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  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £388

    Charisma Roadshow

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Charisma Sound and Light Show are Highly Recommended 8 Customer Reviews

    Charisma Sound and Light Show is a great choice for any event, from weddings to birthday parties; playing 70s, 80s plus Soul and Motown and specialising in 70s disco. A professional and fun disco experience!

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £641

    Charisma Silent Disco

    Silent Disco Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Charisma Silent Disco are Highly Recommended 4 Customer Reviews

    Let Charisma's Silent Disco provide a unique disco experience for you & your guests! Complete with up to 200 wireless headphones, 3 music channels to switch between, an LED TV for messages, plus an amazing LED lighting display, this fun, interactive experience will create the ultimate party!

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £410

    The Vintage Gramophone Chap

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 Highly Recommended

    With an extensive collection of 78rpm records and two vintage HMV gramophones The Vintage Gramophone Chap is perfectly suited to entertain guests at wedding breakfasts, drinks receptions, vintage festivals and all manner of social and corporate events where background music is required.

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £398

    Amazing Roadshow Disco

    Party DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Amazing Roadshow Disco are Highly Recommended 13 Customer Reviews

    Professional Mobile DJ’ing Specialists in larger functions, balls, weddings, corporate functions and all black tie events. Established over 25 years and fine-tuned to merge the magic of the theatre with the technology of a modern discotheque.

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £381

    Marty J

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Marty J are Highly Recommended 6 Customer Reviews

    Marty J is dedicated to providing the best possible service for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries & Corporate Events. Hiring his services will guarantee a quality service which is individually tailored to suit you.

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  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £410

    Equinox Disco

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Equinox Disco are Highly Recommended 31 Customer Reviews

    Equinox Disco is an experienced DJ who boasts a broad knowledge of all music from the 1960's to present day, ensuring all your guests are musically catered for! Specialises particularly in 1980’s Pop, 1990’s Commercial Dance, Classic House, Trance Anthems and 1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap.

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £1,924

    Pat Coy

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Pat Coy are Highly Recommended 5 Customer Reviews

    Whether you're planning a wedding, company party, bar-mitzvah, retirement or just having a party for the hell of it, you can be sure that since 1984 when Pat first hit the decks, he has covered just about every type of function imaginable

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £449

    Steve Scott

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Steve Scott are Highly Recommended 15 Customer Reviews

    A smart, professional & entertaining DJ! Steve has over 25 years experience & an extensive music collection covering 50's to 10's! With music from early Rock n Roll to current chart, Steve Scott is a great choice for any event!

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £453

    Bob McKenzie

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Bob McKenzie are Highly Recommended 16 Customer Reviews

    Bob McKenzie is an experienced and obliging DJ with a thousands of great tunes to fill your party from start to finish! Available UK wide and requests always taken. Bob offers excellent value and service great for any event.

  • Fee for Nottinghamshire £575

    Karlos Alexander

    Wedding DJ Nottinghamshire
    Number of members: 1 5 stars - Karlos Alexander are Highly Recommended 51 Customer Reviews

    If you need someone that will give you a full dance floor, a great range of music, no inappropriate shouting over the mic and a quality sound and lighting rig, then look no further! With experience of 5000 gigs across the world including Sydney Harbour New Years Eve, Weddings in Florence, Society Ba... Read more...

The Ultimate Guide To...
Booking Wedding DJs

What is a wedding DJ?

Wedding DJs provide mobile disco services for weddings, playing lively party music for evening receptions to get the party pumping, as well as chilled-out background sets for drinks receptions.

Traditionally Wedding DJs would supply a huge collection of hit records on vinyl, but nowadays they’ll mix high quality music from CD and digital sources such as MP3. A professional Wedding DJ will provide a self-contained service including all their own sound / PA and lighting equipment – often allowing their microphone and PA to be used for speeches.

Some DJs might offer several equipment package options where bigger sound and lighting systems can be added for extra money if required. Some also offer additional add-on services such as confetti canons (like these guys!), LED dancefloor hire, mobile photo booths, up-lighting and light-up letters.

While a few Wedding DJs may specialise in a certain genre of music such as dance, house or RnB, most could better be described as popular music DJs, with a wide collection of hit music spanning 1950s through to the current day. Such DJs are able to provide sets that cater to a wide range of musical tastes, often reading the audience and adapting their set on the fly to ensure their music keeps your guests dancing all night long.

The best Wedding DJs tailor their performances specifically for your requirements, liaising with you well in advance of your big day to ensure their playlist for the night contains all the music that YOU love best. They will also take requests from guests on the night, so long as the requests are appropriate.

Whilst most Wedding DJs are a one man/woman show (some may bring an assistant) – we have a few “DJ plus Live Musician” acts who offer a different take on a DJ performance. These acts mix a DJ with a live singer, saxophone player, drummer, violinist and sometimes multiple live musicians - to give their performance even more depth and wow factor!

