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Your Ultimate Guide To Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment

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So you’re having a festive event – great! You need it to be amazing, and sorted sharpish? No problem. Here at Alive Network, we’ve 18 years’ experience helping planners, PAs, directors and venues like you create incredible events with the UK’s best live entertainment.

In our brochure, discover your guests’ actual Party Must-Haves. Get the best bang for your buck in our Bijou and Budget-Friendly guide. Need a band? Check out Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Party Bands to land your perfect fit. Feeling a bit lost on what to book? Our ideas to Elevate Your Event will point you in the right direction. Discover exciting new on-trend ideas and top party themes for 2020. And save even more time and money with our personal shopper service.

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“For me, it’s all about the…”

XX Planning XX Budget XX Bands

Your Perfect Party Must-Haves

We checked in with guests, planners and event experts on THE ultimate trends and essentials for pulling off your perfect party this season.

Get ideas for your must-haves, and discover guests’ biggest party turn-offs… Bosses planning big speeches, take note!

The Date

You want... School Night Partying

Thursday and Friday are by far your favourite nights to party, wisely timed at the end of the working week to allow for late nights – and potential hangovers! Weekends are not so popular, possibly due to the lack of plus one invites, as colleagues are less willing to give up social/family time on weekends. According to Venue Search London’s recent survey on Christmas parties, Saturday’s are becoming increasingly unpopular with Sunday’s practically a no go.

And... Pre & Post-Christmas Parties

You think November is a bit too early. Leave it until late January, and your party lacks a sense of occasion. December is your ‘Goldilocks’ of Christmas party months. But early Jan is becoming a popular party date, especially for those of you in the service or hospitality industry. “We’re flat out in December,” says Lauren Egginton, Event Manager at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa & Hotel. “When most people are partying we’re working. So there’s something special about having a blow out in January – when everyone else is holed up in front of Netflix, waiting for the next payday.”

The Venue

You want... An external venue… unless you make a real effort

Most of you prefer to host your party out of the office, rather than dancing around your keyboard. But there are office parties that are breaking the sad-punch-and-a-few-party-streamers mould. Take Coco Cola. They turned their London HQ into a winter wonderland, complete with lifesized polar bears, Nutcracker soldiers and a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour. “The staff found it really magical to see their workplace transformed,” said Jim from party band The Fanatics, who provided the night’s entertainment. “Being in the office definitely didn’t stop them from partying. The intimate environment actually made our performance feel even more exciting – a bit like headlining Santa’s Grotto!”

Or... An external venue…
as long as it’s convenient

Location, location, location. Kirsty and Phil have a good point. It’s a key factor for your guests, who don’t want to be left stranded or facing a long, cold and convoluted bus journey before the fun has even started. Choose a venue that is easily accessible by public transport – important if you’re an environmentally-minded company – or well serviced by cabs. If you can stretch to a coach, minibus, or even your guests’ accommodation, great. If not, include details of transport and taxi companies with the invite, encourage cab-sharing for guests that share postcodes, and make sure carriage details are available in the lobby or reception of the venue.

Your Perfect Party Must-Haves

The Main Event

You want... Live Entertainment

It’s not just the team at Alive Network that knows the power of live music and entertainment – you do too! Guests and planners alike are in agreement when it comes to party priorities, putting live ents as one of your big three when it comes to party planning, alongside food and drink. “It’s the heart and soul of a party…Nothing creates a buzz like it,” says Kaye Morrissey, Head of Operations at Open Forum Events. “A decent budget for live entertainment is a top priority for us.”

As well as the ice breaking, the dancing (essential…), and all round fun factor, entertainment is also cited as the most memorable aspect of your party, as well as a source of user-generated content and tactic for social shares. “Entertainment is nearly always the talk of the event, so it’s important to give this due consideration,” says Cora Lydon from Executive PA magazine, adding that entertainment options can “also provide amazing brand awareness opportunities as they are so visually appealing.” Unsurprisingly, Insta-worthy and interactive entertainment that makes guests the stars is big for the 2020 party season. You can check out our article on pXX for ideas.

Your Top 5 Entertainment Picks

  • Live Bands – 43%
  • Mix and Mingle artists – 22%
    Eg close up magicians, caricaturists, lookalikes
  • Reception musicians – 12%
    Eg pianists, strings, jazz ensembles
  • Choirs & Carol Singers – 4%
  • DJs – 2%

Inexpensive Drinks

The raison d'être for most end-of-year parties is to thank colleagues and boost morale. So making guests pay big bucks for bar drinks at a costly venue they likely didn’t choose feels a bit counterintuitive.

A complimentary drink or two goes a long way. Providing some welcome fizz, a free company-named cocktail, or mulled wine and filtered water on tables, is a great gesture. If the budget allows, go for a paid bar – a themed bar is a great party hack for those who want their drinks to double up as entertainment. And don’t forget those who would prefer a booze-free night. Hot and soft drinks like Ski Cabin-style hot chocolates and Christmas mocktails are a winner for all guests.

Fun Food

A table dinner is a perfect way to line stomachs and have a bit of calm before the party. But many of you are departing from the traditional five courses. Matching up your food options to your company vibe is key. “We’re definitely more street food, tacos and popcorn carts than the table dining types,” admits Toby Lawrence from the British and Irish Modern Music Institution (BIMM). “While we all have big appetites, we also have short attention spans and don’t really want to sit down at a table for half the night! For us, it’s all about the live music and getting on that dancefloor!”

“Entertainment is nearly always the talk of the event”

Executive PA

Your Perfect Party Must-Haves

...And The Party Poopers

Your top three Christmas party
turn offs are:

  1. 1. Dress Codes
    When it comes to fancy dress, you’re not big fans. Donning a Santa beard for some photobooth fun is fine. Just don’t ask your guests to go full Tarts and Vicars. Ever.
  2. 2. Looong Speeches
    Bosses beware! It might feel tempting to wax lyrical about company strategy while you have a captive audience. But this is a major guest turnoff. “Everyone is meant to be letting their hair down,” says Kaye. “Now is not the time for the annual review, especially if your guests are drinking. You may mean well but, believe me, you look like the fun police.” Bottom line: If you must make a speech, follow the TED Talk 18 minute rule.
  3. 3. Inappropriate Behaviour
    Alcohol, we’re looking at you. Drunk and disorderly colleagues are one of guests’ biggest party bugbears and one of planners’ greatest challenges. However, you can mitigate the risks. Providing an open bar and only serving canapés is a recipe for disaster. If possible, arrange for food to be circulated throughout the evening, rather than just early on. Think about providing coffees before the dancing begins. And don’t forget plenty of inspiring soft drink options – how about your own mocktail creation station?

It’s all about...

The Budget

In this section...

Your Bijou & Budget-Friendly Party Guide
Working with a tight budget or a smaller venue space? Big isn’t always better. Get smart ideas and entertainment hacks from our perfectly proportioned party guide.

Budgeting 101!
Our top 10 tips for creating a foolproof party budget. No Scrooges necessary.

