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On A Budget? Tips For Getting The Best Price For Your Wedding Band

On A Budget? Tips For Getting The Best Price For Your Wedding Band

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At Alive Network we work with our artists to ensure their fees are both fair and good value for money, but there are always ways to shave a little off the bill! So, we asked our team of experienced entertainment coordinators, “How do I get the best price for my wedding band?”. These are the ideas they came up with...

When you're trying to make your wedding budget stretch as far as possible, you need to be sure you've got the best price you can for everything, including your wedding entertainment. At Alive Network we work with our artists to ensure their fees are both fair and good value for money, but there are always ways to shave a little off the bill! So, we asked our team of experienced entertainment coordinators, “How do I get the best price for my wedding band in 2017?”. These are the ideas they came up with…

Book Early

Book early, but not too early! Most wedding function bands are happy to confirm gigs 12 to 16 months in advance, which should ensure you get one of your top choices. However, some bands will add a surcharge if a client is booking between 16 and 24 months in advance. This is because most band’s fees usually increase slightly year on year in line with inflation, and as their increasing experience and reputation makes them more in demand.

Book Off-Peak

If you're planning a wedding outside of the peak summer months, you'll be saving money on all sorts of costs, from venue hire to wedding band fees. Most bands will do a deal on weddings in the quieter winter, early spring and autumn months, as demand is lower and they need the work! There's another benefit to out-of-season weddings in that more guests might be able to attend without the restrictions of school holidays and competing wedding invites…

Book Last Minute

OK, we know this contradicts the 'book early' advice, but stick with us! If a wedding band has a Saturday night free in the busy months during the summer, they will probably be keen to fill it, if your enquiry is made only a month or two before the date. However, this tactic will greatly limit your available options, as the most popular party bands at Alive Network will have filled all key summer 2017/2018 dates by February or March at the latest.

Book Mid-Week

This is a superb way to get the best deal possible for your wedding band. Most professional bands will do a deal on a wedding booked during the week, as most of their demand is for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, be advised that this may not work if the wedding band you choose are more of a part-time outfit, with other work commitments during the week. Just call us at Alive Network and we'll check the band’s midweek availability on your behalf, no obligation.

Book Local

If you can find a function band that are based near your wedding venue, you will always get that band's best price as it will not include travel or accommodation fees. Most bands are really happy to play local venues as it is so much more convenient for them too. To find a professional function band near your location, simply search for the artist style you want, within the budget you’re looking to spend, and then re-order the search results by location, to see who’s based in your local area.

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Finish At Midnight

Most wedding party bands charge extra per hour for playing after midnight, so if you can wrap up the band's part of the entertainment by 12 o’clock, you should not incur any additional after midnight finish fees. You can always continue the party with a DJ if required, but do check with your venue how long after midnight you are allowed to continue playing music - it does vary. You might like to entertain your guests with something special at midnight, such as outdoor fireworks or fire and glow performers, which has the added advantage of clearing the room of guests (temporarily) so your band can easily pack up and depart!

5pm Arrival Time

Almost every article you'll read on the web advises that you ask your wedding band to turn up well in advance, so they can set up and do sound tests, etc. In reality, most bands simply don't need to be there hours early; they are experienced in setting up quickly and unobtrusively, and know their system well enough to keep the old 'One, TWO, one TWO" mic tests to a minimum. Most wedding, party and function bands assume a 6pm arrival in their price, so if you do want them to arrive before 6pm and not perform until later, they will usually charge a waiting fee per hour. This is different from asking a band to play an acoustic duo set at a drinks reception before 6pm and then a full band set in the evening - if you'd like this option, just ask at time of booking and the band will quote you accordingly.

Provide Your Wedding Band's Accommodation

Most bands include a surcharge for accommodation on events that are outside of a certain radius from their base, when it's too far/too late/too tiring to travel back. If you have already negotiated a good deal on accommodation with your venue, or close to it, or you know of a cheap local hotel, you could save a little extra cash by booking rooms for the band direct. (Check first, of course, how much the band's accommodation surcharge is!) Always ask your band how many rooms they will require, include any breakfast costs, and work on the basis of one room each unless told otherwise - not everyone is happy to share.

Wedding DJ Service

Most wedding bands provide music between their live sets through their PA system, but some also off an optional DJ service. This will be in addition to the band's normal fee, but will save you the not-inconsiderable cost of hiring an separate DJ should you wish to keep the party vibe going all night! Some Alive Network bands offer a free DJ service as an incentive to book quickly, once you have received your confirmed quote from your entertainment coordinator, usually within 7 days. So, if you know you want a particular band for your wedding, don’t hang around once you’ve been given the quote – get booking! Do bear in mind the "past midnight" fee mentioned above, as if your DJ is a member of the band, then every band member will probably have to stay until the end to pack up the gear and drive back together in the van.