A few DJs also offer an ‘entire wedding day package’ - providing your wedding party music as you might expect, but also acting as Master of Ceremonies, Sound & Lighting supplier, and generally helping you to run your wedding day.

All Wedding DJs will make announcements on the night, introducing the bride and groom for their first dance, cutting the cake, opening the buffet and giving shout-outs where required.

Some DJs offer a karaoke option so that you and your guests can take a more active role in the entertainments for the big day! Altogether now, Sweeeeeet Caroliiiiiine!

Whether you want your drinks reception or evening wedding party vibe to be full on party ‘cheese’ or chilled Ibiza lounge grooves, there’s a perfect Wedding DJ for you here at Alive Network!

What music will a wedding DJ play?

Whatever musical style you want, wedding DJs have a wide-ranging repertoire of thousands of tracks to pull from. Expect upbeat chart hits from the 50s to the present day that everyone will know and love, and which are great for dancing to!

They can usually source any tracks they haven’t already got - tailoring their set list to your unique musical tastes. Your Wedding DJ can perform their tried-and-trusted sets, or work closely with you to pick the perfect setlist, ensuring the music they play at your evening reception will perfectly suit the feel and atmosphere you want to create.

A typical wedding DJ’s repertoire will include songs from a variety of artists in a massive range of genres and music, such as:

  • Chart hits 50s to now
  • Dance and club classics
  • Disco
  • Electronica
  • Funk
  • Noughties
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Garage
  • Hip-hop
  • Indie
  • Kisstory-style old skool anthems
  • Motown
  • RnB
  • Rock
  • Soul

Your wedding DJ can also perform your specially-chosen first dance track, welcoming you onto the dancefloor for your all-important spine-tingling first dance as a married couple. (#goosebumps!)

When you’re deciding on the musical ambiance you’d like to create on your big night, think about the type of fun you want – do you want everyone stomping on the dancefloor to ska, hands in the air to Glastonbury anthems, throwing shapes to pumping dance tracks, shimmying and strutting along to female RnB singers (think Beyoncé and Whitney), or the zany fun of ‘70s disco routines (Tiger Feet anyone?) – or a massive mash-up of them all?!

If you’ll have a wide range of ages at your party, you may want to include a big range of musical genres to cater for everyone, or you may be planning a Cream or Ministry of Sound-themed evening and know you want your DJ to play your fav club classics all night long. Or perhaps you want an hour of noughties, then an hour of funk? Your DJ will be able to accommodate, and your friendly Alive Network Entertainment Coordinator will be happy to point you in the direction of your perfect wedding DJ partner!

Popular types of wedding DJs

1. Wedding DJs

You’re reading about them now! These are the guys & gals whose performances and businesses are specifically set up to cater for wedding couples. They play a huge range of music designed to appeal to guests of all ages, and keep your dancefloor packed.

2. Silent Discos

If you’re at a venue where sound restrictions are mega-tight, you want your guests to be able to chat without shouting over the music, or you just don’t want to keep the neighbours awake, silent discos are an amazing way to keep your party swinging, so you can have the most fun with the least noise! If you fancy dancing, simply put on a set of wireless headphones and select music from one of several ‘channels’, so you can become your own DJ and pick what you want to groove to.

Check out our Silent Dico's here

3. Vinyl DJs

Cool, pure and totally retro – our vinyl DJs will perform a specially tailored set just for you, and can even incorporate your own personal vinyl collection. Our vinyl aficionado DJs have collected a plethora of well-loved and unique rare vinyl pressings, including James Brown, classic dance, and gorgeous film scores you will love. Each set will be lovingly hand-selected with your input, and there will be absolutely zero chest. The warm whirr, pop and crackle of vinyl – divine!

Check out our Vinyl DJs here

4. Vintage & Gramophone DJs

Smooth, swinging and oh-so soave, our vintage DJs can whisk you back to a bygone era with beautiful classics from the 30s, 40s and 50s on stunning modified 1930’s gramophones. Think Fred Astaire, Vera Lynn, Bing and Frank.

Check out our Gramophone DJ here

5. DJs with Live Musicians & Singers

Bringing live music / singing into DJ sets adds creative and visual interest, adding the ‘live’ feel but without the logistics of hosting a full live band. Most acts combine a human DJ with a live musician(s), but some ditch the DJ for a pre-arranged playlist over which the musicians perform live.

Check out our DJs with live Saxophonists, Percussionists, Vocalists and even Electric Violin players!

6. Party DJs

Almost identical to Wedding DJs, a party DJ provides mobile disco services for private parties! They play a massive range of music to get the party going and they’ll have the perfect formula of tunes to keep the energy up all night and the dancefloor rammed. Usually playing from a wide variety of genres – such as 60s, Indie, disco, Motown, and chart hits – they’ll cater for your guests’ wide-ranging tastes, picking popular tunes that they know will keep things fun, all night long.