The Victory Rolls

Bijou and Budget-Friendly Partying

A successful company Christmas party doesn’t need to involve big bucks. We’ve put together some bright ideas and advice to help you save not skimp…

Keep It Simple
If you really are on the tightest of budgets, the main ingredients are pretty straightforward: 1. Tasty food, 2. Drinks – including a limited amount of alcohol! – and 3. Great live entertainment. Focus on those big three and don’t sweat the small stuff. Save on the details and put the budget where it’s going to be noticed: No one’s going to have an issue with you using unbranded rum in your Mojitos if they’re too busy dancing to the amazing live party band!

Party BandsThe Willows

Send Email Invites
An email invite can save on the bottom line, but do it in style! You can create some pretty stunning e-vites online, with lots of free providers out there.

Evite, Paperless Post, Minted, and Punchbowl have great free options.

Stay On Home Turf
Hosting a party in your office space or premises is a brilliant way to cut venue costs. It just means a bit of extra thought is needed when it comes to turning your place of work into party central.

Live entertainment is a great way of transforming the daytime feel of your office into an atmospheric venue, with live music an especially immersive and exciting experience for guests in what is usually their work place. Plus you don’t need big stages, loads of decor or complicated audio visual set ups: 3–5 piece party bands, acoustic bands, and DJs can all be pretty compact, as well as provide their own PA and lighting!

Campervan Cocktail Bar Shake Over Ice Vinyl Beats

Your Ultimate Guide To...
Bijou and Budget-Friendly Partying

Combine Catering and Entertainment
For super savvy party planning, think about hiring food and drink options that not only double as food or drink, but as entertainment – and even decor – too! Pop Up and Campervan-style cocktail bars are a great option, with mixologists putting on a show at the bar with their cocktail-making skills. They can even develop customised cocktails for your company. Other suppliers like waffle carts and popcorn makers can also be visually stunning and really add to the party atmos.

Go Pro!
That local band of uni students might be super cheap, but there’s a reason! It’s a huge reputational risk to unleash an amateur band or DJ on your guests...not to mention any health and safety issues from dodgy equipment. You can still get cutting edge and exciting professional bands under £1000 that are not only amazing performers, have great promo that you can use to publicise your party, and reassuring reviews from other clients, but are also properly insured, with PAT-tested equipment.

Top Tip!
Shave even more off the price by getting an Alive band local to your venue, who won’t be charging any extra to travel. Simply: Go to the Bands section of Alive’s site. Enter your search criteria, including your event location. Click search. Reorder artists by clicking the ‘Nearest to me’ button, above your results.

Portable Mini Golf Giant Games Dan Plays Sax

Retro Game On
For just a bit of your budget, you can still put on some cool, informal and interactive entertainment. We’re talking retro games! Ask around the office to see who has some old-skool board games you can use for a chill out style area. You might want to steer clear of the long-winded options – no one wants to feel committed to a two hour Monopoly-fest. But Hungry Hippos and Twister are always a winner! Oversized games are a hit too – think giant Jenga, giant Connect 4, or giant Operation. For those with a bit more space to play with, how about a supersized Scalextric track or a Rodeo Rudolph – life-sized Buckaroo style?!

Get More Band For Your Buck
If you are planning a live band for your party, check out the booking options on their Alive profile. Many offer other music services that could give you much more for your money. Most bands offer DJ services to keep the party going in between and after their live music sets. Some also offer background acoustic set-ups for any early drinks, as well as packages that include photobooths, light up letters and other party extras. Likewise your DJ might offer additional lighting and other production effects for a small extra fee, and additional instrumentalists like saxophonists to take the entertainment up a notch. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Party Bands and our Party DJs for more ideas.

Budgeting 101!

Our Top 10 Budget Planning Tips

We know you know...but here’s a quick reminder of the basics for you party budgeting gurus

1. Do it now! Putting off the budget planning is tempting (procrastinating desk cleaners, we’re onto you!), but it’s the first step towards your perfect party.

2. Prioritise what’s important. Do you want your guests remembering the electric atmosphere from the live band, or the amazing food? Work out your party focus and let that form the basis of your budget.

3. Research your entertainment options. As mentioned in our guide to Bijou & Budget-Friendly Partying, all of Alive’s bands come with their own professional lighting and PA systems, and offer a package of multiple entertainment options, like a free DJ service, all in one cost.

These ‘one stop shop’ artists might be significantly cheaper and avoid the need to source multiple suppliers. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Party Bands to get you started.

4. Account for everything. Fancy a load of those Mulled Wine scented candles? Put it in the budget.

Decided to upgrade to the premium photobooth service? Add! The more detailed you are, the more accurate your budget will be. Ignore the small stuff at your peril!

5. Be aware that decisions on one cost may affect the cost of others. Eg choosing a large venue may mean you need to go a bit bigger with your decor, entertainment and production costs.

Budgeting 101! Our Top 10 Budget Planning Tips

6. Don’t underestimate. Underplaying costs to make your spreadsheet totals look good will ultimately lead to budget-blowing spending come party time!

7. Book a consultation. Researching all your entertainment options, costs, and a host of suppliers takes time.

You could end up saving precious planning hours and money by speaking to an Alive entertainment planner. These guys are effectively personal shoppers who seek out the best fit for your event and your budget. They will help you find the best deals, compare all your options – and better still, provide you with a ready-made (and great-looking!) entertainment plan to present to any fellow decision makers. Check out our personal shopping page to get started.

8. With point 7 in mind, make sure your event team is clued in to your spending plans. Share your budget, so everyone is clear what they have to splurge. That way, no one is planning an entire snowscape when you only budgeted for Christmas bunting!

9. Use your backup fund for genuine emergencies. Tempted to dip in and go larger with the canapés? Resist! Playing fast and loose with the portion of your budget reserved for a rainy day could leave you in deep water.

10. Don’t be afraid to spend. Quite rightly, no one wants to see money flying out of the business coffers. And a teeny party bill might raise your boss's Christmas cheer… But you don’t always have to go with a bargain bin option if your budget allows for better – quality is key too! A bit of extra spend on ‘the wow’ can be the difference between a so-so gathering and the game-changing party you really want to be known for!

Your Ultimate Guide To...

Christmas Party Bands

We guide you through the best, the most popular, the money savers and the time savers…

Bands are your No. 1 when it comes to party entertainment. And it’s not hard to see why. These guys guarantee the party goods, packing your dancefloor and giving your guests a night to remember.

Here, cherrypick your perfect band. Match your artist to your budget, venue and party vibe. Get handy checklists for your venue and your artists. Party planning sorted!

…All you have to worry about is wearing the right dancing shoes.

Your Ultimate Guide To... Christmas Party Bands

Best of the Best

Nobody does it better than these guys. Heart-stopping, internationally-renowned, and extraordinary.

In a nutshell: World-beating, top-of-their-game party bands.


Paloma Faith’s live band! Together they have toured the world for over five years, playing Glastonbury & sell out arena shows, as well as global TV appearances including The Late Show with David Letterman, and Jools Holland’s famous Hootenanny. And yes, that’s right – you can have them at your party!


Anyone that has been in the crowd of a BABYLONDON party when they’re belting out Footloose with full brass and congas will tell you that they are the ultimate live show! Highly experienced, highly accomplished & highly recommended. BABYLONDON have performed for HRH Prince Charles, HRH Prince Andrew, Virgin Altantic, Microsoft, Samuel Jackson, Vodafone, Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin!


