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These guys are absolutely top drawer!

5 stars - Men Of Motown are Highly Recommended

Review Hotel / Restaurant Event Gloucestershire

booked Men Of Motown for their event


It is difficult to add comments differing to those already made by anyone who has had the experience of witnessing a performance by Men of Motown. These guys are absolutely top drawer! With a guest list of 100, ranging from 16 - 85 in age, Men of Motown engaged with each and every person throughout their incredibly professional and polished performance, with a repertoire to appeal overall. With sunshine and the perfect garden party setting, they sang, danced and mingled throughout an incredibly appreciate crowd - finalising with the inevitable Love Train winding it's way around the whole venue! A huge thank you guys, for making this 70 year old feel very special and providing my family and friends with a truly memorable party!

Performance quality: 5 stars
Sound quality: 5 stars
Behaviour: 5 stars
Communication: 5 stars
Audience engagement: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars

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