Choosing a DJ

Choosing a DJ

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A brief guide to choosing a DJ for your event, covering all the most important aspect.

DJ’s are the ideal option for any party lacking the budget or space required to hire a live band. Whilst not always as fun to watch as a band, quality DJ’s offer a high level of interaction with audiences and can keep a dance floor packed all night.


The first consideration when hiring any entertainment is quality. When booking any entertainment from Alive Network you have the peace of mind that we only work with the very best. We have very strict screening processes which ensure that all our DJ’s are reliable, well recommended, carry professional equipment and are well experienced to deliver the highest standards of performance.

We also work with our DJ’s to ensure standards are maintained, developing new and exciting shows for our clients. In particular we work with DJ’s on an individual basis to develop unique packages aimed at providing a quality service for all budgets. From a quality DJ with a small amount of equipment to a quality DJ with video projectors, massive sound systems, huge lighting shows and live dancers, we provide shows of all sizes, for all types of party.

Style of music and song lists

When hiring a DJ it’s important that their play list suits your taste and fits the tone of your occasion. You can get an idea of what tunes your DJ is likely to play by reviewing their ‘sample play list’ included on their profile page here at Alive Network. Please feel free to chat through ideas for songs with your Alive Network agent prior to booking. We’ll be happy to liaise with a selection of suitable DJ’s to narrow down the most suitable candidate.


A good quality function DJ will be well experienced with many previous engagements under their belt. Most of Alive Network’s DJ’s come by way of recommendation from previous clients and high quality reception venues. We interview all our DJ’s and follow up references to ensure their experience and showmanship is well above average.


All our DJ’s must provide good references from previous clients. You’ll find copies of these references on each DJ’s profile page, here on the Alive Network web site.


DJ’s can carry quite an array of equipment to functions, ranging from small mixing decks, CD and mini disk players, to quite large sound systems and disco lighting. It’s important to liaise with your reception venue to plan an appropriate space for the DJ to set up in. All Alive Network DJ’s are interviewed to ensure that they carry professional equipment and that they have adequate back up equipment should an item breakdown.

Most Alive Network DJs offer options for the size of sound/lighting equipment they provide for your event. Small sound and lighting systems are relatively inexpensive and will provide a compact show, suitable for 50 or so guests. For larger events more volume and light is needed to provide a good quality show and fees will reflect this increase in size.

It is also worth bearing in mind that no matter how good a DJ is, if they use poor quality equipment, your experience and enjoyment of the music will be greatly diminished. A small system doesn’t mean a poor system if the equipment is of a high specification. All Alive Network DJ’s carry quality equipment so even if you require the smallest of systems, the quality will be excellent.


When booking a DJ it’s important to understand that you get what you pay for. Experienced DJ’s are in demand and command higher fees than newer inexperienced DJ’s who may have starter range equipment. Alive Network does not work with starter DJ’s so our prices reflect DJ’s with good experience and good equipment.

DJ’s or live entertainment can make or break a great party. Make an informed choice by booking your DJ from Alive Network.