Young, fresh and stylish, Seven are actually an 8 piece band with a fun sense of irony! Members have worked alongside Adele, Leona Lewis, The Noisettes, with previous party performances taking them across the globe, from London’s Roundhouse to Hollywood’s renowned Viper Room.


Featuring outstanding vocalists, world-class session musicians and sound engineers, Excite are a humdinger of a party band. Offering a 6–10 piece line up, these guys have individually performed with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Craig David and Jamie Cullum to name a few.

Get Funked

One of the most sought after and highly acclaimed bands in the events industry, Get Funked’s reputation for excellence precedes them right across the globe. Featuring members that have toured with Beyoncé and JT, the band comes as an 11, 14 or 17 piece, with full production options for the ultimate stage show. Having a smaller party this year? A 6–8 piece version – Get Funked Compact – is designed to cater for events where the full band is not logistically or financially viable, without compromising on the quality.

Want more? Shop our Premium Entertainment collection

Perfect for...

  • Venue: Medium-Large Venues
  • Budget: £££
  • Guests: All Ages, Most Music Tastes
  • Style: Table Dinner or Drinks & Canapés Only. Wherever dancing is not optional!
  • Summary: The headline showstopper in your evening’s entertainment

Your Ultimate Guide To... Christmas Party Bands

Cool and Quirky

For hard to please guests that need more that the norm.
Fun, uber cool and unique!

In a nutshell: Performing the chart hits you know with a retro or quirky spin.

Bella And The Bourbon Boys

Inspired by the American band Postmodern Jukebox, Alive Network’s exclusive swing jazz quintet Bella And the Bourbon Boys give a retro spin to events with their vintage Jazz covers of pop songs, including hits from Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Bon Jovi. Worth it alone to see your colleagues Lindy Hopping to Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.

The Nameless Three

The band Alive chose when it came to booking our own Christmas Party! They’re a folk-inspired Mumford & Sons style band performing The Actual Best covers of modern tracks you have heard. Didn’t think you liked Coldplay? Check out their version of Yellow. Best compliment we can give? One of our colleagues danced so hard, she broke her ankle... falling off a table.

The Blue Jeans

Didn’t think your party needed a vintage style skiffle band? That’s cos you haven’t met The Blue Jeans! A fun, vintage band who bring a unique twist to a huge back catalogue, from Rock'n'Roll classics from the ‘50s and ‘60s to R-Kelly’s Ignition! They can also perform gorgeous mood-setting acoustic set ups for warm up drinks, and provide DJ sets later in the evening.

The Long Straws

Not your average party band. These guys will jive, twist & shake up any event, taking your party back to the vibrant world of a 1950’s dance hall with a rockabilly bang! Covering artists from Taylor Swift & Arctic Monkeys to Chuck Berry & The Beatles, but in a rockabilly-jive style; The Long Straws are fun, unique & totally addictive.

“So great to hear current songs played with their amazing twist. The company are still talking about how great you were! Loved every minute of it! Thank you!” – Lola (Christmas Ball)

Twisted Swing

A band who look as good as they sound, performing pop music with a swing twist. Band credits include work with Justin Timberlake, Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum, supporting Olly Murs, and performances at The Savoy, London’s O2 Arena and the Troubadour Club in LA. As suited to a chilled sophisticated affair as they are to a fun all-out dance party.

Perfect for...

  • Venues: Most Venues
  • Budget: £-£££
  • Guests: All Ages – especially loved by discerning music fans!
  • Style: Table dinner and glam, to less formal events.
  • Summary: Perfect if you want your entertainment to really stand out, fit with a vintage theme, or have a tough crowd of music lovers to please!

Your Ultimate Guide To... Christmas Party Bands

Party Package Bands

Save money on multiple suppliers with a one stop shop of live party band, DJ sets, photo booths, videos, and other extra entertainment options all in one package…

In a nutshell: Bands offering all-in-one entertainment packages.

Happy Hour

The Works! Brilliant and bags of fun, with a killer all-in-one package that will save you time, hassle and money. As well as band and DJ, choose from options including Photobooth, Selfie Mirror, Light Up Letters, Sound Limiter Friendly set up, and even get a free online photo album, and the use of a dedicated wireless microphone system for your awards or any party announcements!

Live Wires

Photo Booth and Stage Effects: Rocking events across the UK for the last 10 years, Live Wires don’t just come with over 160+ positive customer reviews. A full stage and lighting show includes par cans, multicoloured lighting, and a smoke machine! If you book them with their Flash Bak Photobooth package, you can get money off too.


Specialist DJ and Photo Booth: Want more than a band member on the decks? As well as the brilliant Goldbeat, you can get the services of a pro DJ with top spec equipment and a record bag full of tunes to fill your floor between the band's sets. The band also offer a photobooth package, late finish times and a larger line-up option with keys player.

The Hot Shots

Great AV and MC-ing DJ! The Hot Shots are not just an award-winning rock & pop party band. They’re also among Alive’s most booked artists, and offer one of the best value audio-visual packages you can get. Their special party package includes: an uprated PA system to cater for larger events, additional lighting rig and effects upgrade (incl. smoke machine, strobe, etc), wireless mic hires for speeches and awards, flexible timings and a premium DJ package, complete with MC!

The Jukeboxes

Photography & Filming: Offering larger band line-ups for bigger parties, and DJ & lighting extras, The Jukeboxes can also supply their own professional photographer and filmmaker. As well as making great festive pics for the office, your pro images and videos will make great content for the company blog, website, newsletters and any social media (great for companies with global offices), as well as next year’s party promo – or even the 2018 company Christmas card!

Perfect for...

  • Venues: Most Party Venues, All Stage Set Ups
  • Budget: ££ – will save on multiple suppliers
  • Guests: All Ages and Most Music Tastes
  • Style: All. Interactive elements
  • Summary: If you are planning multiple entertainment options, want extra touches, and want to save money / deal with one supplier

Your Ultimate Guide To... Christmas Party Bands

Most Popular

Five star-rated all rounders that can do and play it all. These guys also include self-contained PA, stage lighting, as well as offer DJ sets, PA upgrades for larger audiences and background acoustic sets too...

In a nutshell: Your favourite party bands.


For the ultimate party, how about a band endorsed by Prince Harry himself?! Hipster are one of the UK’s most in-demand rock and indie party bands, and as well as playing for the Prince, these guys are festival headliners, and the band of choice for thousands of private clients. They also have a bigger line up available if you want to go large!


Having worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Paolo Nutini & Mumford & Sons to name a few, credentials don’t come much better than those of Riptide. Cool, exciting and guaranteed to show you a good time, the band also offer especially fine acoustic sets, as well as a super cool vintage band set including banjo and double bass, Mumford-style!


Awesome vocals, great performances and a stylish party set. What more could you ask for? Oh go on about a three piece version of the band for smaller, bijou venues and free DJ sets? Happy days.

