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the kings minstrels medieval musician edinburgh

The Kings Minstrels

Medieval Musician based in Edinburgh

Price from £755
The King’s Minstrels are a specialist medieval music ensemble based in Edinburgh, and have been performing for events, weddings and corporate functions since 2001

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An extensive list of authentic medieval music from 13th, 14th and 15th C from France, Italy, Spain, and Scotland and England including:

  • Cantigas de Santa Maria from Spain
  • Instrumental dances from France and Italy
  • Troubadour and Trouvere
  • Italian Trecento including Landini and anonymous pieces from the Rossi Codex

  • Unique, fun medieval ensemble
  • Use a range of historic instruments
  • Up to six performers

Line up:

Default lineup: 3 members

Trio: 3 performers using a mix of medieval lutes, harp, fiddle and also shawm, bagpipes and percussion
Duo, Quartet and Medieval Music & Dance 6 piece available (See Booking options)

* Unique, fun medieval ensemble
* Use a range of historic instruments 
* Up to six performers

The King's Minstrels have extensive experience in all types of events and are very flexible in their approach, allowing them to fit into any situation. Being able to play both ‘soft’ medieval music on lutes, harps and fiddles, and also ‘loud’ on shawms and bagpipes (all performers are multi-instrumentalists) gives a great range of options to suit the place, time and occasion.

The King’s Minstrels can supply a troupe of up to six performers all of whom play instruments and perform period dances, and can also run a 'medieval ceilidh', teaching some simple dances to all.

This variety makes The King’s Minstrels a great option for wedding ceremonies, dinner music, drinks receptions and outdoor events.


Choose any of the following booking options when you hire The Kings Minstrels from Alive Network

  • Duo Deduct £180

    Softer music ( a mix of lutes, medieval fiddles, harps),

  • Quartet Add £180

    Medieval ‘loud’ band of multiple shawms, bagpipes & percussion and also the softer instruments (a mix of lutes, harp, fiddle, wind & percussion),

  • Medieval Music & Dance Add £480

    Six performers, including all instruments found in the quartet option, all performers also dance,

Choose one of the following performance options when you hire The Kings Minstrels from Alive Network

  • 2 x 45 Minute sets, £0