Check out our Party DJs here

7. Dance DJs

A dance DJ will have their roots in the cool vibes of Mediterranean lounges and night clubs – whether performing chilled, laid-back tracks to sup your wedding cocktails to, or big club anthems that make you want to throw shapes in the house of dance! Think classic mixes, thumping beats and hedonism!

Speak to an Entertainment Coordinator at Alive Network to find out which of our DJs can transport you to Café del Mar or Amnesia in Ibiza

Who are the top 10 wedding DJ in the UK right now?

Wedding DJs are forever in demand! These ten DJs represent our crème de la crème, hand-picked based on a combination of cutting edge performances, popularity, and excellence:

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

The cost of a wedding DJ will depend on their experience, demand and the quality / package of equipment offered. You can keep a lid on costs by booking a DJ who’s based close to your wedding venue, as this will limit their travel time.

This table shows a range of wedding DJ prices:

Type of Artist Cost Range
Solo DJs £252 – £1,573
Duo DJs £441 – £629

Expect to pay more if you’re adding extra options like confetti canons, a light-up dancefloor, instrumentalists, vocalists or hazers.

How long will a wedding DJ play for?

Wedding DJs will usually perform for up to four or five hours for an evening wedding party, although you can often extend this for a nominal extra fee.

How much space will a wedding DJ need?

Most Wedding DJs will need a space of around two to three metres wide by two metres deep. This space is needed for the setup of their decks, PA speakers and disco lighting. DJ’s are a great option if space is too tight for a live wedding band, but do always check with your venue what space is available and whether there are any noise restrictions in place.

The table below gives a rough idea of how much performance space different wedding DJs require:

Type of Artist Average Performance Space Required
 Solo wedding DJ 3 meters wide × 2 metres deep
   Wedding DJ with a live Musician 3 meters wide × 3 metres deep

Your Alive Network Entertainment Coordinator can help offer advice for your chosen DJ and venue – just ask if you need any help.

How long will it take for a wedding DJ to set up?

A wedding DJ will usually be setup and ready to perform within an hour of arriving at your wedding venue. This will depend on how close they can park to the performance area, and how much equipment they bring with them. Some can provide optional extras such as additional lighting, smoke and haze machines, confetti canons, or a starlit dancefloor, which will require time to setup on the day.

When they’ve finished their last set for you, your DJ will then pack away, which can take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes.

Booking a Wedding DJ with a Wedding Band or Singer

If you’re booking a DJ to perform alongside a live wedding band or wedding singer then you will need to allow separate space for each to setup and perform around the dancefloor. Sometimes it’s possible with enough advance warning, for the band and DJ to combine their equipment into the same space, or share the same PA speakers.

You’ll most likely want both your band and your DJ to be setup before the evening party begins, so they can seamlessly transition between performances. Some DJs offer an early setup option for a nominal extra fee.

A common running order might be for the DJ to start the evening off after your speeches, with music running from 7.30pm – 8.30pm, playing the first dance before your band starts their first set. The band would play 8.30pm – 9.30pm, with the DJ playing background music whilst your buffet is served between 9.30pm – 10.30pm. Your band would then play an hour from 10.30pm – 11.30pm, with the DJ closing the night through to midnight.

Volume - How loud is a wedding DJ?

The great thing about a live wedding DJ is that they can adjust their volume to your specific needs. They’re a fantastic option if your wedding venue has a sound limiter or volume restrictions, as they can adapt the volume so the music is as loud or as quiet as you want it, while still providing a rockin’ show!

If they’re performing a background set, the volume will be in the range of around 80 – 85 decibels (dB). If you want them to perform a more lively set for an evening reception, for example, the volume would be in the range of 90 – 110dB

Whatever their style, the venue requirements and your wedding day wants, your DJ will tailor their performance volume to give you the best.

What will a wedding DJ need from me on the day?

To keep the party pumping on your wedding day, most wedding DJs require just a few essentials:

  • A parking space with good access to your venue’s performance area
  • Three 13 amp power socket, as a minimum requirement
  • A flat, dry and safe performance area that’s just for them
  • Shelter from the elements (if your wedding DJ has agreed to an outdoor performance)
  • A secure changing room (preferable but not essential)
  • Refreshments, such as soft drinks and sometimes food, depending on how long they’ll be at your venue.

The size and location of your wedding drinks reception or evening reception is important, as this may impact upon the PA system requirements. If you’re inviting more than 200 guests, most DJs will require a larger sound system which they may or may not be able to provide themselves. Your Entertainment Coordinator can clarify the requirements for individual wedding DJs at your chosen venue.

For information on the following, see our Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any other queries, simply visit our FAQ page.

Alternatively, our dedicated expert entertainment coordinators are on-hand to help. Simply call 0845 108 5500 or email

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