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Alive HQ Recording Studios

One of the premier mixing and recording studios in the Midlands, located just off junction 15 of the M6 in Staffordshire, with a stunning SSL 4000G+ mixing console, ATC monitoring, Pro Tools HDX2 & a huge collection of boutique outboard & instruments.

Price from £224 +VAT + travel

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Alive HQ Recording Studios
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Price from £224 + VAT + travel from Staffordshire

Based on 1 person performing 1 day

  • East Midlands From £225 + VAT
  • East of England From £225 + VAT
  • North East From £225 + VAT
  • North West From £225 + VAT
  • Northern Ireland From £225 + VAT
  • Republic of Ireland From £225 + VAT
  • Scotland From £225 + VAT
  • South East From £225 + VAT
  • South West From £225 + VAT
  • Wales From £225 + VAT
  • West Midlands From £225 + VAT
  • Yorkshire and the Humber From £225 + VAT

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Performance Times

1 day

From £224 + travel

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Default lineup: 1 performer

◦ SSL 4048G+ with Total Recall & Ultimation ◦ Pro Tools HDX2 with Lynx Aurora Converters ◦ ATC SCM50 PRO monitoring ◦ Neve / Manley / API / Heritage Audio / Universal Audio / Avalon / SSL / Oram / Slate Pro / Focusrite / TL Audio / Drawmer / DBX outboard ◦ Great sounding live room / overdub booth and great mic collection

Full Biography

Alive HQ is the in-house SSL equipped recording studio based within the Alive Network Entertainment Agency office complex in Staffordshire. The studio is primarily used to record in-house bands and artists but our doors are open to the wider music community.

Visit Alive HQ's dedicated web site here for full details >

At a glance:

* SSL 4048G+ mixing console with Total Recall & Ultimation
* ATC SCM50 Pro monitors
* Pro Tools HDX2
* Avid Sync HD and Konnektor
* Lynx Aurora converters
* Neve / Manley / Shadow Hills / API / Heritage Audio / Universal Audio / Avalon / Millennia / Focusrite outboard
* 16 channel artist personal headphone monitoring
* Wide selection of digital plugins
* Excellent microphone collection
* Matchless / Two Rock / Mesa Boogie / Cornford amps
* Large live room and large overdub booth


Rates are always negotiable depending on your requirements and for regular bands/clients, so please call for a personalised quote.

Ball park rates for window shoppers are …………

£500 per day (24 hour lock out)
£300 per day (8 hour session – 9am to 5pm / 6pm to 2am – no lockout)
£200 ½ day (4 hours)

All prices INCLUDE one of our top engineers.

Services & Packages

EP package 1 (Unsigned or independent)
8 days (4 days recording / 4 days mixing – all off-peak no lockout)

Album package 1 (Unsigned or independent)
14 days (24 hour lockout / 7 days recording / 7 days mixing & mastering)

Album package 2 (Unsigned or independent)
14 days (7 days recording with 24 hour lockout, 7 days mixing off peak no lockout)

Album package 3 (Unsigned or independent)
14 days (7 days recording, 7 days mixing – all off peak no lockout)

Mixing and Mastering Packages

EP Mixing & mastering package (Unsigned)
6 days – non attended (off peak no lockout), 5 tracks max.

Album Mixing & mastering package (Unsigned)
11 days – non attended (off peak no lockout), 12 tracks max.

Low Cost Mastering Packages

EP Mastering (Unsigned)
5 tracks

Album mastering (Unsigned)
12 tracks

All prices INCLUDE one of our top engineers.
All the above prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

SSL Recording and Mixing Studio Midlands, UK 


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