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If “World Music” is music that pays tribute to the spirit of a collection of human beings through distinct rhythms, traditional instruments and harmonic colours, French-Algerian guitarist, singer and composer Pierre Bensusan can be recognized as one of the most eloquent and diverse world musicians of our time.

Born in Oran, French-Algeria, in 1957, when France was decolonising its Empire, Pierre Bensusan's family moved to Paris when he was 4. He began formal studies on piano at the age of 7 and at 11 taught himself guitar.

Influenced in those early days by the folk revival blooming in Britain, France and North America, Bensusan began first to explore his own diverse musical heritage and then moved to the horizons beyond. At 17 he signed his first recording contract, and one year later his first album Pres de Paris won the Grand Prix du Disque upon his debut at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland.

Described by the L.A. Times as "one of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today", Pierre Bensusan was voted "Best World Music Guitar Player in 2008" by Guitar Player Magazine Readers Choice.

His name became synonymous with contemporary acoustic guitar genius, long before the terms New Age, New Acoustic Music or World Music were invented. He has the ability to make a single guitar sound like an entire band as he brings the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey. And yet, Bensusan is more than what any musician or music lover expects from a guitarist. He is a composer as well as a bilingual and a brave improvisational vocalist, melding whistles and resonant low notes with something like his own scat technique.

There is a sense of something both playful and serious in his work, an unparalleled sense of freedom in his compositions and his improvisations. His "manner" of playing defies classification - crossing world, classical, jazz, traditional, folk and more. None can be isolated as simply “Brazilian”, "Arabic" or “French”; rather, they represent our world in its current state, a world sharing itself, fusing cultures together in ways we have never experienced. Not to be missed!


* Guitar Player Magazine Readers choice award for 2008 Best World Music Guitar Player, in the USA
* 2002 AFIM Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (American Association for Independent Music)
* Album du Mois/Album of the Month (Journal de Montreal/Canada)
* Album of the Year (fRoots/UK)
* Best Albums (Guitarist Magazine/UK)
* Bravo de la Redaction (Trad. Mag./France) 2002/2006
* Naird Award (USA 1983)
* Grand Prix du Disque Montreux Festival (Switzerland 1976)


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Pierre Bensusan Discography
Collector's Edition
(10 CDs Box set)
(Release: 1/09/09)
Pierre Bensusan Discography
A LA CARTE (Compilation)
(Release: 2/11/09)
Pierre Bensusan Discography
(Release: 2/11/09)
Pierre Bensusan Discography
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 2/11/09)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 2/11/09)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 11/1/10)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 11/1/10)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 11/1/10)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 15/3/10)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 15/3/10)
Pierre Bensusan
(Release: 15/3/10)

Quotes and selected press

"Pierre’s music gives me the shakes. No other guitarist shares his strange gifts of sophistication, accessibility and downright joy. Even at its most complex, Pierre’s music only needs ears to be enjoyed."
Leo Kottke

"Listening to Pierre Bensusan is rejuvenating. Beside his extraordinary touch and tone, the notes and melody appeal directly to the tender side of our human nature."
Steve Vai

"One of the truly gifted musicians of our time - he plays the guitar as if it were the very soul of himself."
George Winston

"Bensusan gently lures his punters into a world where the sky is not just a different hue, but an entirely different texture, and fulfills a different function too. Instead of offering a roof on his world, it’s simply a springboard to an entirely different plane where three chords and the truth simply don’t cut it. With the entire audience on side, Bensusan’s inveterate pursuit of music’s less navigated terrain is still a show-stopper - and resonate long after he sounded his final note."
Siobhan Long, The Irish Times (Ireland)

"Impossibly beautiful"
David Curry, The Canberra Sunday Times (Australia)

"Whenever the name "Pierre Bensusan" is mentioned to a guitarist, guitar fan, or anyone seriously into music, their response is always one of awe, reverence, and enchanted bewilderment at the man's unparalleled dexterity and creativity on acoustic guitar. He released his first album in 1975, and since then has carved a reputation as one of the most innovative guitarists there is, practically unrivalled by any acoustic (or maybe even electric) player. Pierre's music, though highly complex, is defined by melody and accessibility. You can hum a piece by Pierre Bensusan. The melodies lodge in the mind easily as well as make you wonder "How does he do that ?"
Kernan Andrews, The Galway Advertiser (Ireland)

