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Incredible! Their performance made our wedding day a magical!

5 stars - The Hot Shots are Highly Recommended

Review Wedding East Sussex

booked The Hot Shots for their Wedding

East SussexSeptember 2023

If you're in the market for a wedding band that will leave you and your guests in awe, look no further than The Hot Shots. Their performance at our special day was nothing short of spectacular, and we can't sing their praises enough. From start to finish, they made our wedding a night to remember. The Hot Shots brought an electric energy to the room that had everyone on their feet, ready to dance the night away. Their setlist was an incredible mix of classic hits and modern favourites, ensuring there was something for everyone. The seamless transitions between songs and genres showcased their musical prowess and kept the party going. What truly sets The Hot Shots apart, however, is their engagement with the audience. They interacted with the crowd, making everyone feel like they were part of the show. We were so thrilled that they performed our first dance song choice live and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only did The Hot Shots create an unforgettable musical experience, but they also contributed to the overall ambiance of the evening with their lighting and stage presence. We received countless compliments from our guests, all of whom were blown away by The Hot Shots. Many said it was the best wedding band they had ever seen. As the bride and groom, we couldn't agree more. Their performance made our wedding day a magical and joyous celebration that we will treasure forever. If you want a wedding band that is more than just a band, The Hot Shots are the perfect choice. They are entertainers, artists, and masters of their craft. Thank you for making our wedding an unforgettable experience. You truly are a remarkable and outstanding wedding band. We can't recommend you enough!

Performance quality: 5 stars
Sound quality: 5 stars
Behaviour: 5 stars
Communication: 4 stars
Audience engagement: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars

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