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  • Fee for Norfolk £577

    Steve Wright as Daniel Craig

    Lookalike Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Daniel Craig (Steve Wright) are Highly Recommended 2 Customer Reviews

    Steve Wright is a Daniel Craig/ James Bond look-alike who can mix and mingle or meet and greet at any event at which you require a Look Alike with a Licence to Kill.

  • Fee for Norfolk £577

    Kate Middleton Lookalike

    Lookalike Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Kate Middleton Lookalike are Highly Recommended 1 Customer Reviews

    The UK's most realistic Kate Middleton lookalike! Often mistaken for the Duchess of Cambridge, our convincing lookalike brings a regal theme to any event!

  • Fee for Norfolk £299 +VAT

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures

    Caricaturist Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Draw A Crowd Caricatures are Highly Recommended 40 Customer Reviews

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures is an award-winning caricaturist & an expert at keeping your guests thoroughly entertained. With a wealth of experience, Draw A Crowd has entertained at events for the Olympic Athlete's Village, Vauxhall, Arcadia Group & more!

  • Fee for Norfolk £449

    Jake Monroe

    Magician Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Jake Monroe are Highly Recommended 62 Customer Reviews

    Jake Monroe is a cool, stylish magician with talent, charisma & quick wit! Combining sleight of hand, charm & humour, Jake provides truly unique & fun entertainment for any occasion.

  • Fee for Norfolk £462

    Stilt Walkers Galore

    Stilt Walking Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Stilt Walkers Galore are Highly Recommended 3 Customer Reviews

    Stilt Walkers Galore can create stilt walker clowns, stilt walker mimes, stilt walker statues and stilt walking theatrical characters, creating a unique blend of stilt walking performance possibilities. We have a multitude of themes to entice and delight.

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  • Fee for Norfolk £466

    Mathew Knight

    Magician Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Mathew Knight are Highly Recommended 140 Customer Reviews

    With a warm approach & the talent to amaze & astound, it's no wonder Mathew is such a popular magician! His prowess comes from years as a full time pro, performing at numerous events from small parties to big celebrity weddings. Mathew's unique style of modern magic builds moments of wonder that are... Read more...

  • Fee for Norfolk £641

    Aerialist Katriana

    Aerial Dancer. Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    With stunning choreography entwined with death defying drops, Aerialist Katriana creates beautiful aerial artistry that will leave your guests in awe!

  • Fee for Norfolk £449

    Fire Performer Katriana

    Fire Performer. Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    With captivating routines, Katriana will enchant all with her beautiful fire dancing. Be amazed as Katriana blows flames that reach 10 feet in the air and leaves trails of fire on her body, an exciting visual act not to be missed!

  • Fee for Norfolk £331

    Francesco Caricatures

    Caricaturist Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Francesco Caricatures are Highly Recommended 37 Customer Reviews

    Francesco is an Italian Caricaturist and Graphic Recording Artist available UK wide for hire for weddings, private parties, corporate events, product launches, trade exhibition stands and much more. Francesco is trained to draw an outstanding caricature in about 5 minutes providing you and your gues... Read more...

  • Fee for Norfolk £410

    Tightwire Dancer Hannah

    Tightwire Dancer Norfolk
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Tightwire Dancer Hannah are Highly Recommended 1 Customer Reviews

    Having trained at the National Centre for Circus Arts, Hannah performs a dance on the tightwire which explores elegance and fluidity to playful music. These tricks and amazing balancing skills, will create an excitable experience for everyone to see and enjoy.