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2 Customer Reviews.

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Alive Network provided a friendly, calm, reassuring, unfussy...

5 stars - 5 Go Swing are Highly Recommended
booked 5 Go Swing for their Wedding in Carmarthen

“Alive Network provided a friendly, calm, reassuring, unfussy and informative service at short notice. This was exactly what we needed. 5 Go Swing are an excellent band blending authenticity with each individual member’s own creative talent. We all enjoyed their music immensely. They even tempted some elderly gentlemen onto the dance floor (though dad dancing isn’t always a bonus of course). On the business side they have a professional and reassuring manner and are clear and straightforward. I would recommend them without hesitation. ”

Jeremy and I have just returned from a wonderful honeymoon a...

5 stars - 5 Go Swing are Highly Recommended
booked 5 Go Swing for their event

“Jeremy and I have just returned from a wonderful honeymoon after a fantastic wedding day. Our band for the day, 5 Go Swing were a huge hit with our guests who loved the energy and thrilling vibe of live music. They completely got the party atmosphere going whilst all the photographs were being taken and kick-started our evening celebration at our reception. Listening to the music spilling out of the room and seeing all our guests with huge grins on their faces was wonderful and the band was truly magnificent. My husband and I eventually managed to escape our photographer to join in on all the fun our guests were having dancing and listening to the band, and when we went to thank them for their skilled and enthusiastic playing, we found out that they were having so much fun too... and that was wonderful to hear! Not only that but on a practical level they were everything you would hope for a worry free day: professional, smart and reliable. In addition, Paul, our agent at Alive Network was fantastic at keeping us in touch with the arrangements and provided us with peace of mind that everything was under control and would run smoothly. We would definitely recommend the Alive Network service and loved the wide variety of bands there are to choose from and the website service that allows you to listen to recorded excerpts and to have the opportunity of a sample CD. When we next have a party worthy of a band we won't hesitate to use Alive Network again. We may have to book 5 Go Swing for an anniversary one day in response to enthused demand for an encore from our guests! ”