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how to join alive network

How To Join Alive Network

Find out more about joining Alive Network, the UK's most successful live entertainment agency!

  • Get regular work performing at Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties
  • No fees to join - you just need to impress our bat-eared recruitment team!
  • Reach our audience of over 1,400,000 website visitors & industry contacts
  • Get the best artist representation service in the industry

About Working With Alive Network

Alive Network is the UK's most successful live entertainment agency booking bands and entertainers for private shows such as weddings, corporate events and parties. We currently represent over 6,500 of the UK's very best musicians and entertainers, securing over £75Million worth of bookings since our launch in 1999. We currently book around 10,000 private events each year worth a combined £10 Million+ for our members, and that figure is growing rapidly. It's growing so rapidly in fact that we are in constant need of new artists! If you're serious about earning a living playing live music - we want to hear from you.


Type of Work


  • We book bands, musicians, DJs & entertainers for weddings, parties and corporate events.
  • An average function band gig would have a 6pm arrival, a midnight finish and will take place on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • A typical function band would be expected to perform 2 x 60 minute sets of covers from classic tracks to modern hits, and they'd provide their own PA / Lighting system.


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Hear First-Hand About Working With Us

We believe in empowering you to succeed, treating you with respect and making sure you're paid fairly. But don't just take our word for it, watch the video below to find out what our artists think about working with Alive Network.


What You Will Need in Order to Apply

  • High quality demo audio and promotional photographs
  • Reliable, good quality instruments, equipment & your own transport
  • Repertoire of music suitable for private events
  • Smart formal clothing, suitable for private events
  • PA & stage lighting system suitable for audiences of up to 200 people
  • A reliable, professionally-minded, line-up of musicians


If you don't have all of the above ready yet, please click here to apply for a live audition.

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"Playing in a functions band with Alive Network hasn't harmed my music career. It's enabled it" - Andy, Alive band member

Artist Management & Development Programme

Alive Network offers an Artist Management & Development Programme to acts who are most in demand by our client base.

It aims to create flagship function bands that can maintain the highest possible standards of performance both musically and financially.

Find out more about our Artist Management & Development Programme here.

Artist Production, Video & Recording Services

If you want to look and sound as good as any other professional artist then you need to join Alive Network.

Artists who come to us for their promo become our best selling acts for a reason.

Find out more about our Artist Production Services here.

Our Recording Studio - The Silk Mill

As a member of Alive Network you get discounted access to audio recording and video production at our world class recording studio The Silk Mill.


The Silk Mill is a superb professional recording studio featuring an 85m2 Neve tracking studio, an SSL 4000G+ mixing studio, ATC monitoring, Pro Tools HDX and a huge collection of classic outboard, microphones and instruments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge to join. We earn a commission when a customer books you through our service.

Our commission is always added on top of your fee.

We accept applications from bands, solo artists, DJs, entertainers and events suppliers across the UK. If your act is suitable for the private events market we'd love to hear from you.

We do NOT accept applications from artists based outside the UK at this time.

Ideally we are looking for applications from artists who are as good as, or better than, the artists who are already on our website. It's important that your application is backed up by promo materials that are of very high quality.

To check out what we mean, click on the roster 'style' page that best matches your ac, and take a look at the artists who are listed on page 1 (the first 10 acts). These are the most popular artists and if you can compete with them in terms of audio quality, photo quality and prices, then you have a very good chance of being accepted onto our agency.

You don't need vast amounts of previous experience as long as we can see that you are talented and have put the appropriate care and attention into your application.

  • Record your demo audio in a good studio and spend an appropriate amount of time/money in order to produce recordings which stand up against the top ranked bands on our website.
  • Play the songs correctly, in time and in tune.
  • Choose songs that people booking for the private events market will want to hear, and that sum up what your act is about.
  • Get your photographs taken by a professional and have them edited properly.

We list artists on our website and the advertise our entire roster of artists as a whole. We spend a great deal of money on marketing the company and generating referrals. We have the best performing music booking website on the internet, seen by over 1.4 million unique visitors per year. We give our artists fantastic exposure to the private events market.

Customers use the search facilities on our website to find artists that they like, and we help each customer secure their chosen artis with a legally binding contract, drawn up between you and them by us.

We take our commission as a booking deposit when the booking is secured. You get paid either by the customer directly on the night of the event, or else in some circumstances the money may have been transferred in our 'client' holding account in advance of the event. In this case, we pay you within 7 days after the event.

Because our customers do most of the 'choosing', the best way to get work through Alive Network is to ensure your promo materials are fantastic, and that your band is competitively priced. It doesn't matter how good you might think you are live - if your promo materials don't do a good job of selling you to a potential customer then you won't get a look-in.

Alive Network ranks artists on our website by popularity. The more work you get from us, the higher the rank you'll be give, and therefore the more exposure you'll get. New artists will start off with a lower rank, so it's important that your pricing is competitive to ensure you show up more on customer searches. It also means you can 'beat' more popular long-term member artists on price, in order to win the gig - and therefore get your rank increased.

Alive Network will give you as much advice and support as you need. We have a dedicated Artist Liason team to help with every aspect of running your band.

If you're accepted onto Alive Network, we have our own extremely high-spec in-house recording studio to help with you with your recordings, and we offer photo-shoots (often free of charge) throughout the year to help you develop your image.

Whatever you need, be it advice or help arranging promo, we're here to make it happen and ensure you have the best possible chance of making a living playing music or entertaining.

Sounds Great! What Do I Do Next?

A link to our online application form can be found below. Please complete the form with all the information requested we will contact you if we think we can work together.

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