"Bensusan, the bridge builder"
Don O'Mahony, The Irish Examiner (Ireland)

"Music which is palpable, figurative, infinitely poetic and celestial. A hymn to humanity."
L’Arche (France)

"Altiplanos is a monumental achievement; one that will surely set its place in music history."
Penguin Eggs (Canada)

"Album of the year, by a long margin.
Roots (UK)

"With Altiplanos, Bensusan demonstrates why he has become one of the most distinctive and influential guitarists."
Mike Joyce/The Washington Post (USA)

"Bensusan's remarkable technical ability has never been in question, but it's the sheer musicality and lyricism of his body of work that has cemented his position as one of the most accomplished acoustic guitarists on the planet. Altiplanos, with its combination of solo, multi-tracked and ensemble pieces, simply reaffirms and builds upon Bensusan's already stellar reputation."
John Kelman, (USA)

"A beautiful balance between Renaissance nostalgia and the most contemporary swing."
Le Soleil de Quebec (Canada)

"A musician in the tradition of the most famous and accessible alchemists. Simple, efficient, eclectic and exquisite, his style is able to transform any armchair into a flying rug."
Le Petit Bleu (France)

"Ten albums on, and French acoustic finger style guitarist, Pierre Bensusan is about as far from autopilot mode as the Cistine chapel is from Andy Warhol's soup cans... It is Bensusan's appetite for experimentation and his bold forays into territory more usually the domain of dance maestros, that stir the listener to reach for his back catalogue. His is an acoustic architecture rather than a landscape, replete with French literary references that reek of a musical imagination that refuses to sit still. Long may this guru's itch remain unreachable. Attention deficit (dis)order never sounded so ravishing."
Siobhan Long, The Irish Times, 4 Stars (Ireland)

"Spellbinding....Bensusan the composer challenges Bensusan the guitarist displaying a reach never before attempted by a solo guitarist...and succeeds in creating a masterpiece, destined to be at the top of any short list of the great solo guitar albums of this or any millennium! Far beyond technical brilliance, this is the work of a mature artist that run the gambit from heartbreakingly romantic to edgy and dangerously exciting."
James Jensen/

"What sets Bensusan apart is the passion, soul, intensity, and rhythmic complexity that mark even his quietest and most elegant pieces. Bensusan can generate real excitement and drama with his solo work through intriguing melodies, rich ornamentations, and sheer dexterous intrepidity"
The Twin Cities Journal-USA

"Spirited" is the word that perhaps best sums up Bensusan’s performance. His message is articulate and delivered with an unmistakable "joie de vivre".
Jazziz (USA)
Pierre Bensusan

UK Tour Dates & Appearances

19th May 2010 LONDON
The Half Moon
93 Lower Richmond Rd
SW15 1EU

Venue tel: 020 87804 9383
Adv tickets £8.00
Door price £10.00
8pm - 11pm
Buy tickets here >
Venue web site

Acoustic Festival of Britain

Uttoxeter Racecourse
Wood Lane
ST14 8BD

Tel: 0333 9000 919
Tickets available from
Day tickets £25
On stage approx 7pm

22nd May 2010 SUFFOLK
Haverhill Arts Centre

High Street

Tel: 01440 714140
Box office email >
Venue web site >
Adv tickets £10
Door tickets £12

23rd May 2010 BRIGHTON
The Prince Albert
48 Trafalgar Street

2 shows: 3pm & 8pm
Tickets £15
Venue 01273 730499
Promoter contact: Mike Lance 0787 907 6677
Get Tickets for 3pm Show
Get tickets for 8pm Show

10th Sept 2010 LONDON
The Kalamazoo Klub

Downstairs at The King's Head
2 Crouch End Hill
N8 9AA

Kalamazoo Klub
More details soon.

14th September WOLVERHAMPTON
The Robin 2
24-26 Mount Pleasant
West Midlands
WV14 7LJ

Adv tickets: £9.00
Door: £10
Box office: 01902 401211
Tickets >

16th September MANCHESTER
Band on the Wall
25 Swan Street
The Northern Quarter
M4 5JZ
Tel: 0161 834 1786
Venue web site >

17th September

Hinckley ACT Music Club
Sketchley Meadows Business Park
Unit 7 Watling Close
LE10 3EZ

Tel: 01455 234000.
Web site >

18th September KENDAL, CUMBRIA
Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate

Box office: 01539 725133
Web site >




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