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Virtual Flavour Experience

Join us on a journey of flavour discovery as we baffle your taste buds and blow your senses! From taste changing powders to eye boggling experiments, get ready to discover your personal flavour profile and learn what makes your taste buds tick!

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Secure your 2021 / 2022 booking before the 31st December 2020, and if Covid affects your event plans, we will offer 100% deposit credit to be used against a new date.

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1 x 60 minutes workshop

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Can a piece of music really change the way your food tastes? Is it really possible to taste cinnamon? What does blue taste like?

The Virtual Flavour Experience is a fun 60-minute workshop designed with one main goal: to create your own personal flavour profile!

A completely unique and interactive experience, you and your guests will be guided through 20+ multisensory flavour experiments. Each experiment has been created with a vision to engage both your taste buds and your five senses!

Unique, informative and completely entertaining, the Virtual Flavour Experience will help you discover what is most important to your food and eating experience.

The Flavour Box
Prior to the workshop, each attendee will receive their own specially created ‘flavour box’.

Delivered straight to your door (anywhere in the world!), your flavour box is the gateway to your personalised flavour journey!

Each box contains 16 individual packets containing a variety of flavours, taste tricks and amazing experiments including:

Five Taste Mixer
Supertaster test
Dual smelling test
Salt Cinnamon flavour experiment
Magic Mint Chocolate
Memory Scent
Grain sensitivity
The mystery evaporated snack
Flavour combinations
Sound sensitivity
Bone conductivity test with popping candy
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Drink Illusion Experiment
The Move Mood Adjuster
The Blind Taste test
The Sweet Suppressor Taste Trip

How It Works
When you book the Virtual Flavour Workshop, you'll be asked to provide a delivery address for all attendees to receive their flavour box.

Prior to your live workshop, each attendee will receive a Zoom link. Click on the link at the arranged date and time of your event and have your flavour box handy. You’ll be greeted by a flavour expert who will entertain and take your taste buds on an incredible journey over the next 60 minutes.

Bespoke Branding
The Virtual Flavour Experience can personalise your workshop flavour boxes and its contents with your company logo and branding for a small extra cost. Please speak to an Alive Network booking agent for more details.

Please note:
Each booking must be confirmed a minimum of 7 working days prior to event date to ensure flavour boxes can be delivered to all workshop attendees. This also covers any international deliveries.


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