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doug segal comedy mind reader london

Doug Segal

Comedy Mind Reader based in London

Price from £604

Doug Segal is an award-winning comedy mind-reader who has appeared on BBC One & BBC Three. Highly entertaining & mind-blowing bespoke after dinner entertainment with either his 5 star stage show or mingling with the crowd, performing close up mind-games!

5 stars - Doug Segal are Highly Recommended 9 Customer Reviews

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  • Award-winning contemporary psychological entertainer!
  • Described by Time Out Magazine as "the UK's best kept entertainment secret"
  • Previous experience includes appearances on BBC One, BBC Three & international TV, sell out performances at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe & a highly successful national UK theatre tour!
  • Winner of Best Cabaret Act (Brighton Fringe 2012)

Line up:

Default lineup: 1 performer

Stage show; Close-up theatre; mix and mingle; Undercover mind-reading - suitable for corporate events, private parties and more.

*Award-winning contemporary psychological entertainer!
*Described by Time Out Magazine as "the UK's best kept entertainment secret"
*Previous experience includes appearances on BBC One, BBC Three & international TV, sell out performances at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe & a highly successful national UK theatre tour!
*Winner of Best Cabaret Act (Brighton Fringe 2012)

Doug Segal is an exciting entertainer combining comedy with amazing feats of mind reading and mind control.

Doug is not a magician, clairvoyant or a hypnotist; everything he does is achieved though application of psychological principles, suggestion techniques, misdirection, understanding the human mind and downright showmanship.

Having worked as an Advertising Psychologist for many years, Doug decided to use his powers for good instead of evil and now employs his persuasion skills to entertain rather than sell beans!


"Segal rips it up, slick and in command" - The Herald 

"Simply brilliant" - Sunday Express

"It was possibly the most extraordinary experience of my life...mindbogglingly impressive" - Kate Copstick, Scotsman on Sunday

"I don’t know how you are doing what you are doing but you do it incredibly well" - Claire Balding


"Everyone was suitably baffled and fully entertained" - AT&T

"Doug really connects with people of all kinds" - Philips 

"It was a great show, funny and very, very clever. You left people speechless" - Specsavers

"We had a superb time...We have had some great feedback from guests who amazed at your abilities" - Ericsson

"The quality is fantastic, it's entertaining and you really don't know what's going on inside your own mind" - Accenture

"You made our event one we'll never forget. Thanks for amazing us all" - AOL

Doug offers a number of bespoke services:

Critically Acclaimed Stage Show
Doug teaches audiences to:
- detect lies
- read minds
- implant suggestions

Using skills from his psychology and advertising background, persuasion techniques, statistics, body language and key advertising skills – cheating and lying.

Close-Up Mind Reading

Close-up mind reading is a new experience and offers an exciting fresh and modern alternative to traditional close-up magic. At the table or walkabout, give your guests an experience they will remember forever!

Undercover Surprise

Dressed appropriately for your event, Doug pretends to be a new employee or old friend of the host and charms his way around the room, joining in conversations and sitting with your staff.... then.... slowly... strange and interesting things start to happen!

A bespoke service, Doug thoroughly researches each client's market place, company or school/ university so that no-one suspects he is anything other than what he says he is until, for example, the company's new 'marketing psychologist' correctly predicts in advance which three digit numbers three of the guests he is chatting to will name.

This service builds to a crescendo as more and more guests realise what is happening and Doug is revealed for what he is. A perfect entertainment surprise even for staff who think they've seen it all before'.

Close-Up Theatre
Not everyone wants to dance until they drop at parties - Close-Up Theatre is perfect for when you want to offer some of your guests an engaging alternative entertainment option to the dance floor.

At a table with seating for the audience, tucked away in a quiet area of your venue, Doug presents mini shows of 15 minutes' duration for up to 10 people at a time at scheduled time throughout the evening.

Doug can perform 10 shows in a three hour period presenting 3 different 15 minute shows, for people who want more than one performance.

Please note the following must be provided by the client;
For close up/walkabout:
*No loud music in the same room during the performance.

For shows:
* Client to supply performance area which faces onto the audience of no smaller than 7ft deep by 10ft wide. Ideally this would be a raised area or a stage with steps for audience participation.  
* No spectators to the direct left or right of the stage or performance area.
* No spectators behind if performance area is on the same level as the audience.
* One radio headset or clip-on microphone plus one handheld radio microphone with boom style stand to be provided by client/venue (Doug can provide the mics and stand at an additional cost of £60).
*Audience must be able to hear performance without straining so an adequate PA system with speakers located forward of performance area must be supplied by the client/venue and no loud music close to performance area.
* Performance area must be sufficiently well lit to be able to read a book and for the audience to see Doug clearly.

Choose one of the following performance options when you hire Doug Segal from Alive Network

  • 45-60mins stage show Add £240
  • 2 hour walkabout £0
  • 2.5 hour walkabout Add £60
  • 3 hour walkabout Add £90