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Ravi was amazing and made our day so memorable!

5 stars - Ravi (Sitar Player) are Highly Recommended

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booked Ravi (Sitar Player) for their Wedding

LondonSeptember 2019

Ravi was just amazing. We were so happy with his professionalism, the music he played, the ambience he created. When the bride entrance music wasn’t played (ed sheeran), it was magical. He even got the exact bride and groom entrance song I had in my head. Everyone kept coming to us to say how amazing the sitar music was. He just got on with it and sorted where and how we performed and did an amazing job. When you’re worried about so many things at the wedding, the one thing you need is to have that confidence and know everything is in hand, which we did. He even found a plug outside to play music In the courtyard when everyone was having prosecco In the sun which was magical. Honestly if you’re thinking of booking a sitar player, or even if you’re not-you should, and you should book Ravi.

Performance quality: 5 stars
Sound quality: 5 stars
Behaviour: 5 stars
Communication before and at your event: 5 stars
Audience engagement: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars

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