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Alive Network can help you to book almost any famous band, singer or celebrity for corporate events, private parties, weddings and festvals. 

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Please read the following points before you make an enquiry

Please call us on 01782 740839 to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to offer artist suggestions based on your budget and give you an outline of what's involved to hire a famous band or artist.

In most cases you need to make a sensible offer the which the artist's management can take into consideration. Sometimes this process can take months before a decision is given.

On top of the artists fee, you will also be responsible for providing PA, lighting, staging, hospitality, security, transport and accommodation. We can organise an event production team to look after these details for you if required.

We cannot consider requests for non-paid charity performances, endorsements or any PR related queries.

If you want a top drawer artist without the headache - please also see our Premium Entertainment Collection

A basic price guide booking famous bands and artists

£15K to £2M+ 'A List' bands and succesful chart artists. £1M to £2M for for the biggest names.
£4K to £20K 'Up and coming bands' and X-Factor runners up
£3K to £10K 70s and 80s reunion type chart bands and one hit wonders

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We book acts for venues across the UK and internationally.