Ask Alive Network For Help

If you have any questions about getting the best value from your wedding entertainment, just give us a call. We may be the world's largest online live music and live entertainment booking service, but you can still call us for free advice and suggestions anytime Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm. You can also email us questions, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. You'll find all the details on our Contact Us page, including pictures of every member of staff, their phone number and email.

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  • Rock Up Wedding Band Bristol

    Rock Up

    5 stars - Rock Up are Highly Recommended 76 Bristol

    Thriving on the energy of a dance floor & keeping your audience on their feet, Rock Up are a power trio who know how to throw a party! Delivering must-have hits in a cool, ‘real band’ style with music from Bruno Mars & Ed Sheeran to Oasis, The Beatles & more, Rock Up are a band you'll want to see time and time again!
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  • The Roots Acoustic Trio Wedding Band Nottinghamshire

    The Roots Acoustic Trio

    5 stars - The Roots Acoustic Trio are Highly Recommended 51 Nottinghamshire

    The Roots Acoustic Trio provide amazing live music that all your guests will be talking about! Their upbeat, feel-good repertoire includes music from Bruno Mars to Bob Marley and is designed to get guests of all ages onto the dance floor!
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  • Atomic Hi-Fi Wedding Band West Midlands

    Atomic Hi-Fi

    5 stars - Atomic Hi-Fi are Highly Recommended 55 West Midlands

    Atomic Hi-Fi are the ultimate entertaining pop rock band. Young professional musicians having a great time makes for the perfect party atmosphere. With songs from The Beatles, Queen, James Brown, and Bon Jovi, through to The Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, Reef, and The Killers, they have the perfect set for any occasion. Sound-limiter friendly set up is also available.
    Price from £962

  • The Fun-Keys Wedding Band West Midlands

    The Fun-Keys

    5 stars - The Fun-Keys are Highly Recommended 22 West Midlands

    Highly talented, lively & in demand band performing everything from Rock 'n' Roll and Motown to present day hits. With bookings by Radio One DJ's, and other high profile clients. The band members have supported & performed with acts such as Simply Red, Jamiroquai, Heaven 17, Alvin Stardust, Happy Mondays, Angie Brown and Tony Christie and composed music featured in Hollywood movies!
    Price from £834

  • The 123s Wedding Band North Yorkshire

    The 123s

    5 stars - The 123s are Highly Recommended 24 North Yorkshire

    Playing banging songs that’ll keep you dancing & singing all night long, The 123's deliver infectious personality, huge talent & a powerful party vibe! Covering much-loved guitar anthems, from modern Indie to classic Rock & retro Rock n' Roll, The 123's are not to be missed!
    Price from £868

  • Luna Wedding Band Staffordshire


    5 stars - Luna are Highly Recommended 7 Staffordshire

    Having previously supported McFly, Lawson and Only The Poets, Luna's experience in nothing short of impressive! A passionate band who love what they do, Luna bring you the very best rock and pop music from across the ages from Harry Styles, The Beatles, Blink 182, Stevie Wonder, The Killers and lots more.
    Price from £973

  • The Scoundrels Wedding Band Cheshire

    The Scoundrels

    5 stars - The Scoundrels are Highly Recommended 68 Cheshire

    With dynamic stage presence, flawless musicianship and music from Chuck Berry to Kings Of Leon, 4 piece rock and pop band The Scoundrels guarantee to get your party started! Instrumental Jazz sets and DJ service also available!
    Price from £900

  • The Escape Wedding Band Hertfordshire

    The Escape

    5 stars - The Escape are Highly Recommended 22 Hertfordshire

    The Escape are a no nonsense covers band with cool swagger & a killer repertoire! Expect to hear music from Daft Punk, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Arctic Monkeys & more!
    Price from £944

  • The Manchester Ceilidh Trio Wedding Band Greater Manchester

    The Manchester Ceilidh Trio

    5 stars - The Manchester Ceilidh Trio are Highly Recommended 11 Greater Manchester

    One of the finest Ceilidh bands around, The Manchester Ceilidh Trio are a young and extremely talented trio who will have your guests dancing from the first note to the very last! All Royal Northern College of Music graduates, members have performed with UK leading orchestras, indie-folk band Belle & Sebastian & Andrea Bocelli!
    Price from £769

  • The Hi-Fi Club Wedding Band West Yorkshire

    The Hi-Fi Club

    5 stars - The Hi-Fi Club are Highly Recommended 50 West Yorkshire

    The Hi-Fi Club is a three-piece pop & rock band ready to rock your party! With a crowd-pleasing repertoire packed with classic hits from The Beatles, The Who & The Jam alongside current tracks from The Killers, Kings of Leon & more, this party-loving trio will fill your dance floor! Irish music & full acoustic options also available.
    Price from £962
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