The Kicks

Bringing fun, energy and a killer repertoire, these guys are your party’s secret weapon. Experienced pros, appearing with One Direction, The Streets, and Fat Boy Slim, as well as airplay on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music, these guys also offer a sound limiter-friendly set up if your venue has noise restrictions.

Party Starters

Party Starters' style spans slick soul, Motown, rock & contemporary pop. This talented four-piece come highly recommended by both our talent spotters, and the many clients whose parties they have set off with a bang. They also offer a late finish up ‘til 1am should you really want to party hard!

Want more? Shop our most popular party bands

Perfect for...

  • Venues: Most Party Venues. From bars, clubs & hotels to large event spaces
  • Budget: ££ – no need for additional DJ or background musicians
  • Guests: All Ages and Most Music Tastes
  • Style: All. Table Dinner or Bowl Food Events
  • Summary: If you need a tried, tested and loved all-round live music option, these guys are for you

Your Ultimate Guide To... Christmas Party Bands

Value For Money Bands

Great live music needn't cost the Earth! If you don't want to blow the budget or compromise on quality, these bands offer the very best bang for your buck.

In a nutshell: Top party bands with a budget-friendly price tag.

The Sparks

Award-winning and one of Alive’s most popular power trios. These guys also offer options that incorporate acoustic and jazz sets for your drinks reception, along with late finishes for hardcore partygoers, floor filling party band performances & a free DJ service if booked within 7 days of enquiry.

The Low Down

Having performed on some of the biggest stages from Glastonbury to Alexandra Palace alongside acts such as Bastille, Rag'n'Bone Man and Tom Odell, The Low Down are an explosive, energetic – and amazing value – 3-piece band that will keep your guests on their feet all night.


These guys are young, cool and energetic with a repertoire to match. Offering something for everyone with music covering early rock'n'roll to the latest chart tracks. For a bit extra, Kickstarters also offer a DJ package for non-stop tuneage.


Nightshift are a 3-piece rock and pop band from the sunny beaches of Brighton! Graduates of the prestigious British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Nightshift count James Bay and George Ezra among their alumni. Expect funky arrangements of well-known songs to get people on their feet and dancing. Err...yes please!


A fun pop-power trio whose set lists span those unforgettable ‘80s classics to cool current chart hits guaranteed to make your party. If playing credits are your thing, Phonographs have performed alongside Ed Sheeran, Razorlight, McFly and Vampire Weekend.

Perfect for...

  • Venues: Bijou or Medium Venues. Great for offices, bar and restaurant venues
  • Budget: £ – brilliant value for money for those on a tight budget
  • Guests: All Ages and Most Music Tastes
  • Style: Bowl or Street Food style events. Less formal
  • Summary: Perfect if a tight budget and space are an issue

Top Tip!

Having your event midweek (Mon–Thurs)? Check out ALL bands for price discounts exclusive to Alive!

Your Ultimate Guide To...
Christmas Party Bands

Best of the Rest...

  • The Funk & Soul Band:
    Soulisphere – wireless and able to take the party (and the conga line!) into the crowd.
  • The Tribute Band:
    The Bootleg Beatles – have the world-famous Fab Four favourites headline your shindig.
  • The Acoustic Band:
    Silver Dime – killer vocals, super cool sound, hassle free set up. Perfect for more informal events and smaller venues.
  • The Rockeoke Band:
    The Dukes – live karaoke! Interactive and tonnes of fun.
  • The Wild Card:
    Plug n Play – The UK’s only gaming band! See our Geek Party feature for your gaming party inspiration!

The Checklist

Tick off our at-a-glance venue and band checklists and you’re good to go!

Venue Checklist (for ultimate party conditions!)

  • Are there any sound limiters or noise restrictions? Always check this before you book your venue. If yes, no stress! Shop our collection of Sound Limiter Friendly Bands.
  • Is there enough performance space? At least 3x4m for a 4-piece band
  • Is there a power supply near the performance area? 2-3 standard household sockets
  • Is there a changing space or room? Where bands can smarten up before the performance
  • Does your venue have a dancefloor? A dedicated dancefloor or suitable dancing surface.
  • Is there a live music curfew? Usually midnight, but it can be earlier for some venues
  • Does your venue need proof of PAT & PLI for any live entertainment? Standard safety and insurance requirements. All Alive artists have them and can produce certificates when needed.

Artist Checklist

    • Availability: Search using your event date to see the artists available
    • Performance and style: Browse images, videos, audio clips
    • Repertoire: Check that the songs they play match your tastes
    • Reviews: Check out their previous performances
    • Do you offer a DJ set in between and after live music sets?
    • Do you offer additional background music set ups for a drinks reception or as a party starter?
    • Can you provide walk-on music for our awards?
    • Artist will contact you to run through the finer details of your event
    • Give your artist advance notice of any party music preferences
    • Put your band in touch with your venue so they can communicate if needed
    • Set Up & Soundcheck
      1-2 hours
    • Parking Space
      Close to the venue
    • Soft Drinks and Food
      Keep your artist’s energy up for a crowd-wowing performance!

Elevate Your Event!

Make the Most of Every Party Moment

If you’re waiting until the very end of your party to pull out your live entertainment, you might be missing a trick. Whether it’s on arrival or after dinner, make every moment special for your guests with a party packed full of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, memory-making touches...

Elevate Your Event! Make the Most of Every Party Moment

Elevate... The Arrival

Have Them At Hello.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? So think about your guests’ journey – what will be the first thing they see? – and go bold with the approach to your venue and entrance. If you’ve chosen a theme or colour scheme, make sure this is well established from the off, with plenty of focus on decoration and entertainment in your arrival area.

Stilt Walkers Fire Artists

Street and Circus Performers

For a wow as guests arrive, think street performers, like fire artists and stilt walkers. Razzle dazzle ‘em as soon as they walk through the door with living tables, aerial and silks artists, or other circus-style artists.

Aerial Artists Living TablesLiving Statues

Shhhh! Top Secret!

Want to add a bit of intrigue? Secret parties are a big trend for 2020. Guests arrive at a plain, inconspicuous entrance, where admittance to the ‘real’ party is by means of a secret password (a clue to this could be given in your invite). Upon utterance, a ‘secret’ entrance is revealed – perhaps by a living statue that springs into life? As the door opens, or the curtain is drawn back, that’s your cue to go big with the wow factor…

Elevate Your Event! Make the Most of Every Party Moment

Your Drinks Reception

Get Busy With the Fizzy.

‘Drinks reception’ sounds easy enough right? Cocktails, canapés...sorted?! Alas, until a few of those Aperol Spritzers get quaffed, this is the party moment that has the most potential for awkwardness. As event planner, it’s up to you to avoid your guests falling into the usual office cliques or feeling left out. Luckily, entertainment is a magic bullet when it comes to helping people get to know each other.

Magicians Caricaturists Lookalikes

Mix and Mingle

Wandering entertainment like close up magicians and caricaturists are a great way to get the conversation flowing. Think sleight of hand, mind bending skills and genuine jaw drops.


Fancy having Johnny Depp, David Beckham or Gordon Ramsey at your event? Well, on the off chance those guys are busy, you can have the next best thing. Choose a doppelganger lookalike to add some serious amusement value to party schmoozing.

