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5 Great Reasons To Hire Singing Waiters

5 Great Reasons To Hire Singing Waiters

Singing waiters and other singing surprise acts make a real treat for any event go-er, of any age! They're fun and engaging as well as top, professional singers - certainly not your average waiter! Also see 'What are singing waiters?' our complete guide to booking singing waiters and our Top 10 Singing Waiters of 2017

Singing waiters and surprise entertainment acts are a really popular choice for entertaining guests with the unexpected, whether at weddings, corporate events, fundraising dinners and more. With the help of the experienced and popular 'surprise singers' artists featured at Alive Network, here are five great reasons to book a singing waiter style act for your next event.

1. It's a surprise!

OK, that might sound a bit obvious, but the element of surprise is a big part of why guests enjoy singing waiter acts so much, particularly at corporate events or weddings. Most guests will know what the menu is, know people around them, maybe they know that there's a band on later. What they won't know is that the person serving their pudding or pouring their drinks is in fact a professional opera singer or music theatre singer, just about to ditch his/her apron and take to the microphone! Sara from The Fabulous Singing Waiters explains:

Our performers mingle and work alongside your event’s genuine waiting staff, so no-one can guess what is about to happen next. Our performers are therefore not just terrific singers, they are great actors as well.

2. What a performance

Singing waiters don't just sing, they energise the audience and get them involved as much as possible, as Sera from The Superstar Waiters explains:

It’s such a high impact performance; our singers explode into action, they dance on the tables, and they'll be grabbing people up to dance with them too!

Shaun from The Singing Firemen agrees:

Our performers will get everyone on their feet and dancing, as we sing everything from opera to ABBA!

3. Professional performers, up close and personal

Many singing waiters group are made up of young, professional singers already working in the West End, touring in musicals or performing with UK opera companies. That young waiter who has just burst into song might be already performing in the West End, or even heading for a leading role, but tonight, he's there just to sing for you and your guests. Shaun at The Singing Firemen knows this is a genuine thrill for many guests:

Our act features top class West End singers from shows such as Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, who perform personally at your event and interact with your guests.

Singers with The Fabulous Singing Waiters also have considerable training and experience:

Our opera performers are all graduates of the best music schools in Britain and the world including Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal College of Music, Trinity Laben and as far afield as The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

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So, when you book a singing waiter act you might also be booking a future international opera star - how exciting is that!

4. Tailor-made for your event

No singing waiter performance is ever the same twice, since each has been carefully prepared and tailor-made for a perfect fit to your venue, your event, your guests - and your budget. There is a lot of pre-planning involved, and all professional singing waiters will work closely with you to ensure it all goes without a hitch, as Sara from The Fabulous Singing Waiters explains:

There is a great deal of preparation that goes into putting on a top notch act. This includes what needs to happen behind the scenes to make sure it all happens to plan, and to ensure it has the necessary effect of knocking people off their feet - then raising them to their feet again for a standing ovation!

5. Not just waiters…

Even if your guests have seen a singing waiters type acts before, there are plenty of other options to surprise them further. Nobody will suspect that the firemen who have just rushed in, dressed in full gear and helmets to close the venue down are actually singers, or that the charming lady guest sitting opposite is also part of the act - until she stands up, takes a microphone from her handbag, and belts out a West End hit! As Shaun from The Singing Firemen explains:

If you are really looking for a unique take on the surprise element and for something really different, singing firemen or singing policemen are perfect.

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