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The Importance of a Good Band Image

The Importance of a Good Band Image

The purpose of this article isn't to say 'get good photos' as that goes without saying. Instead - We want to cover the steps which are necessary to take before you ever set foot in front of a camera - and that's to create a band worth photographing!

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Help A Potential Customer Identify With You

With so many bands for hire out there it is more important than ever to make yourself stand out. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a distinctive image for yourself and your function band. Your band’s image helps people to identify with your sound and your ethos. Having a really strong image helps you stand out from the crowd and it shows that you care about what you do. It makes you look like pro's - and that's what a potential client wants to see.

If a potential customer is deciding between two bands who sound equally fantastic, the chances are that their decision will come down to how each band looks. The better you look and the more aligned you are with the customers perception of what you should look like, then the more chance you've got of winning the gig.

How Your Image Reflects On The Event & Why This Can Win The Gig

A strong eye catching image should not be underestimated, particularly if you are looking to work within the corporate entertainment market. Most corporate events aim to project the values and identity of the host company. How the band they book reflects on the company is really important, and it's important to take this on board when you're trying to find a style for your band. This also applies to weddings and private parties.

How To Start Styling Your Band

Creating an image doesn’t need to be a difficult. At a very basic level, wearing matching shirts and ties can be simple yet effective. However, it is important to try and steer clear of the 'typical function band' look that so many fall back on over putting in the effort required to create a strong, unique identity. If you want to take inspiration from our top selling artists, here are a few suggestions to help you find a look that will knock people's socks off.

Use A Professional Stylist

If you have some budget to spare, enlist the help of a stylist. There are plenty online, so try a search for a stylist in your city. Here are a few that we found:

London Stylists 

Manchester Stylist
Karina Taylor -

Glasgow Stylist

If you don't have the money to hire a professional, you could try advertising for a stylist using a web site like Gumtree or Starnow. Let them know what your budget is (if any) and you might be surprised at how many people are willing to help out, just to build their portfolio.

Create A Look Book

You can find inspiration all around you so whilst you're figuring out what your image should be, keep a scrapbook of ideas and every time you see a look that you like in a paper or magazine, stick it in the book!

For the modern musician, create a Pinterest account and pin your favourite band images onto a board that you can share with other band members.

By doing a bit of collaborative research you should get a good idea of what you all feel comfortable with - and you'll have something more concrete to go shopping with.

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Dress Up For The Stage

When you step on stage you really need to look larger than life. This means dressing larger than life. If you look like everyone else at the party, you're not dressing for the stage and you won't look like 'the band'. It really helps to achieve a 'band' look if your augment your outfits with hats, jewellery, scarves, sun glasses, jackets etc. Think of what the Rolling Stones might wear and you'll get an idea of how to look like a rock star.

Haircuts Make Or Break Your Band Image

One of the easiest things you can do to improve the image of your band is to get good haircuts. So many function bands are let down by members who look like maths teachers. Nearly every famous musician has a cool hair cut - so get yourselves to Toni and Guy or another contemporary hairdressers and find a style that's more fitting for a person who makes their living on stage.

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Think Of A Theme

Another idea is to pick a strong visual theme or trend, and style yourself to that. For example 'vintage' is huge at the moment and has been for quite a while, so why not pick a decade from the past with a great image – pick key elements such as quiffs and skinny ties from the 50s, beehives from the 60s etc and give it a modern twist.

Try to add in something that is original to you and your personalities. It is equally important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and are happy to go on stage and perform like that!

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