Photo Booths Pianists Acoustic Bands Mariachi Bands Vocal Groups and Choirs

Photo Booths & Selfie Mirrors

Photo booths are now a party must-have, and for good reason. There’s nothing like a daft prop to help guests loosen up, and group shots are a great way to bring together shared parties or mix up siloed departments – IT, we’re looking at you! – as well as being a guaranteed crowd pleaser into the night.

Live Music

Your go-to party starter is live music, and whatever your vibe there are lots of options to get things popping and fizzing. A string quartet, harpist, pianist or jazz ensemble are perfect choices for a sparkling and sophisticated champagne reception.

For something less muted, acoustic bands, or of course, a Christmas choir, are brilliant, warming up guests with a bit of carolling and/or shoulder shimmying. Or how about a mariachi band? The second best Mexican import after tequila, these guys are an immediate injection of fun and energy, making them perfect for parties.

Elevate Your Event! Make the Most of Every Party Moment

Elevate... Your Dining

Your Entertainment is Served.

Whether you’re planning a seated meal or a more street food-style affair, don’t let the party feeling flag just because it’s dine o’clock! You can keep the atmosphere going with some great ideas – whatever the budget.

Singing Waiters Circus Performers


Want to spring a speech? Or have awards to present? Many party bands can set you up with wireless microphones or sound systems that mean your guests won’t miss a word. Check out the Party Package Bands in our Ultimate Guide to Party Bands article.

Singing Waiters

Want to spring a surprise? Singing or Dancing Waiters are secret performers that mingle with the waiting staff before bursting into song or a flash mob-style dance routine!

Comedians Dancers Rat Pack Singers

Dinner Cabaret

For something flamboyant, turn your party into a cool cabaret club, with different artists performing short stints during dinner. Favourite acts include comedians, showgirl dancers, Rat Pack style swing singers… Go as outrageous and OTT as you like – we’re thinking daredevil cabaret show! And don’t worry if the show stalls the conversation. Everyone will certainly be talking afterwards!

Elevate Your Event! Make the Most of Every Party Moment

Elevate... Your Party

You Should Be Dancing.

The food is finished and the speeches and presentations are over; now it’s time to party. Mission numero uno: fill that dancefloor!

Party Bands Big Bands

Party Bands

The music depends on your vibe, with the most popular option by far being a party band of some kind. But if yours is a more sophisticated affair, how about a big band – perhaps this is where your Rat Pack singer comes in? – or how about a soul, or modern vintage swing band. See Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Party Bands on pXX for more!

Soul Bands Party DJs Tribute Bands Modern Vintage

Party DJs

The next most popular option after a party band is a DJ. We’re not talking wannabe David Guetta’s here. A pro DJ will have great experience under his belt and will be able to keep the momentum building from party-starting pop essentials to dance ‘til dawn megatunes, knowing when to hold (or unleash!) the cheese. That said, don’t forget to have an input in the playlist. While a great DJ will know what to play and when to drop a great track, we recommend making a few requests in advance to really personalise things… #AllWeWantforChristmasisMariah.

Your Party Finale

Let Sparks Fly.

By now everyone is euphoric with Christmas cheer following three hours of dancing and maybe the odd drinkipoo. But you still have a surprise or two up your sleeve.


Inject magic and sparkle into the final hours of your party with a firework display. There are some technicalities – your venue needs to allow it, and unless it’s New Year’s Eve, you’ll have to schedule them before 11pm by law – so it requires a bit of planning. But it’s worth the look on your guests’ faces when they look at the sky in amazement, all lit up in breathtaking technicolour. Everyone say ‘aaaahhhhh!’…

It’s all about...

Party Themes

In this section...

Ain’t No Party Like a Theme Party
Our top 12 on-trend themes to make your party the best ticket in town

The Collections
From a Ski Lodge getaway and Candyland adventures, to a super glam Glitter Ball. Be inspired by entertainment ideas for your perfect party themes

Ain’t No Party Like A Theme Party

Our top 12 theme trends for your 2020 party

Let’s be clear: theme parties are not all created equal. To make sure your invites are greeted with a ‘Yay!’ and not a yawn from your guests / office colleagues, we’ve separated the wheat from the Toga-Party chaff. From Gatsby glamour to Ski Lodge getaways, check out our top 12 on-trend themes to make your 2020 Christmas Party the best yet.

Get ideas! pXX Get ideas! pXX Get ideas! pXX

Ain't No Party Like A Theme Party

The Beautiful and the Damned / Gatsby Glamour

Whether it’s Harlem Swing, Secret Prohibition or Great Gatsby, the ‘20s-‘30s theme party is still the hottest ticket in town. Bring on the flappers, modern-vintage bands and bootleg beverages to create a party that’ll have your colleagues begging to be invited.

The Ski Lodge Getaway

Fancy a mini-break to a powdery ski-slope wonderland and a ticket to the best Après-ski party in town? No problem! Let us jet you off to Christmas at the lodge, where snow, smores, beer and oompah brass bands are as crucial as the woolly-jumpered carol singers.

The Glitter Ball

Think glamour, intrigue and London at Christmas, when the city twinkles with millions of lights, and music & mystery spills out into the winter night. Recreate a modern-meets-masquerade winter vibe with cutting edge cabaret, casinos, lounge singers, DJs and sizzling burlesque, for a sophisticated night of seasonal luxe.

Get ideas! pXX Get ideas! pXX

Cirque de Noel

Roll Up! Roll Up! Recreate a world of magic, wonder and the thrill of the Big Top with superb circus and aerial artists to give a new ‘spin’ to festive entertainment. Sip champagne served by silk aerial dancers, chuckle at comedy jugglers and be seduced by all the fun of the fair.

Hooray for Hollywood

Make your guests feel like a star from the moment they walk the red carpet: get ‘papped’ by waiting press hounds and take selfies with lookalike stars. Wow them with classic movie music sung by West End singers, with talented dancers performing like Fred and Ginger!

See the full Hollywood Party Collection.

TOP PICK: Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe – one of the world’s top Marilyn Monroe lookalikes.

Whimsical Winterland

Forget walking in a winter wonderland, you should be partying in one! A Whimsical Winterland party is magical, enchanting and fit for your Ice Queens and Kings to let their hair down. From Swan Lake Ballerinas that have performed for Dolce & Gabbana, to Light Up Silent Discos and Magical Snowdomes – a dazzling display of acrobatics, dance and balance inside a shower of glitter!... welcome to the world of ice-cool.

Get ideas! pXX

Ain't No Party Like A Theme Party

A Very Victorian Christmas

Scrap Christmas past, it’s all about the presents! Take your guests back to a time of gift-giving, Dickens, Christmas trees, and traditions. There’s no Scrooges at this party: go all out with fairground carousels, carollers, vintage photo booths and roast chestnut handcarts.

Christmas Beach Party

Say ALOHA to a tiki-tastic Christmas! Think Mai Tais, island inspired food and entertainment. Fruity concoctions from a campervan cocktail bar. Pineapple decs. A sand-filled area with deck chairs, and the lilting sounds of a steel band. Give your mega beach party a festive twist with a Beach Boys tribute band singing their Xmas hits, complete with Brazilian dancers. If you’re party vibe is more Café Del Mar beach bar, rival Ibiza’s coolest with a glamorous dance DJ.

