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“Great band, nice folks, some guests said they made the wedding”

booked The Groove Line for their Wedding in North Yorkshire on 8th September 2018

The best thing I can say about these guys is that they had a full dance floor all night. They didn’t need any looking after from us as they knew exactly what they were doing the whole night. I’m so sorry I didn’t get the chance to remember their names but I have to say the young lady on bass and the chap on sax were really friendly as well as being really good. Singer was incredible, massive voice for a tiny little thing. I think has a few new fans among the younger chaps we had in attendance as well... They learned a first dance song just for us, they even allowed me, with zero musical skill or talent, to give them some directions on the arrangement. The best thing I’ll say about this is that the moment Niki and I walked in and danced to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac was one that I’ll remember forever. Groove Line were a part of that and so I’ll remember them too. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thanks again guys.

“A glittering performance!”

booked The Groove Line for their Wedding in East Yorkshire on 17th August 2018

AMAZING! What a fabulous band; the music had people up and dancing right from the start, until the end of the night. Thank you for making our wedding memorable. We have had so much positive feedback from all the guests and raving reviews of the band. Thank you once again

“Fantastic from start to finish!”

booked The Groove Line for their Wedding in West Yorkshire on 26th May 2018

The quality of the Groove Line's performance was fabulous! We enjoyed every minute of their two sets and the music they organised for the rest of the night was brilliant! Ali, the drummer of the band, was especially wonderful to deal with, always professional and helpful. In fact all of the band were always so pleasant and made us feel special. On our wedding day Ali checked all was going to plan after the first set which was a lovely touch! Not all of the playlist we'd sent beforehand was played on the night which we only realized afterwards, but it definitely didn't spoil their brilliant addition to our wedding day!

“I was on the dance floor most of the night – everything was great”

booked The Groove Line for their Wedding in Newcastle upon Tyne on 28th December 2017

They were fantastic – I was on the dance floor most of the night – everything was great – one of our guests is actually in a very successful band and he commented that the band were great. Friends and family have also commented on how good they were. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish we had had them do their sets 30 minutes later particularly the second set so the dancefloor was a bit more full but we had a great time regardless and this was in no way a reflection on the band – more on the alcohol consumption of my guests!!

“Groove Line were superb!”

booked The Groove Line for their University Event in North Yorkshire on 3rd November 2016

The band were fantastic – super professional, really friendly and the students loved them! It was a very tough crowd, (international students always are with a massive range in cultures, preferences and expectations) so it was a relatively small crowd towards the end of the evening. But The Groove Line were superb, they engaged with the audience very well so we were very pleased indeed. From the onset, it’s been a pleasure working with Alive Network – super professional and great service. We hope to work with you again and would happily recommend you.