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mym latin, salsa or cuban band nottinghamshire
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Explosive Acoustic Power Trio delivering a message of Unity, Sensuality and Fiesta. Original and traditional songs touched by Latino, Flamenco and Afro-Cuban influences woven together by driving dance rhythms.

5 stars - MYM are Highly Recommended 17 Customer Reviews

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Covers and Latin Favourites
Bamboleo - Gypsy Kings
Guajira - Tito Puente
Guantanamera -Traditional Cuban (José Martí Orbón)
Mochilón - Traditional Columbian
La Bamba - Los Lobos
Oye como va - Santana
Tiburón - Traditional Mexican
En Mexico -Traditional Mexican
El Cuarto de Tula - Buena Vista Social Club
Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club

Original Material by style / Influence. 
The original music of MYM combines many of the rhythms and feels found in a wide range of music from all over the Spanish speaking world. All of the songs are great for dancing to!

Mendigo - Salsa
Carlos Y Maria - Salsa
Juana  Reggae/ - Salsa
¿De Que Color?  -Salsa
¿Por Que Sera?  -Salsa
¡Mira Mira!  -Salsa
Madre Selba - Rumba Flamenca/ Salsa
Palabras - Rumba Flamenca
El Vasito De Agua - Rumba Flamenca
¿Por Que? - Cha cha cha/ Guajira
¡Agárrate! - Cha cha cha/ Guajira
Zapatero  -Cumbia/ Reggae
Agua - Reggae/ Cumbia
Que Me Voy  -Reggae/ Cumbia
Respetame - High life
La Bala - High life
Ella Por Ella - Polka
The Hump -Funk heavy back beat
and many more...

Line up:

Default lineup: 3 members

Trio (Standard): Guitar, vocals, harmonicas and percussion stomp-box, Bass and vocals, Cuban guitar, vocals and percussion.

Smaller lineups available (speak to an Alive Network booking agent for more information)
Duo: Guitar, vocals, harmonicas and percussion stomp-box, Bass and Vocals
Solo artist: Guitar, vocals, harmonicas and percussion stomp-box

MYM work from Rikki as a solo artist, as a duo with Rikki accompanied by one of the other musicians to an acoustic power trio.
Sung in Spanish, Rikki sings songs of fiesta, love and unity are an irresistible meeting of Latino Flamenco and Afro-Cuban influences woven together by driving dance rhythms. Great for dancing, this music brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to share in joy and alegria! 

These experienced and well-respected musicians have played to enthusiastic audiences all over the world.

MYM raise the temperature wherever they play.

"They are proper musicians in that they have been charming their instruments for years - long enough to embrace the audience in the splendour and mystery that this level of accomplishment can provide"

"MYM were friendly & professional from first contact. The performance was exactly what we hoped for and more & more. They created a fantastic atmosphere from mellow laid back sounds to a rousing passionate performance that got everyone on the dance floor. Thanks guys! I wouldn't hesitiate to recommend them to anyone."

MYM have had many years of playing both at internationally acclaimed music venues festivals arts theatres promotions private functions weddings and corporate events. 

A Great Dance Band!

MYM are listed under 'Latin and Salsa' and their music is great for dancing to but you don't NEED to or HAVE to be able to dance salsa to dance to MYM! People do dance Salsa to the music of MYM but a lot of the songs are arranged to be more accessible to people who may not have had salsa lessons or who just want to do their own thing! 

Corporate clients have included: 
Lloyds of London
The Royal Airforce
The Army
Nellie Shepherd Events Management

Performance CV.
Over the last 20 years MYM have developed an enviable international reputation playing at:

The Gaitey Theatre  -   Dublin Ireland
Lillies Bordello -   Dublin Ireland
The Empire -   Belfast Northern Ireland
The Lobby -   Cork Ireland
Café Central -  Madrid Spain
The Cork Jazz Festival -  Cork Ireland
Rainforest World Music Festival - Borneo Malaysia
K.L. Tower - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Wan Ho Grand Hotel - Wen Zhou China
National Theatre - London United Kingdom  (annually for 7 years)
Beverley Festival  - United Kingdom
Towersey Festival - United Kingdom
Whitby Musicport -  United Kingdom
Holmfirth Festival - United Kingdon
The Tall ships Festival - Galway Ireland
The Junction Festival -   Clonmel Ireland
Fresa Y Chocolate - Havana Cuba
The Green Note Cafe -  London
Simpson's on the Strand - London
The Nottingham Contemporary  -  Nottingham (Monthly residency)

The Band

Rikki - Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Harmonicas, percussion and Songwriter:
Rikki, nylon-string guitarist, vocalist, harmonica player, stomp-box percussionist and songwriter. His music is infused with joy, sunshine and his songs full of meaning; melodically rich and infectiously rhythmic.
An outstanding solo artist, with the use of harmonicas, unique rhythmic, powerful guitar style and singing voice, he has been described as a fully contained one-man Latin orchestra.
He has an extensive repertoire of original songs composed in Spanish, English and French as well as exciting interpretations of well-known songs.
He has pioneered his own form of Rumba Flamenca, which includes influences from Salsa, Reggae and Cumbia. This driving dance rhythm underpins his music.
A truly original and contemporary artist and songwriter.

Dalila - Bassist:
Dalila plays exciting and powerful driving bass lines on her UBass, bringing beauty and femininity, as she and her bass dance through the music.

Keith - Percussion.
World class percussionist, playing congas, bongos, bell and high hats.  His fire and hypnotic rhythms complete the deep grooves of MYM.

Why have people hired MYM?

• To have an internationally acclaimed, world-class original band at their function.

• For their consummate professionalism.

• For their irresistible music that appeals to people of all ages and cultures.

• For their ability to go from providing atmospheric background music to bring down the house and getting everyone on their feet dancing.

• For their sharp and vibrant costumes and stage appearance.

• For their musical and logistical adaptability to the requirements of the event/venue

• For their sensitivity and flexibility to the requirements of the client/event

• For their ability to make people feel happy and create an up- lifting party atmosphere.

• For their total self-containment, being able to provide everything required for their performance i.e. high quality PA, lights, instruments, costumes, background music for all but the biggest concerts.

• For their ability to converse fluently in English, Spanish and French, (and communicate in Italian and Portuguese)

Why MYM have been so successful.

• As a solo act, a duo or a trio, MYM provide a cost effective solution to putting on a band. MYM deliver a sound and performance that is much bigger than the sum of it’s parts. They have held and electrified audiences of up to 20,000 all over the world.

• The music is original and with universal appeal. This is not a cover band or a collection of un-connected musicians reading from charts. This is a committed and seasoned band. MYM bring prestige, originality and artistic integrity to wherever they play.

• MYM create an uplifting, happy and exuberant energy. Their music guarantees dancing and merriment as well as being compulsive watching.

• MYM are hard-working and committed and endeavour to perform at the top of their abilities.

Choose any of the following booking options when you hire MYM from Alive Network

  • Duo Deduct £120
  • Solo Deduct £360

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