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What Are Singing Waiters And What Do They Do?

What Are Singing Waiters And What Do They Do?

Looking to surprise your guests at a wedding, party or corporate event? Look no further! Find out everything you need to know about singing waiters in this helpful blog post from the team at Alive Network!

What Are Singing Waiters?

Singing waiters
appear to be just your average waiter at an event, serving at tables or pouring drinks - until they suddenly want to entertain your guests and burst into song! 

And just as you and your guests are getting used to one person singing, another waiter (or waitress) suddenly joins in too, soon followed by that guest you weren't quite sure who had invited...

In fact, your singing waiting staff and guests turns out to be professional opera singers or music theatre performers in disguise, who are there to surprise and delight with a mix of comedy and song.

What To Expect

Once your singing waiter act reveal themselves and start to sing, you can expect a feast of favourite songs sung to quality backing tracks, with the singers using handheld or wireless head microphones so they can wander amongst your guests. Usually, your singing waiting staff will perform a single set of around 20 minutes, although some acts offer a second set later in the evening, so your guests can enjoy more music.

The singing waiters act is now an established and firm favourite for parties, weddings and corporate events, and so the fees 'surprise singers' groups charge depend on their level of experience. Established groups such as Incognito Artists have performed at celebrity parties and sporting events all over the world, and have the expertise and flexibility to perform at major corporate functions. Other groups draw their artists from London's West End shows or UK opera companies, so groups such as Singers In Disguise and The Singing Waitresses offer high levels of performance skills and vocals.


The secret to the success of any singing waiter act is the element of surprise, so most groups work very hard to ensure their performers blend in as much as possible. They will dress like the catering staff, in uniform if possible, while surprise guests will take on a character to remain convincing through a meal or reception. Most groups will liaise direct with you and your venue so that the evening runs smoothly, and everyone except your guests are fully briefed on what's going to happen!

In new twists on this established favourite corporate entertainment act, some groups now offer alternative "singing staff”, so it might be a chef, from the Superstar Waiters that emerges from the kitchen with a problem, or a security man suddenly reveals his inner Pavarotti… Fire Fighters in Song pose as firemen ready to 'close down' your venue, until they get their hands on the PA microphones and decide it's too good an opportunity to miss! The Fabulous Singing Waiters don't require any microphones at all, being an a capella (unaccompanied) vocal group, making them perfect for intimate drinks receptions and family dinners.

What Equipment Does A Singing Waiter Require?

Talking of microphones, you might find that your singing waiter act will want to bring their own PA system, even if the hotel or venue has one already. This is because most venue PA systems are designed for speaking not singing, and the setup simply is not suitable for operatic vocals.

How To Book

If you want to hear any of our singing waiters, simply click on "Singing Waiters" in the left hand column, and select any you like the look of! Some groups have videos of them in action, which is really useful as it shows how the performers interact with the audience - and their amazed reactions!

If you have any questions about the suitability of singing waiters for your venue or event, just call the team here at Alive Network, and we'll be more than happy to guide you through the options.

Here are some brilliant surprise singing waiters and waitresses for hire:

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