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coeur vagabond accordionist somerset

Coeur Vagabond

Accordionist based in Somerset

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Accordion soloist Coeur Vagabond can play a full repertoire of Parisian Waltzes and Javas from the 1930's and 40's, popular Italian songs and tarantellas, Tango, Oompah Polkas, or eastern European and Klezmer tunes.

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Klezmer and Eastern European
A large selection of Russian, freylechs, bulgars, Balkan, and assorted Hungarian, Polish and Finnish dances.

English Irish and Scottish dance music.

  • Accordion soloist with a wealth of experience!
  • Repertoire includes a mixture of musette, tango, klezmer & eastern European tunes!

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Default lineup: 1 performer

Accordion soloist.

* Accordion soloist with a wealth of experience!
* Repertoire includes a mixture of musette, Italian, Oompah, tango, klezmer & eastern European tunes!

Accordion soloist Coeur Vagabond plays a mixture of musette, Oompah, tango, Italian and eastern European and klezmer tunes, and has been entertaining at weddings, garden fetes, birthday parties and corporate events for many years.
His musical training began at the tender age of 5, on the piano. Later in life, living on a small canal boat, he missed his piano, but found a battered old accordion at a stall in Halifax market. It set him on a long journey. After some years of teaching himself, he was taught by Yorkshire based Nigel Waterhouse, one of the finest accordionists in the UK. 
The canal boat is now gone, as Coeur Vagabond has married and settled down in a house in Bristol. His little car gets him to gigs a lot faster than the little boat ever could.
His earliest repertoire was mainly klezmer, his tunes gleaned from an inspired collection of musicians, jewish fiddlers, accordionists and singers that met in a local Heptonstall pub. He took this music from town to town as he traveled the country, embellishing the tunes with his own improvisations.
Later, inspired by the golden age of musette from the 1930’s, he learned a large repertoire of tunes from such greats as Gus Viseur and Jo Privat, who played at the height of the bal musette scene in Paris.

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