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single luxury chocolate fountain chocolate fountain london

Single Luxury Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain based in London

Price from £698
Here is a Chocolate Fountain that is so smooth it has a sensuous, melt-in-the-mouth quality that is very hard (and so pointless) to resist! Our chocolatiers offer everything you need to make your event run smoothly.
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This Chocolate Fountain Service offers a fully self-contained service from the fountain and backdrop to dips, skewers, napkins, constantly-present staff and bins.

What's included?
• Medium or Large-size Chocolate Fountain (The large fountains stand from the floor to the top of the Chocolate Fountain just over six feet!)
• UNLIMITED finest Belgian Couverture Chocolate of your choice (Milk, Plain, White or a speciality). There is ALWAYS more Chocolate to a function than you could ever get through. It NEVER runs out.
• Supply EIGHT (8) accompaniment dips.
• UNLIMITED replenishment of accompaniment dips throughout your function/event. You will NEVER run out of accompaniment dips.
• An experienced Chocolatier to set-up, run and professionally manage the fountain as well as help and guide your guests in obtaining the maximum pleasure from the fountain. For health, hygiene and guest safety reasons, there will ALWAYS be staff at the side of the Chocolate Fountain throughout the entire function/event.
• UNLIMITED supply of napkins throughout your function/event.
• UNLIMITED supply of skewers throughout your function/event.
• UNLIMITED supply of Chocolate Fountain plates.
• Dedicated Chocolate Fountain table and table linen. Fountain table Linen choice: White - Plain, White - Patterned, Cream, Black, Professional Black star cloth
• Chocolate Fountain base cover/decoration choice: Professional Black star cloth, Black - plain, Themed - to suit your event or function
• Our own dedicated accompaniment dips tables (various sizes: from 2' to 6' rectangular to fit and suit most venues). Dips table Linen choice: White - Plain, White - Patterned, Cream, Black
• Large, cut-glass elegant dips bowls. To add to a feeling of opulence as well as elegance, large cut-glass pedestal bowls for your dips is also available. Fresh fruit looks absolutely spectacular in large bowls. Additionally, the chocolatiers make full use of various heights to display and emphasize the dips.
• Elegant and beautiful table decoration (in keeping with the event).
• Bins for used skewers and napkins. The most popular accompaniment dips include:
FRESH FRUIT Strawberries Melon Balls Fresh Pineapple Fresh Fruit selection (oranges, apple, grapes, papaya etc) Red seedless grapes Green seedless grapes
PASTRIES Profiteroles Mini doughnuts - plain Mini doughnuts - half chocolate covered Mini Swiss Rolls
CONFECTIONERY Coconut White Truffles Rum Truffles Vanilla Fudge Rum and Raisin Fudge Mint lumps Nougat
MARSHMALLOW SPECIALIST SECTION: Marshmallow - pink and white - Regular Marshmallow - pink and white - Large Marshmallow- Mixed shapes; heart, round, barrel, rectangular etc., Marshmallow - coated (sweet & sour) Marshmallow - Banana shaped and flavour Marshmallow - Large Strawberry shaped and flavour Marshmallow - Red Heart-shaped Marshmallow - Apple shaped and flavour Marshmallow - Twirl tubes Marshmallow - Soft Pink Heart Marshmallow - Ice cream cone

As you may gather, our Chocolate Fountain suppliers are very much an advocate of Health and Hygiene; as a result they carry literally thousands of wooden skewers to each function/event. They insist that after a wooden skewer is used for dipping into the Chocolate Fountain, it is then thrown in the away in a bin provided and if a guest would like another dip, to use a new skewer.

• Choice of five different sized backdrops - Star Cloths to Cream drapes. 2m, 3m, 4m, and 7m widths - to suit all sizes of venues.
Please note: The Star Cloths are made by a Professional Film (Motion Picture) and TV Production company. For those technically minded: They consist of various blue, white and differing shades of LEDS - in differing intensities to give a star-field / infinity feel and look. They are NOT: Yellow, equi-distant to each other and all of the same intensity.
• 2 side framing wings for the fountain aesthetics and for photo-opportunities.
• Impressive and visually stunning Professional lighting of the fountain, the fountain area and the backdrops. An array of lighting equipment is used depending on the venue, your wishes and the atmosphere you are aiming to achieve. These include Pinspots, par cans, projectors and lasers. This is MORE than a Chocolate Fountain sitting on a venue table!
• NO SET time limit for fountain use during the function (within reason!) The chocolatiers ARE flexible and are here for YOU and your function.
• At the end of the event/function they staff dismantle the fountain and equipment and leave the venue neat and tidy.
• PLUS EXTRA services and facilities that can save you literally hundreds of pounds - that other Chocolate Fountains do not provide.

PLEASE NOTE: for Health and Hygiene reasons for you and your guests, the chocolateirs do not place our dips around the Chocolate Fountain. They do not use or promote the use of Perspex Chocolate Fountain surrounds.

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