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Solo Artists, Duos and Trios Booking Guide

Soloists, Duo's and Trio's are among the most popular artist types on Alive Network. Often booked for wedding ceremonies, drinks recpetions, to provide background music during a meal, or as the main party entertainment, they are a cost effective alternative to a full band or ensemble and can often sound, due to advancements in music technology, very similar to a much lager line up of musicians.

For a more comprehensive Solo Artist, Duo or Trio booking guide please read ‘Booking Solo Artists, Duos and Trios – Everything you’ll ever need to know’.

What will solo artists, duos and trios do at my event?

The music each act will perform and their style of performance varies with each artist, but to give you an overview of what to expect, we've offered some insight below. (*Please note: All artists in our Solo, Duos and Trios roster perform popular music. For smaller format classical ensembles, please see their individual rosters from the menu above, such as; Harpists, Classical Guitarists, Classical Pianists or Classical Singers)

Solo artists: Always one sole performer but often provide vocals and one or more instruments. Some will also use pre-recorded backing tracks. Singer/guitarists, singer/pianists and singers to backing tracks are the most popular artist types in this category.

Duos: Two performers who may sing and/or play instruments. Backing tracks are also used by some to create a fuller sound more reminiscent of a full live band.

Trios: Three performers who may sing and/or play instruments. Very popular when space or budget dictate that a larger lineup party band may not be suitable. Due to many three piece rock and pop bands being able to create a sound as big as a larger 4 or 5 piece band, trios are a very popular choice and make up some of Alive Network's most popular bands.

Solos, Duos & Trios Prices - What do they cost?

The average price of a solo, duo or trio act in 2016 was between £450 and £800. Prices, of course, depend on the number of members but often a solo artist can be very similar in price to a duo act due to other factors such as experience and demand. You should usually expect to pay around £800 for a rock and pop trio and around £450 for a soloist with duos often falling somewhere in between.

What to expect when you book a solo artist, duo or trio?

Equipment: All artists will be totally self contained with their own PA system, instruments and lighting where needed.

Space: Ideally, artists require 1.5 metres squared per musician. A drummer with a full drum kit may require slightly more. Artists will also need space in front and to the sides of them to accomodate their PA system, speakers and lighting. However, most artists will be able to squeeze into whatever space you have available and as long as this has been made clear at the time of booking, artists can plan ahead and bring less/more equipment as required.

Performance times: A standard evening performance includes 2 x 60 minute sets, or 3 x 40 mintues if preferred. For artists booked for any other part of your event, timings will need to be arranged and confirmed with your Entertainment Coordinator at the time of booking. Most have standard timing options available but all will be flexible to accomodate your needs.

What will a solo artist, duo or trio need?

Apart from a safe performance area with a couple of power sockets, parking provision preferably with easy access to the venue, a changing room and refreshments such as soft drinks and sometimes food (depending on how long you have booked them for), most solo artists, duos and trios require very little from you to be able to put on a great performance at your event.

How to make an enquiry

Make an enquiry using our web site …
With Alive Network it couldn’t be easier to hire Solo Artists, Duos or Trios. We’ve designed our web site so that you can research and review available artists at your leisure. Simply enter a search using the form above and we’ll show you which artists are available on your event date and what they’ll cost to perform at your event location. Click an artist’s View Full Profile button to review their detailed profile page where you can listen to a selection of audio recordings, watch videos, review photos, read previous customer reviews and find out everything you’ll need to know about them. Once you’ve found an artist you like, click the Add To Basket button and follow the steps to enter some basic timing information and select any customisation options. Once you’ve added the artist to your basket you can review and add more artists to your basket or else you can submit an enquiry for the one artist to Alive Network.

Once your enquiry has been submitted an Alive Network coordinator will get in touch with you directly to discuss your event further and provide a confirmed quote from the artist.

Making an enquiry over the phone or by email
If you would like assistance in finding the perfect Solo Artist, Duo or Trio for your event we are happy to make recommendations based on the brief that you give us. Simply give us a call on 0845 108 5500 and tell us about what you’re looking for, or submit a quick enquiry using the form below. One of our expert entertainment coordinators will be happy to send you suggestions and help walk you through the choices available, answer any questions, and help you to hire an artist that’s perfect for your event.

Need help to hire a Solo Artist, Duo or Trio?

If you would like help selecting the perfect solo artist, duo or trio for your event, simply give us a call or submit the quick enquiry form below and one of our talented entertainment coordinators will be happy to assist.

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How to hire a Solo Artist, Duo or Trio – making a booking

Once you’ve settled on the artist that you would like to book, simply let your Alive Network coordinator know that you’d like to confirm the booking and they’ll secure the booking with the artist. They will issue you and the artist with legally binding booking contracts which ensure all the details of your booking are correct, everyone understands what they’ve agreed to, and that the artist can’t pull out of the booking or mess you around. You will need to pay a booking deposit to Alive Network upon confirmation (roughly 25% of the total fee) and the remaining balance is usually payable directly to the artist on the night of the event. Your deposit can be paid by card, bank transfer or cheque.

If you need to discuss any aspect of your booking, or if you need to make any changes, your dedicated Alive Network coordinator will be on hand to support you as much as you need.

You will be put in touch with the band 3-4 weeks before your event to run over the arrangements, fine tune the details and make any changes necessary.

For a more comprehensive Solo Artist, Duo or Trio booking guide please read ‘Booking Solo Artists, Duos and Trios – Everything you’ll ever need to know’.

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