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based in Nottinghamshire

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I genuinely could not believe my eyes!

booked Magical Mermaids for their event

I am literally still floating from this wonderful, magical, memorable experience. It was like a dream come true, so clever and creative and enchanting I genuinely could not believe my eyes! We saw the Magical Mermaids at the 3 Wishes Festival and it was the highlight for sure. I don't know what was better, seeing 'real life' mermaids for myself - or seeing the utter joy and disbelief on the children's faces when the mermaids were revealed!! It brought a tear to my eye (and many of theirs!). The world needs more magic in it and this is exactly that - magic and enchantment and fantasy to stir even the most sceptical soul!! Thank you so much, I cant wait for the next appearance...!!xx

booked Magical Mermaids for their event

Wow! Really really fantastic experience! My daughter's were truly entranced by the show. So magical and interactive it was amazing. I love that the mermaids and mermen put so much effort into engaging with the children before and after the shows. They really do make it so magical in the way they talk with children. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, memories of which I'm sure will last a lifetime!