TOP PICK: JukeBossa – happy, infectious music for your Christmas beach party.

James Bond 25(th December) Party!

With Daniel Craig announcing that he will be donning his bowtie for Bond #25, the theme has seen a resurgence for Christmas 2020. This is where golden girls serve the Martinis (shaken, not stirred) from living tables and glam electric strings play classic Bond themes. Try your luck at roulette tables and card games, or mingle with Daniel Craig himself (well…almost!). Get into the 007 action with F1 racing, giant Scalextric car chases and laser shooting. Then, let your special agent guests loose on the dance floor to make a real Spectre-cal *shakes head* of themselves.

Check out our full James Bond Party Collection.

TOP PICK: Steve Wright as Daniel Craig
Get ideas! pXX Get ideas! pXX

Christmas Karaoke

Channel your inner Mariah and best Bieber! Ask the team to volunteer guest performers to join an amazing ‘Bandeoke’ live band on stage (see pXX). Then turn your party into a stage show where your guests are the headline act, belting out those festive blockbusters. Then, dance the night away as the band plays as much Christmas tinsel pop as your ears can take!

Adventures in Candy Land

Eat me! Drink Me! Entertain me! Party-meets-pure kidult indulgence... Serve ‘Drink Me’ Mad Hatter Martinis and ‘Eat Me’ biscuits. Meet Oompa-Loompas. Let your guests enter a world of sweet treats, exciting bands, candyfloss girls, entertainers on hoverboards and chocolate fountains they’ll want to dive into!

Geek Party

One of our faves, and the perfect theme for secret geeks, Princess Leias and retro gamers! Think sofa snacks like freshly made popcorn, and games that will break the ice, like a Giant Nintendo Wii, or for that arcade vibe, a racing car simulator. To top it off? The UK’s best gaming band will bring the dancefloor to life with medleys from games such as Pokémon, Sonic, Mario, as well as tunes from your childhood TV past.

Want more inspiration? Check out 100’s of party ideas and festive entertainment collections.

A Great Gatsby Christmas

Let frivolity reign with a 1920’s inspired Great Gatsby Christmas

Calling all you decadent Daisys and Great Gatsbys! Recreate the roaring twenties with fun and flirty dapper flappers, talented toffs and cool cats guaranteed to get your Christmas party swinging. Just don’t run out of champagne!

Bella And The Bourbon Boys
Giving a vintage spin to today’s biggest pop hits, this sexy, sultry and stylish band are a must for every 1920’s social.

Chicago Shakedown
Swinging their way through raucous rags of the era, Chicago Shakedown will whisk you to the world of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, jazz-pianist extraordinaire Fats Waller and more. Remember your dancing shoes!

The Night Belles
With performances for Rolls Royce and Bentley at The Dorchester, to being featured on ‘Made in Chelsea’, The Night Belles have established themselves as one of London’s leading acts. Channelling sultry singing, dapper dressing & slick choreography, these girls will bring the partying golden age to your festivities!

Paparazzi Entertainers
Making you feel as important as we know you are, our Paparazzi Entertainers will flock around you and your guests, getting the best star-worthy snaps at the event of the year!

The Gramophone DJ
You don’t get any more authentic than an original HMW Gramophone and a briefcase full of shellac records. The ideal entertainment while sipping champagne.

Splendid Booths
Let your guests snap the night away in style with our boutique, vintage photo booth.  Handcrafted from solid wood and operated by two dapperly-dressed attendants, our photo booth comes with a range of vintage props and glitzy fancy dress plus unlimited printed photographs you can keep forever!

Event Decor
From light up letters, to props galore (including a full sized 1920’s car!), we can dress to impress and transform your venue into an authentic Art Deco dance hall.

The Ski Lodge Getaway

Fancy a mini-break to the ski slopes of Germany? No problem!

Kick off your ski boots and come in from the cold for a barnstorming night of great music, dancing and après ski!

The Strolling Bier Stein Oompah Band
When you’re looking for a bit of stein-drinking, Lederhosen-wearing entertainment, we’ve got just the act. Our Bier Stein Oompah Band perform around the world at major Oktoberfest events and are ready to stroll around your guests spreading the true Bavarian spirit.

Shake Over Ice
Your warm lodge and roaring fire needs a bar. These guys bring the best après ski skills in cocktail-shaking and making (trust us, we’ve tried them!)…plus they can theme their creations to suit. Coco Snowball anyone?

Glühwein Trike
For the party DIY-er’s! Bring the tastes and aromas of the German Christmas markets to your ski party with this Glühwein tricycle. Serve your own Mulled Wine, Glühwein or Hot Cider Toddies in Bavarian style.

DJ Anthony Parella
Party piste-side with Alive’s most in demand DJ. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate après ski party as Anthony Parella takes to the decks with his killer record bag of festive faves and absolute tunes.

Christmas Carollers
When you’re surrounded by friends, mulled wine in hand, all you want to do is sing Christmas carols, right?! Well, maybe not...but that’s why our Christmas Carollers are on hand to provide some gentle encouragement. Singing every carol ever written, this fun group will spread some serious Christmas cheer!

The Waffle Shop
Looking for a sweet something for your ski party? Why not treat your guests to freshly cooked Belgian waffles served with a variety of delicious different toppings. Mine’s a marshmallow and chocolate!

The Glitter Ball

A night of intrigue, glamour and dazzling entertainment awaits!

Want to give your party some sparkle and fizz? Welcome to The Glitter Ball! It’s all about City style, Masquarade-meets-modern sophistication, and our collection of world class artists. Think sizzling lounge singers, jaw-dropping entertainers, after dinner casino and a DJ mixing Christmas classics with dance-’til-you-drop floorfillers. Don’t even think about leaving before midnight!

Masquerade Stilt Walkers
Create an air of Venetian romance with these opulent characters. Glamorous and mysterious, these towering two will graciously welcome and mingle among guests, as well as provide the perfect photo opportunity.

Glamorous Roaming Tables
Want a totally unique way to serve the canapés and / or the jello shots?! Our stunning Light Up Living Tables are perfect to roam among your guests while adding a unique, electric party atmos.

Lounge Singer – Christie Prentice
Well and truly melt the ice with the voice of sizzling West End performer Christie, who counts performances with Basement Jaxx and for Ministry of Sound recordings among her credits.

Magician – Keven Starl
Forget the white gloves, big hat and other kitsch! Keven is one of the UK’s best close up magicians, performing cool street-style magic all over the world for A-list celebrities like David Beckham, huge companies like Aston Martin, and the Royal Family.

Pole performer – Lyndy Jane
“A force of nature...The most talked about piece of the evening” – Alive client review. From graceful classical pieces to Cabaret & Burlesque, Lyndy Jane combines the breathtaking and the balletic in her pole dancing routines. Elegant, glamorous, jaw-dropping.

Casino – Casino Nights
Try your luck at the roulette table or play a shrewd hand at Blackjack – the casino is open for business! Providing a host of gaming options and fully staffed with professional croupiers, Casino Nights is one of the top Casino companies in the UK.

