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in-house recording studios

In-House Recording Studios The Silk Mill Recording Studios, Staffordshire

We have not one but two amazing in-house recording studios here at Alive Network, both of which are primarily used by our artists to improve their audio promo. Studio 1 has a huge live room using a Neve VR console, while Studio 2 is host to an SSL 4000 G+ mixing desk. Both with ATC monitoring & Pro Tools HDX2 rig and a massive collection of boutique outboard to boot! We offer a truly world class recording experience for your band.
Neve Studio 1 The Silk Mill
SSL Studio 2 The Silk Mill
Neve Live Room Studio 1 The Silk Mill

Live In Session At The Silk Mill Recording Studios

Check out the complete playlist of 'Live In Session' videos, all of which were recorded live in Alive Network's in-house recording studios, The Silk Mill. Enjoy!

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Vinyl Beats in studio 1 The Silk Mill
Tritts In Studio 1
Riptide in studio 1
TN3 In Studio 1
Christmas Shop