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Top 10 'Wow Factor' Entertainers

Top 10 'Wow Factor' Entertainers

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The wow factor. Liberally used by estate agents discussing island kitchens, but actually pretty elusive in reality.  By its very nature, the 'wow' is a rare thing, and creating it, a cause of many an event planner migraine.

The wow factor. Liberally used by estate agents discussing island kitchens (see above), but actually pretty elusive in reality. By its very nature, the 'wow' is a rare thing, and creating it, a cause of many an event planner migraine.

A man who has clearly witnessed his fair share of ice sculptures is the Four Seasons' Iain Robertson, who admits,

It takes a lot to impress people today, and that's especially true in the world of corporate events (Creating Events With Wow Factor).

Yet delivering the wow is the daily remit of today's event planners. In his blog, "The Wow Factor in Events" Julian Solaris argues that

Wow factor is an event planners core product... it is what you sell.

So when everyone is chasing the wow, how can you go the extra extra mile for your guests?

In the world of event entertainment, the wow of now often means employing a creative combination of psychology and spectacle. Solaris suggests that to make your guests go wow, you need to "foster emotions, serendipity, surprise and spontaneity", citing the work of improv guru and public prankster Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere as being a fantastic example of this.

But what about those planners who don't want to unleash a flash mob on their unsuspecting guests? One option is multiple artists - using a collection of performers to surprise, delight and create a series of immersive and magical moments. This kind of 'layered' entertainment keeps the wow coming, from the start of your event to its finale, creating an 'aggregate' wow that sticks.

Listed below is our Top 10 Wow Factor Entertainers who will keep the wow alive in the hearts of your guests - long after the ice sculpture has melted.

  • Fire and Glow Performers Circus Performer Leicestershire

    Fire and Glow Performers

    5 stars - Fire and Glow Performers are Highly Recommended 33 Circus Performers Leicestershire

    A nationwide performance group specialising in fire & glow entertainment. From freestyle performances to wow-factor shows, whatever the size of your event, these skilled performers will be happy to add that little extra spark!
    Price from £334

  • Fire and Sparks Show Circus Performer Leicestershire

    Fire and Sparks Show

    5 stars - Fire and Sparks Show are Highly Recommended 18 Circus Performers Leicestershire

    Large and impressive, choreographed fire shows are the perfect addition to any event. Expect fireballs, fast routines and a show to remember!
    Price from £398

  • Katy Sea Circus Performer Bristol

    Katy Sea

    5 stars - Katy Sea are Highly Recommended 4 Circus Performers Bristol

    An exciting and talented circus entertainer wowing crowds with a range of skills featured in her thrilling fire shows and glow shows!
    Price from £385

  • Fire Performer Katriana Circus Performer Bedfordshire

    Fire Performer Katriana

    5 stars - Fire Performer Katriana are Highly Recommended 7 Circus Performers Bedfordshire

    With captivating routines, Katriana will enchant all with her beautiful & daring fire dancing. Be amazed as Katriana blows flames that reach 10 feet in the air & leaves trails of fire on her body, an exciting visual act not to be missed! Additional performers also available!
    Price from £373

  • Aerialist Katriana Circus Performer Bedfordshire

    Aerialist Katriana

    5 stars - Aerialist Katriana are Highly Recommended 7 Circus Performers Bedfordshire

    With stunning choreography entwined with death defying drops, Aerialist Katriana creates beautiful aerial artistry that will leave your guests in awe!
    Price from £449

  • Miss D Ville Circus Performer Kent

    Miss D Ville

    5 stars - Miss D Ville are Highly Recommended 3 Circus Performers Kent

    Feast your eyes upon our princess of pain & 6 times Guinness world record holder Miss D Ville! Performing death-defying stunts with her arsenal of nails, swords & other lethal weaponry, Miss D Ville will shock & delight your guests!
    Price from £385

  • Football Freestyler Circus Performer London

    Football Freestyler

    5 stars - Football Freestyler are Highly Recommended 1 Circus Performers London

    Outstanding professional football freestyler with unbelievable skills available for performances at a range of events such as corporate & private functions, promotions, product launches and live spectator events.
    Price from £1,282

Should any of them spark your interest, get in touch and let us help you wow your guests at your next event!

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