DJ – Luke D
Set the dancefloor alight with Luke, a highly sought after professional DJ. He’s worked with many prestigious clients/venues including Jamie Cullum, Phillip Schofield, Wimbledon Tennis Club, Arsenal FC & Ministry of Sound.

Cirque de Noel

Roll up, roll up for an amazing world of wonder,
magic and seasonal spectacle!

Recreate the magic of the Big Top with our colourful Christmas party collection. Heart stopping acrobatic manoeuvres… death-defying fire performers… rolling-in-the-aisles slapstick... Welcome to Cirque de Noel!

Aerialist Katriana
Feel the adrenalin of death defying drops! Be stunned by beautiful choreography! Aerialist Katriana creates amazing aerial artistry that will leave your guests in awe.

The Norvinis
Audience participation and lots of surprises! Welcome to the entertaining world of The Norvinis! This unique act blends comedy magic with acrobatics and singing – all presented with spectacular style. You supply us with your venue details and they’ll make a bespoke show that fits you. “Spellbinding…” The Stage

Fairground Rides

Handbalancing Zoe
Step this way for Zoe’s amazing acrobatic handbalancing act! Showing remarkable strength and awe-inspiring beauty, your guests will be stunned by this incredible show.

Katy Sea
Let Katy mesmerise and astound your guests with fire and glow shows. Wince at her fire whip, body burning and fire eating...Be delighted by hundreds of beautiful twinkling LED lights as they draw patterns through the air via multiple hoola hoops. Must see!

Tightwire Dancer Hannah
Unbelievable tightwire tricks and breathtaking balancing skills! Hannah performs a gravity-defying dance on the tightwire to playful music and dramatic effect.

Funfair Stalls
All the fun of the fair, at your party! Think vintage treats like a Snowman Shy or Hook a Duck. Or go all out with a carousel. Top it all off with a bit of popcorn and candy floss!

Whimsical Winterland

Forget walking in a winter wonderland, we want to party in one!

Our Whimsical Winterland is magical, enchanting and fit for any Ice Queen or King to let their hair down! From Swan Lake Ballerinas to Vodka Luges and Ice bars, welcome to the world of ice-cool.

This beautiful classical-crossover duo is classy, sophisticated and completely captivating. The ideal entertainment for a stylish drinks reception.

Ice Sculptures & Vodka Luges
Unique, beautifully designed and hand carved Ice Sculptures, Vodka Luges and Ice Bars are perfect for bringing a chic and exciting feel to your winter event.

Magical Snowdome
A dazzling and visually stunning showstopper, this incredible act will captivate any audience. Combining graceful acrobatics and amazing balancing displays, with glitter continuously falling, the Magical Snowdome is a seriously striking act that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

The London Harpist
Want a soundscape that says Narnia winter magic? Having performed for Her Majesty The Queen & HRH The Prince of Wales, and working with artists such as Florence & The Machine and Dizzee Rascal at the Brit Awards, The London Harpist brings an ethereal sound that will warm the hearts of any ice kings or queens.

Electric Strings
One of London’s most exclusive String acts, Electric Strings have performed alongside Olly Murs, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams and Muse!

Ice Living Tables
For all things winter-related, these living tables will add the cool factor to your event. Let your server encourage your guests to indulge in something chilled and fizzy as they arrive and mingle. Bringing your event to life, these tables will definitely help to ‘break the ice’ *rolls eyes*.

Magic Mirror
Not only will this enchanted mirror capture all your guests’ fun, it will also look the part in your whimsical land!

Swan Lake Ballerinas
There’s nothing quite like the ballet at Christmas! Fill your party with beautiful, classically-trained ballerinas who have previously performed for Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and The Royal Opera. Performing to the Tchaikovsky score of Swan Lake, the ballerinas will float seamlessly through the room and leave your guests in awe.

A Very Victorian Christmas

Scrap Christmas past, we’re all about the presents

Take your guests back to a time of gift-giving, Dickens, Christmas trees, and traditions. There’s no Scrooges at this party: go all out with fairground carousels, carollers, vintage photo booths and roast chestnut handcarts.

Premier Brass
The leading brass band in the UK, their warm renditions of classic carols is an intense dose of instant Christmas. Plus they can dress to suit your occasion, whether your event requires black tie or period costumes. Premier brass can also provide a fanfare for your awards.

Strolling Victorian Carol Singers
Traditional in every way, our Victorian Carol Singers not only look the part, but sound it too! Strolling around your guests singing traditional carols of the past, this authentic act will warm the chilliest of hearts!

Roast Chestnuts Cart
Nothing says Dickensian Christmas like a Roast Chestnuts Cart! A beautiful, old fashioned hand barrow, manned with a friendly server freshly roasting Chestnuts in an oven. Served in little white paper bags, ready for your guests to season with either cinnamon, sugar or salt.

The Bentley Bros Inc
A bunch of good-time gentlemen offering top-drawer entertainment with modern pop and rock songs delivered in an old British style.

Victorian Living Tables
Greeting your guests with their favourite tipple, our Victorian Living Tables are fun, interactive and will set the Victorian theme perfectly during your drinks reception.

Vintage Photo Booth
Transporting your guests back to a bygone era and making them look dashingly handsome, our vintage photo booth comes complete with a range of genuine vintage items to pose with!

Fairground Carousel
A classic touch and huge visual statement. Our full-sized carousel will provide tons of vintage fairground fun for you and your guests.

Adventures in Candy Land

Welcome to Candy Land, it’s loud, colourful and completely indulgent

Eat me! Drink Me! Entertain me! Party-meets-pure kidult indulgence... Serve ‘Drink Me’ Mad Hatter Martinis and ‘Eat Me’ biscuits. Meet Oompa-Loompas. Let your guests enter a world of sweet treats, exciting bands, candyfloss girls, entertainers on hoverboards, and chocolate fountains they’ll want to dive into!

The Sweet Arts
A trio of sweet harmonies, sharp dance moves & lovable charm who perform fun, light-hearted tunes from the ‘40s & ‘50s. Perfect for greeting your guests on arrival.

Audio Candy
Stylish, fun, with more rock than Brighton Pier! These guys bring an awesome live show that will make your party one to remember. Their tracklist features super sweet dancefloor fillers by the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, as well as recent chart toppers by Bruno Mars, DNCE, and Justin Timberlake.

Christmas LED Hoverboards
We promised weird and wonderful... Introducing a world-exclusive act, our Christmas LED Hoverboards will zoom around your venue meeting and greeting guests. Complete with LED suits that seamlessly transform from elf costumes to Santa suits to falling snowflakes right before your very eyes.

Candy Floss Living Tables
Sweeten up your guests with these colourful candy floss living tables. The perfect piece of eye candy for those with a sweet tooth!

Cocktails With Personality
Delight your guests with weird and wonderful cocktail ‘Drink Me’ creations like Mad Hatter Martinis or a White ‘Rabbit’ Russian! With menus tailored to suit your occasion and delicious cocktails to die for, it’s no wonder that their previous clients include Air BnB, Sony Music & British Airways. “The Candy Floss Collins was a thing of beauty” – Alive customer review.

