venue or marquee supplier is likely to charge less, you will have a greater choice of dates for your church, registry office or civil ceremony registrar, and more guests might be able to attend as they won't have other weddings to go to or family holidays booked!

2. Wedding Band Full Day Packages

Why book two or three different performers when your function band might be able to provide everything you need? Most bands offer flexible options such as an acoustic duo to play during the wedding ceremony, your drinks reception or during the meal, and are then joined by the rest of the band to entertain during your party.

It's a terrific way to save money on any wedding, as you are only paying for one set of travel costs, one set of equipment to be set up, and one set of meals, rather than two or three. When your guests first hear the duo, they won't know they are part of the main wedding band until they suddenly recognise them up on stage at the party - and are usually really impressed as to how versatile they are!

3. Free DJ Services

Most bands provide music between sets while they are not performing, usually using an iPod or similar.  Some also offer a free DJ service where a member of the band takes requests for your guest's favourite tracks, and make basic announcements. A DJ option is a great way to keep the energy going all night long, and you can save between £300-£500 by choosing a band who offer this, over the cost of a separate DJ hire. What's more, you have the bonus of not having to find additional space for the DJ and their PA system, or the extra set-up time involved in getting two sets of kit in and out of your venue.

4. Reduce your wedding band's waiting time

Venues often tell you that it’s better to have the band arrive early in the day to set up and do a soundcheck, so that they’re out of the way by the time your guests arrive. While this is often a good idea in smaller venues or when you have just one space for everything, such as a marquee, it can also cost £100’s more in waiting fees, as most bands charge a fee per hour if they arrive before 5pm. 

Many function bands for weddings actually don't need to do this, as there is often easy access to the stage area where the band can setup discreetly. Our wedding function bands are highly experienced in finding a window of opportunity after the meal and speeches to set up and do a quick 20-minute sound check without intruding.

If you're worried, simply inform your guests that you're having a 10 minute 'comfort break'. You’ll find it'll take at least 20 minutes for them to stretch their legs, have a ciggy, visit the facilities and pick up a drink or two from the bar!

5. Book Local

As any car owner knows, driving in the UK is an expensive business when you add up fuel costs, road tax and the ridiculous price of food in service stations. So, the more you can reduce your band's travel time and costs to your wedding, the better.

On our website, simply search for the style of artist you want, at the budget you’d like to spend, then re-order the results by artist location.

Bands will be sorted alphabetically by location, so you can easily find bands local to your venue, and you get the best possible price with minimal travel costs and no overnight accommodation costs either. You'll also be helping the environment by reducing your wedding' band's carbon footprint in terms of vehicle emissions, which must be a good thing!

For more money-saving tips, feel free to consult any of the Alive Network team - we're here to help.

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