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  • Fee for Hertfordshire £314


    Fire Performer Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Vulcan are Highly Recommended 1 Customer Reviews

    Vulcan is a solo fire act that truly reflects the years of training and self discipline that this artist has mastered. From weddings & corporate events, to the circus and theatre field in Glastonbury Festival, this is an astonishing act and will create an amazing visual display.

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £377


    Circus Performer Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    Combining supreme balancing skills and immense body strength that creates a truly dynamic acrobatic show. Performing a high impact routine, Centric is perfect for corporate events where a true spectacle is required to wow the crowd.

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £227 +VAT

    Glitter and Sparkle

    Face Painter Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Glitter and Sparkle are Highly Recommended 4 Customer Reviews

    Adding glamour and glitter to any event, Glitter and Sparkle is the coolest alternative to traditional face painting! Perfect for weddings, launch parties, festivals, private functions, brand promotion and loads more, this stylish, addictive and incredible photogenic face décor will take your event ... Read more...

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £220

    Miss Balloonist

    Balloon Modelling Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Miss Balloonist are Highly Recommended 7 Customer Reviews

    Miss Balloonist is an incredible balloon artist who keep everyone entertained and give you something to take home. She can craft anything from monkeys to pirates and jetpacks to jewellery. The limits are endless when Miss Balloonist gets to work!

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £262 +VAT

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures

    Caricaturist Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Draw A Crowd Caricatures are Highly Recommended 40 Customer Reviews

    Draw A Crowd Caricatures is an award-winning caricaturist & an expert at keeping your guests thoroughly entertained. With a wealth of experience, Draw A Crowd has entertained at events for the Olympic Athlete's Village, Vauxhall, Arcadia Group & more!

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  • Fee for Hertfordshire £258

    J Winter

    Close Up Magician Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - J Winter are Highly Recommended 34 Customer Reviews

    Specialising in close up magic, J Winter is an established magician who has wowed audiences across the UK! Heavily inspired by street magic, J is cool, contemporary & an expert at distorting your perception of reality!

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £390

    Stilt Walkers Galore

    Stilt Walking Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Stilt Walkers Galore are Highly Recommended 3 Customer Reviews

    Stilt Walkers Galore can create stilt walker clowns, stilt walker mimes, stilt walker statues and stilt walking theatrical characters, creating a unique blend of stilt walking performance possibilities. We have a multitude of themes to entice and delight.

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £565

    Fun Fortune Teller

    Street Entertainer Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Fun Fortune Teller are Highly Recommended 19 Customer Reviews

    Our Fun Fortune Teller entertains with short and sweet palm, tarot or crystal ball readings. Leaving your guests uplifted and positive, each psychic reading is fun, light-hearted, upbeat and spookily accurate! Perfect for mix and mingling between guests or table-hopping entertainment! Previous clien... Read more...

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £283

    Mark Reeve

    Caricaturist Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Mark Reeve are Highly Recommended 15 Customer Reviews

    Mark Reeve is a caricaturist with some very high profile credentials to his name - having worked on ITV's 'Headcases', 'Spitting Image' and worked for the Mail on Sunday, Mark is a truly talented artist. He is the perfect finishing touch to your day!

  • Fee for Hertfordshire £266

    Ivo the Caricaturist

    Caricaturist Hertfordshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Ivo the Caricaturist are Highly Recommended 15 Customer Reviews

    With his charismatic sense of humour and quick drawings, this brilliant artist is the perfect choice to provide a hilarious atmosphere to entertain your guests.