Walkabout Characters
What’s Christmas without Elves? Our entertainers will wander around your venue, entertaining guests, posing for pictures and helping to cause lots of festive mischief.

Popcorn carts, candyfloss stalls, chocolate fountains and sweet treats galore…we’ve got it all. Go wild in our food and drink aisles – no golden ticket needed!

Trending Now...

& Personal

With a year in ‘eventland’ that’s been all about unique and immersive experiences, it’s no wonder that more of you are looking for interactive and personalised options when it comes to updating your Christmas party entertainment.

Here’s our edit of top immersive and Insta-worthy ideas to really engage and wow your guests. But proceed with caution: Your biggest challenge may well be getting them to leave the entertainment alone and go home…

Vintage – Splendid Booths
Gorgeous backdrops. Handcrafted vintage booth. Dapper assistant.
Campervan Photobooth
With music inside the bus. Perfect for parties with outdoor space.
All Rounder – Perfect Photo Booths
Unlimited prints, with customised labels, Facebook uploads and upgrade options.
Selfie Mirror
Contemporary and quirky – includes an online photo album to tag and share.

Trending Now... Interactive & Personal

Photo Booths

Need entertainment that will break the ice and keep everyone snap happy all night long? Choose from interactive selfie mirrors to cool and quirky vintage vehicles for memorable fun and share-worthy pics!

See more Photo Booths.

Bandeoke with The Modern Way
Add a 10 song set where guests can strut their stuff on stage with the live band!
Rockeoke with The Dukes
Rock out on stage with a set dedicated to your guests and their inner Dave Grohl.

Trending Now... Interactive & Personal


Turn your party into a mega musical event, where everyone can belt out those festive blockbusters. Pick the best guest performers to join your ‘Bandeoke’ band on stage – cue the wannabe Biebs. Maybe even live stream the shenanigans on Facebook? Then, dance the night away as the band play as many party tunes as your feet can take.

Lookalike  Dani B as Ali G
One couple’s wedding went viral in under 48 hours in August after their incredible interview with Ali G impersonator Dani B was posted on YouTube.
Magician Martin Reed
Interactive and wow factor close-up magic – highly rated by clients!
Caricaturist Spot On Caricatures
As seen in GQ magazine, George’s clients include Brad Pitt and Amanda Holden.
Mind Reader Mr Mind Play
Psychological mind reading, à la Derren Brown. “The man’s a genius!” – Alive client review.

Trending Now... Interactive & Personal

Mix & Mingle

Whether you want to start a buzz, get people laughing together, or even go viral…mix and mingle artists are super interactive and extremely effective. These artists not only get your guests in the party mood but create a heap of social media content – keep your smartphone handy to shoot all those WOW moments and capture guests’ reactions. Pics & vids with lookalikes are especially useful as guests will want to share with friends!

See more Mix and Mingle Artists.

DJ Markus
A former Ibiza resident, Formula One favourite and Alive’s answer to Pete Tong, with a killer record bag full of pop classics and dance-til-dawn tunes.
Deejay Sparksy
With a saxophonist that roams among your guests on the dancefloor.

Trending Now... Interactive & Personal


Get your guests Involved! Ask guests to nominate their favourite song when they RSVP and ask your DJ if they can create a bespoke party hour that features the best suggestions. If your guests are particular fans of one genre, see if your DJ can oblige. Requests for Noughties or Old Skool Garage sets are particularly popular this year! Want more interactivity? Book a DJ with an instrumentalist who can mix and mingle with guests on the dancefloor.

See more amazing Party DJs.

Light Up Silent Disco

Trending Now... Interactive & Personal

Silent Discos

For the ultimate in personalise-able and interactive partying, Silent Discos are becoming a big feature of cool events wanting to cater for a wide range of ages and musical tastes. Dance to music played through personal headphones rather than speakers, and choose between different channels of music. Cue the amazing dancefloor spectacle that is guests fully rocking out, or bobbing to club classics, alongside those partying to Christmas pop.

See all Silent Discos.

Trending Now...

Themed Bars & Pop Ups

If getting Tweets and Insta posts is important,
this one is for you...

So you want a unique experience that will not only keep spirits high (ahem), but also take over your guests’ social feeds? Mixing entertainment and creative beverages is a sure-fire way to give your attendees a unique experience that will have them reaching for their smartphones.

Interactivity is key, and including entertainment where your guests are the star is a brilliant way to have a memorable night and create fantastic user generated content too.

Stunning VW camper-style bars & themed pop ups, mixologists, and a host of visually-appealing cocktail creations provide a social media-friendly recipe that’s perfect for harvesting content and creating branding awareness opportunities.

Think mixologist masterclasses for your guests to try their skills, bespoke cocktails named by you, and Pimp Your Processo style options, where guests can create their own masterpiece.

Create your own hashtag for all those amazing car bar / cocktail images. Run a Facebook live stream or create short vids of your guests mixology skills. Or how about a social media poll among guests to come up with the best company cocktail names? You could even run a live Facebook vote on the night with the winner crowned Best Mixologist / Cocktail Creator. The only limit is your imagination!

Great for: Guest Participation, Brand Awareness, Personalisation, Social Media

See more Themed Bars and Pop Ups


The Geek Party

Attention all secret geeks, wannabe Princess Leias and retro gamers! This is a Christmas Party too cool for (old) skool...

No doubt you’ve noticed the trend for gamification in your teambuilding and networking events, and breakout sessions this year.

Using games has been proven a really effective way to engage and connect delegates at 2020 events, so it’s no wonder that retro games are making a huge comeback for festive parties (looking at you, Pokémon Go…).

Gaming-themed Christmas parties are a brilliant solution for planners on the lookout for low cost yet fresh party ideas – combining the nostalgic love of gaming with a new edge. Familiar and fun entertainment to connect, engage and create a lasting impression on your guests.

With the emphasis off the catering – simple but cool ‘sofa snacks’ like popcorn are your weapon of choice – you can go to town on your games area. Think shared game experiences that will break the ice, like a Giant Nintendo Wii for lots of players, or for that arcade vibe, go for laser indoor shooting games, or a racing car simulator.

“A great band is a must to bring the whole idea together”

Inviting game-loving colleagues in the office to bring in any retro games and consoles is a big cost saver, with favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong providing inexpensive and easy to set up group entertainment.

However, be mindful that it is your company’s end of year celebrations, not the last day of school! If you’re going DIY or low key with both games and the catering, a great professional band is a must to bring the whole idea together, drawing everyone away from their consoles at the end of the night. The perfect showstopper for your geek gaming party? Plug n Play, the UK’s only video game covers band.

Plug n Play

Their on-stage party celebrates geek culture, letting you and your guests relish in a nostalgia-fest as they bring to life medleys from games such as Pokémon, Sonic, Mario, as well as tunes from your childhood TV past.

A singalong rendition of the Inspector Gadget theme tune is a sure fire way to ensure your party is the talking point of 2018!

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School of Sci Fi

A totally brilliant stage show, combining amazing party music and the Star Wars Saga. I know…this exists! And it’s amazing.

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A UK-wide & International Entertainment Agency

We book acts for venues across the UK and internationally.